TruLight Personal Conferencing Light Review: Video Lighting for Phones or Laptops?

TruLight is a portable light for phones and laptops to create a clear picture with a balanced ambiance. The device improves videos and pictures, regardless of professional or personal use.

What is TruLight?

The recent events around the world have led many companies to turn to remote meetings and digital correspondence, in an effort to protect their employees that are staying at home. However, the setting at home is substantially more casual, and that doesn’t mean that any employee can’t still look their best. Though many people think that a beauty light is just for the makeup gurus on YouTube, the use of TruLight can make a big difference in how the average user looks during video calls and more.

TruLight attaches directly to any phone or laptop to illuminate any shadows and correct hard lighting that a camera might pick up. By clearing up any harsh hot spot, the user’s appearance becomes clear and radiant as though they’ve rested a solid 8 hours and had time to shower (even if neither are true). Ring lights are convenient ways for professionals to create the right lighting in Hollywood, and the compact design of TruLight makes it easy for the everyday consumer to have the same look at home.

Along with these video conferences, consumers may use the same light when they are taking still images, like selfies or portraits of a whole group.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What Else Should You Know About TruLight

Ring lights are highly popular by many content creators, both in the movies, during modeling shoots, and even for the average Instagram post. Let’s take a look at some questions that consumers may have about TruLight.

Q: Why use LED lighting in TruLight?

A: LED lights manage to create the perfect balance to reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines but doesn’t alter the appearance of makeup.

Q: How do users install the TruLight on their device?

A: The ring can be clipped over the top of any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, keeping the camera in the center. Once clipped on, the lightweight attachment can be used for any video or still image with any device.

Q: How bright is the LED light?

A: TruLight uses soft lighting emitted by 36 high-brightness LED lights for a more “dazzling” glow. Consumers can choose between three separate brightness levels, based on the tone that they need for their picture or recording.

Q: What is TruLight’s power source?

A: Users will need two AAA batteries to keep the light on, though these batteries are not included in the purchase.

Q: Where can consumers learn more?

A: The customer service team can be reached for other questions at [email protected].

Where to Get TruLight

Video conferencing lights are sold by many companies, including However, the TruLight specifically should be purchased from the official website to make sure consumers are getting the best deal on the real thing.

Right now, the website has a promotion that gives new customers a 50% discount on their purchase, though there is no information on how long the special pricing will last. Choose from one of the following packages:

  • One TruLight ring light for $49.99
  • Two TruLight ring lights for $99.98
  • Three TruLight ring lights for $112.48
  • Four TruLight ring lights for $137.47

Though the TruLight is designed to last, consumers that don’t get the benefits that they hope for can return it within 30 days, which will give them either a replacement device or a full refund.

TruLight Personal Conferencing Light Summary

TruLight creates an ambiance that is flattering and bright for any setting, even in a dark evening. The device is small enough to pack away in a laptop bag or even a purse to make sure that every user has a go-to accessory for the right look any time. Since all the user has to do is clip it onto their device, there’s no apps to install or any other changes that they need to make to their phone or laptop to look like their best self in just one second.

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