USB Kill 2.0 Review – Effective Device Against Power Surge Attacks?

USB Kill 2.0 is a controversial electronic “testing” device that helps you protect your USB ports against power surges. Find out everything you need to know about the USB Kill 2.0 today in our review.


What is the USB Kill 2.0?

The USB Kill 2.0, also known as the USB Kill 2.0 Review – Effective Device Against Power Surge Attacks? is a small electronic device calls itself a piece of testing equipment – but can also be used to destroy any computer in seconds simply by plugging it into a USB port.

The “testing” part of the USB Kill 2.0 is that the device claims to help reduce your risk of experiencing a catastrophic hardware failure. When combined with a separate device called the USB Test Shield, it works as an ESD testing system with two main functions:

-It lets you test your USB ports for power surge attacks without damaging the host device

-It prevents data theft via “juice jacking”

Juice jacking, by the way, is a term for when you use someone else’s charger or USB port. In this situation, the device can steal your data while you’re charging. USB Kill 2.0 prevents this from happening and makes it impossible for devices to access your data.

According to the makers of USB Kill 2.0, over 95% of devices are susceptible to USB power surge attacks, and almost all consumer-level hardware failed their USB Kill tests.

The device is marketed towards electronic device manufacturers who want to test their devices, or for individual consumers concerned about the security of their devices – or for anyone who wants to walk around destroying innocent laptops simply by sliding a USB port inside.

Although the USB Kill 2.0 is advertised as a “testing” device, it’s basically a weapon you can use to wipe out anyone’s computer: when used without a shield, it creates a surge of electricity that instantly destroys a computer (although it does leave hard drive data intact).

How Does the USB Kill 2.0 Work?

USB Kill 2.0 collects power from your USB port (5V, 1 to 3A) until it reaches about 240V of power, after which it discharges the stored voltage into the USB data lines.

This charge/discharge cycle occurs in rapid succession, cycling multiple times per second. The cycle continues for as long as the USB Kill 2.0 is plugged in, or until the device can no longer charge (which means the circuit in the host machine is broken).

There are actually two parts of the USB Kill 2.0 system, including the USB Kill 2.0 device and the USB Kill Tester Shield. If you use USB Kill 2.0 without the Tester Shield, you’ll instantly destroy your computer.

That’s right: when you insert USB Kill 2.0 into your computer without the tester shield, it will instantly destroy your PC. Be very careful when using this device. It’s basically a weapon you can use to destroy someone’s computer – say, if you don’t like them you can slide this into their USB port when they’re not looking.

USB Kill 2.0 Pricing

Here’s how pricing breaks down at the official website:

-USB Killer: $49.95 USD

-USB Killer Tester (USB Protection Shield): $13.95 USD

You can also pay in Euros, in which case the prices listed above are the same.

What Do Customers Have to Say About the USB Killer 2.0?

The USB Killer 2.0 was first released in fall 2015, when it attracted a range of angry reviews online from people upset a device could be purchased so easily online.

Many tech websites, for example, called it dangerous. They compared it to older similar devices like Dark Purple that dumped 110V into your computer using a device’s USB port.

It’s important to note that the device won’t actually damage the data stored on your hard drive. The surge of electricity it creates will only damage the USB port and motherboard.

Meanwhile, you can see the deadly device in action in the video here.

The USB Killer 2.0 website features mostly positive reviews, including many reviews from people who claim the device is part of their toolkit now. The device works as advertised – even if it is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands.

Should You Use the USB Kill?

USB Kill 2.0, also advertised as USB Killer 2.0, is a thumb drive that will instantly destroy your computer. You don’t need any special access to a computer to use it: you just slide it into a USB drive, which then creates a surge of electricity that destroys your PC. It’s as simple as that.

It’s basically a weapon you can use to ruin someone’s expensive electronic device.

The makers of USB Kill 2.0 advertise it is a “testing device”. When you use it in conjunction with the “USB Shield”, the surge of electricity won’t destroy the computer. However, it’s easy to see how people can get the two confused – either deliberately or by mistake.

In any case, USB Kill 2.0 is available for purchase online at a price of around $50.


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