MosquitoBlock Review: Full-Body Ultrasonic Mosquito Protection Bracelet

MosquitoBlock is a new accessory that uses chemical-free solutions and high-frequency sound, but still can provide protection against mosquitos and other pests that can bite and irritate the skin.

What is MosquitoBlock?

When it comes to the hot summer temperatures, one of the most frustrating issues and most people dread is the incoming plethora of mosquitos and other insects buzzing around. Mosquitos are often the most irritating and worrisome. Most people try to defend themselves with anti-bug and mosquito sprays and sometimes citronella candles that are supposed to repel these unwanted pests. However, these options can be smelly and messy, which is why MosquitoBlock was developed.

MosquitoBlock uses sound emitting technology to ward off pesky mosquitos and defend the body. With high-frequency sound, and full body protection, mosquitos and other bugs are quickly scared away, and there’s no need to harm the body or environment with harsh toxic chemicals.

Products by MosquitoBlock

To ensure that everyone can get the protection that they want and need, this technology is available in a few different ways. There are a few different top-selling products, but the bracelet is the easiest to wear and forget about. The Smart Bracelet, available or $24.95, can be purchased in black or white, and the customizable wristband can be used by consumers of all ages. There is also a miniature version of this bracelet for $12.95, which is ideal for younger wearers.

The Pest Repeller, available for $9.95, uses the same electromagnetic waves as the bracelet. However, it is activated by plugging into any standard outlet. One device is meant to protect one room, though it can cover a space up to 1,600 square feet, so consumers will need to purchase a device for each room in their house. To actually see the number of bugs in the house decrease, the changes can take up to four weeks.

For consumers that want to protect a larger group, there’s the Trap Lamp. Available for $22.95, this lamp attracts the insects and traps them inside. This product is a sufficient alternative to citronella candles, which can be rather ineffective as a solution. This lab doesn’t use smoke or other chemicals to kill the bugs but remain inside until they die. This device is safe for use near children and pregnant women. Plus, it is fairly silent and can be charged with a USB cable.

The InstantRelief Bite Pen, which is currently sold out, helps to eliminate mosquito bites without any creams or chemicals. Instead, the device uses heat and vibration to create a soothing effect and promote healing. With other methods, consumers deal with itchiness constantly, which can lead to scratching, red welts, and eventually broken skin. The pen only takes about 10 seconds to give the user relief, and users can power it up with two AA batteries.

Get Instant Relief From Mosquito's

MosquitoBlock FAQ's

Q. Do mosquito bracelets work?

A. Ultrasonic devices claim to emit high-frequency sounds that are too high for humans to hear but are just the right frequency to drive pests, including mosquitoes, away. The trouble is, there's no proof that they work.

Q.How many kHz does it take to repel mosquitoes?

A. US pest chasers are designed to repel pests from the home. Rodents respond to US with a frequency around 60 kHz. Cats and Dogs can be repelled using 22-25 kHz. Insects like mosquitoes, House fly, Fleas etc responds to 38-44 kHz.

Q. Can high frequency sounds kill mosquitos?

A.  Existing studies indicate that mosquito pests can be expelled with the frequency of 18–48 kHz. But this still cannot eliminate mosquito larvae that require a wave of 85 kHz.N

Q. What are mosquitoes attracted to?

A. Mosquitoes are stimulated by a number of factors when seeking out a blood meal. Initially, they're attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. Body heat is probably important too, but once the mosquito gets closer, she will respond to the smell of a potential blood source's skin.

Returns and Contacting MosquitoBlock Customer Service

Even with the information available on the website, consumers may find that they have other questions about this brand. The customer service team can be reached by phone or email. In the case you are not happy with your purchased items, they must be in its original packaging with tags attached (where applicable), may be returned within 30 days of receiving your order. The customer is also responsible for paying their own shipping costs for returning an item.

MosquitoBlock Summary

MosquitoBlock offers a new way of addressing a longtime problem in the world – bugs. No one likes the greasy feeling of lotions and sprays, but the use of electromagnetic waves is fairly safe for all consumers, even children and pregnant women. There’s no time wasted in application, and no bottles or cans to take along with you to apply, and consumers can even get the InstantRelief Bite Pen when it is back in stock for any bites that still happen.

Get Instant Relief From Mosquito's


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