TweakBit Review – Complete Suite Of PC Maintenance & Clean Up Software?

TweakBit is a suite of PC maintenance software programs that claim to clean up, speed up, and repair your PC with just one simple click. Does it actually work? Read our review to find out more.


What is TweakBit?

TweakBit is PC optimization software that makes many of the same claims as other optimization software available online today: in just a few simple steps, you can clean up, repair, and optimize your PC.

The full suite of TweakBit software is priced at $99.95 for a 3 month subscription, which makes it more expensive than virtually any non-enterprise PC software available today.

There are actually eight different products under the TweakBit lineup, including products designed to fix your PC, recover files, update drivers, solve malware problems, or speed up your PC. If you want all of these tools bundled together, then you can buy PCSuite for $99.95. Otherwise, you can buy each individual tool separately.

Unlike many low-quality optimization software programs available online, TweakBit PCSuite is made by a semi-reputable software developer: Auslogics Labs. That company was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and is known for its lineup of PC optimization software. However, as you’ll learn below, the company has faced significant controversy over the years for how it markets and sells its software online.

Does TweakBit work as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does TweakBit Work?

TweakBit is made up of 8 different software programs, each of which helps your PC in different ways. You can purchase all of the software programs for $100 by buying the TweakBit PCSuite. Or, you can purchase each program individually. In any case, here’s how each individual tool works:

Diagnoses Windows Problems

To start, TweakBit software will run a comprehensive checkup of your system and detect “every issue that may be slowing it down”, explains the official website. The scanners reportedly identify registry errors, fragmentation problems, incorrect system settings, incorrect internet settings, and other “speed thieves” slowing down your performance.

Clean Out Junk Files

One scan with TweakBit can clean out a large number of junk files from your PC. TweakBit’s PCSuite will scan your hard drive for unnecessary system files, temporary user files, web browser caches, unused error logs, leftover Windows Update files, temporary Java files, unnecessary Microsoft Office caches, and other sources of wasted storage space. Clearing out all of these files has no effect on your user experience – but it can free up space on your hard drive.

Improves Computer Speeds

Everything on your PC works faster with TweakBit, according to the developer. After running the software, it will clean your registry, tweak your system and internet settings, speed up shutdown times, and do other things to make your PC visibly faster.

Fixes System Problems and Improves Stability

Errors and crashes are a thing of the past, thanks to TweakBit’s PCSuite.

The makers of the software claim that it uses “precision tools” to carefully remove corrupt keys and invalid entries from the Windows Registry – so you don’t damage anything vital.

Protects Privacy and Enhances Security

TweakBit’s PCSuite includes privacy tools “that help eliminate traces of your activity and safeguard your sensitive personal information.” They don’t go into detail about what those privacy tools are, but it appears they’re just things like cookie removal tools and temporary internet file deletion tools.

Automatic System Maintenance

TweakBit’s PCSuite lets you schedule automatic maintenance to detect and eliminate problems in real time. You’re encouraged to schedule this maintenance at a time when you’re not using your computer (like in the middle of the night). That way, your computer keeps performing at a high speed without interrupting your daily life.

Automatic Memory and Processor Management

TweakBit PCSuite has an additional tool called automatic memory and processor management that ensures your active applications “always have maximum resources allocated to them”. The developers claim this means your currently-used applications are using the majority of the resources while background tasks use less resources.

TweakBit PCSuite Features

TweakBit’s PCSuite includes over a dozen tools in total, many of which provide the benefits listed above. Here are all of those features:

-Disk Defragmenter

-Startup Manager

-System Info

-Service Manager (prevents unnecessary services from running)

-Tweak Manager (tweaks system settings)

-Browser Manager (lets you add or remove browser add-ons and extensions)

-File Recovery

-Internet Optimizer (optimizes internet speeds)

-Duplicate File Finder

-Uninstall Manager (lets you uninstall programs)

-File Shredder (lets you permanently delete files)

-Task Manager (identical to the Windows Task Manager)

-Disk Doctor (lets you scan for disk errors and attempt to fix them)

-Locked Files Manager (manage locked system files easily and securely)

-Free Space Wiper (wipes free space on your computer)

TweakBit Pricing

As mentioned above, you can buy PCSuite and get all of the software tools bundled together. Or you can purchase individual software programs if you only need, say, to speed up your PC without fixing registry problems.

In any case, here’s how pricing breaks down for all of the software sold on the website:

-PCSuite (Includes All TweakBit Software): $99.95 AUD (billed every 3 months)

-PCSpeedUp: $29.95 (billed every 3 months)

-FixMyPC: $29.95 (billed every 3 months)

-PCBooster: $19.95 (billed every 3 months)

-File Recovery: $19.95 (billed every 3 months)

-Driver Update: $29.95 (billed every 3 months)

-PCRepair Kit: $29.95 (billed every 3 months)

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. That guarantee lets you get a full refund with no questions asked. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

The terms and conditions section of the website indicates that all pricing is in Australian dollars, which are significantly cheaper than US dollars. The $99.95 fee for PCSuite, for example, works out to about $76 USD.

It’s also important to note that it’s not until you’re entering your payment information that the developer casually mentions that the listed price is only a 3 month subscription – not a one time fee. Worse, that information is hidden within the fine print.

The fact that the software is a 3 month subscription significantly increases the cost. Very few consumer software programs are worth $399.80 per year, but that’s how much Auslogics expects you to spend on PCSuite. At that price, you’re better off buying a new PC.

About Auslogics

Auslogics was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and calls itself “an industry leader in the production of computer maintenance and optimization software.”

You can view the company’s Australian business number (ABN) info here. Their mailing address is as follows:

PO Box 1644 Crows Nest NSW 1585, Australia

A lot of people are mad at Auslogics for their scammy marketing tactics and pricing policies online. If you want to request a refund on the company’s products, or inquire about their pricing policies, you can contact them at 1-888-599-1677. That number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The company claims to have helped over 15 million users speed up their slow computers. Their software is also very well-rated on major websites like – although many of the reviews appear to be fake.

You can find numerous complaints about the company and its scammy products at the forum here and at here.

Should You Download TweakBit Software on your PC?

TweakBit appears to be a scam designed to lure unsuspecting PC users into paying enormous amounts of money for software that performs basic tasks.

The problem with TweakBit is that the software costs as much as $400 per year and it works in the exact same way to tools that are already on your PC. Windows comes with a disk defragmenter, for example. It also comes with a built-in registry cleaner and malware scanner. You can configure your startup selection without installing any additional software.

Put simply, you can download free software like CCleaner and use built-in tools on your PC to do literally everything that TweakBit allows you to do. There’s nothing special about this software.

We haven’t even talked about the scammy pricing policy, which deliberates hides the fact that you’re only paying for a 3 month subscription. This information is hidden in the fine print on the final payment page.

Even if you were only paying a $100 one-time fee for TweakBit, this software still wouldn’t be worth it. Unless you feel like donating your money to a company, TweakBit is one suite of software programs you should definitely avoid. One of the few good things we can say about this software suite is that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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