Wild Survive Pro Review: Outdoor Survival Kit with Essential Prepper Tools?

Wild Survive Pro is a kit including a variety of essential tools for outdoor survival or sporting activities, made of military-grade steel. Consumers have the ability to get free delivery and a 50% discount on their purchase on the official website right now.

What is Wild Survive Pro?

When it comes to any survival or outdoor activities, being prepared can make a difference between thriving and struggling. There are many ways to prepare for the food and water that consumers may need to bring along with them, but the tools that they carry are equally important. Whether the tools are for hunting, direction, or keeping their body safe, Wild Survive Pro can help.

The Wild Survive Pro kit describes its contents as “all the tools needed for outdoor survival,” offering a water-resistant set that is perfect for these extreme situations. Made by military-grade steel, the tools are made for long-term use, kept in a small package to be easily carried at a moment’s notice. While a full list of the supplies included in the kit is not included, some of the items pictured include a tactical knife, an emergency blanket, a whistle, a small flashlight, and a compass.

Purchasing Wild Survive Pro

On the official website, consumers have their choice of different packages, depending on how many of the Wild Survive Pro kits that they want to order. Choose from:

  • One Wild Survive Pro kit for $59
  • Two Wild Survive Pro kits for $89
  • Three Wild Survive Pro kits for $109
  • Four Wild Survive Pro kits for $129
  • Five Wild Survive Pro kits for $149

If the user finds that this kit does not meet their needs, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.

Contacting Customer Service

As important as this kit is to have, the website is limited in the amount of information it provides consumers with. The customer service team can answer any other questions that consumers have via email at [email protected].

To reach out to a live representative, call the 24-hour international line at +44 20 3808 9234.


Wild Survive Pro is available to any consumer who wants to prepare for a survival situation, whether they want to pack the kit with their emergency preparedness supplies or with their gear for a weekend of camping. Though there aren’t very many tools in the kit, the essentials are there for basic needs.

This kit doesn’t include any first aid supplies in the promotional pictures, but consumers may want to speak with the customer service team to learn more about its contents.


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