Xiaomi QiCycle Review – Affordable Foldable Electric Bicycle?

Xiaomi QiCycle Review

The Xioami QiCycle is a foldable electric bike that costs just $455. The miniature bike is part of Xiaomi’s “Mi Ecosystem”. Find out everything you need to know about the bike today in our review.


What Is The Xioami QiCycle?

The QiCycle is a foldable electric bicycle made by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. The bike is priced at $455 and is designed as part of the company’s Mi Ecosystem of tech gadgets.

The bike is officially priced at 2,999 yuan, and you can only order it from China – so claiming that it’s $455 is a bit misleading (you’ll have to find a way to ship it overseas).

This is actually the second bike Xiaomi has released this year. Xiaomi recently gave money to a startup called iRiding, which released its premium 19,999 yuan (about $3,000 USD) Qicycle R1 back in March.

With the $455 QiCycle, Xiaomi has been able to place its brand on the bike in an effort to target a wider market.

The bike clocks in at 14.5kg, which is twice as heavy as the Qicycle R1 (which is made from carbon fiber). However, the QiCycle has the advantage of folding up into a smaller frame.

The QiCycle electric bike is about to launch in China, while the QiCycle R1 is available for purchase ($3599) and shipping around the world.


Xiaomi QiCycle Features

The key feature on the QiCycle is the 250W motor. That motor will make it easier to pedal. You can switch between modes to decide how much of an assist you want to get. There’s also a three speed hub to control how hard you pedal.

The motor claims to be good for up to 45km on a single charge.

Whenever a tech giant makes a bike, you know there are going to be smart features included. As you may have guessed, the Xiaomi QiCycle comes with Bluetooth connectivity along with a companion app that gives you feedback about your ride.

You can use the Bluetooth connection to connect your QiCycle to the companion app. Then, you can check that companion app to get data about the status of your bike, your ride stats, and your GPS navigation.

There’s even a small display on the handlebars that tells you the time, speed, distance, dynamic power, and battery charge status.

Toggle between modes to adjust your power usage accordingly. There’s a Fitness mode, for example, as well as a Power-Saving mode, Balanced mode, and Extra Power mode.

Oh, and there’s a front light and a red brake light at the back to ensure you stay safe while out on the road.

How To Buy The Xiaomi QiCycle

The Xiaomi QiCycle is exclusively available in China through Xiaomi, where it’s being launched as part of a crowdfunding effort through the Mijia app.

That means it’s hard for westerners to get access to the bike. You need to know someone in China and be able to arrange overseas deliveries. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait for the Xiaomi QiCycle to come to western markets (if it ever arrives at all).

What Is The Xiaomi QiCycle R1 Black?

The Xiaomi QiCycle R1 Black is available to western markets, where it’s priced at $3599 from the official Xiaomi website.

The R1 Black has similar tech features compared to the QiCycle, although it’s designed as more of a standard bike instead of a foldable electric bicycle. It doesn’t have an electric motor, for example, and it comes with an extremely lightweight design thanks to the carbon fiber frame.

So although it costs more than the QiCycle, the QiCycle R1 Black is a totally different product.

Xiaomi QiCycle Accessories

Xiaomi also sells a wide variety of accessories designed for use with your bicycle, including other members of the Mi Ecosystem like the Mi Band Pulse. There’s also a Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Bike Mount that can ride on your handlebars with you.

Ultimately, Xiaomi is doing some exciting things in the world of cycling. There’s the high-end QiCycle R1 Black that’s designed as a world-class lightweight racing bike with smart feedback; and then there’s the QiCycle electric bike that’s priced at a reasonable $460 and folds up into a compact frame. The QiCycle R1 Black is available to order online for $3599 USD, while the QiCycle electric bike is not yet available for purchase.


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