SmartSanitizer Pro Review: UV Light Sanitation for Mobile Smartphone Devices

SmartSanitizer Pro is a device that emits ultraviolet light to neutralize bacteria and other germs on surfaces light smartphones and jewelry. This product is only available on the official website, featuring multiple packages for consumers to choose from.

What is SmartSanitizer Pro?

When it comes to keeping hands clean, most people think about washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, but what about all of the surfaces that they touch? Every single surface, unless it has just been freshly cleaned, is covered in germs and bacteria. Even for consumers that wash their hands regularly, there’s one item that everyone touches multiple times a day that is rarely cleaned – their phone. While a disinfecting wipe may work, there’s a product that could work even better – the SmartSanitizer Pro.

The SmartSanitizer Pro uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria from smartphones, jewelry, and other exposed surfaces. The medical-grade light is non-abrasive, and it features a long life for long-term use.

When the microorganisms on a smartphone or other device are exposed to UV lights, the nucleic acids in the cells are destroyed, ruining their DNA. With this damage, the cells are unable to perform their functions and die off, leaving any bacteria or other toxins on the surface neutralized. However, this process doesn’t erase the need to wipe down the user’s phone if it becomes otherwise dirty.

Purchasing SmartSanitizer Pro

The only way to presently purchase the SmartSanitizer Pro is through the official website, which has the following packages:

  • One SmartSanitizer Pro light for $89
  • Two SmartSanitizer Pro lights for $139
  • Three SmartSanitizer Pro lights for $177
  • Four SmartSanitizer Pro lights for $219
  • Five SmartSanitizer Pro lights for $267

All of the products presented are available with free delivery.

If the user finds that this product doesn’t serve them in the way that they hope, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.

Contacting the Creators of SmartSanitizer Pro

The website for SmartSanitizer Pro is limited in the information that it offers to consumers, so they are likely to have other questions. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].

For a live representative, call the international line at +44 20 3808 9234.


SmartSanitizer Pro is meant for anyone that wants to keep some of their commonly used items free of bacteria to prevent the spread of germs. The device is rather easy to use, though the information is presently limited. With the ability to get up to five in a single order, consumers can purchase one for themselves and up to four of their loved ones for the best price.


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