The Basslet Subwoofer Review – Innovative Technology To Feel Sound?

Basslet Review

With the recent wave of technology and innovation, television, radio, and music have been directly affected. Music and innovation go hand in hand because the heart of music is scientific, mathematic. Instruments, scales, harmony, and concertos are used to interpret the music in accordance to their intention. The world has always had music. Whether it was Mozart or Madonna, music has pioneered into every form of modernity.


Today, the world is equipped with unlimited access to technology. Although musical creativity still relies on the vision of the artist, music technology has allowed musicians to create music using digital tools and software. With the use of electronic and digital instruments, computers can create music that can be customized by sound recording and production, composition, mixing, and editing.

Music technology has transformed the music industry, because musicians are now able to express their artistic abilities through new ways, and are using software that makes producing music faster, and more efficient than before.

Rather than having to acquire an entire symphony in order to record music, or practicing a difficult guitar solo, computer software can compose tracks using virtual instruments, with a variety of effects. Music producers are no longer constrained to using live instruments, allowing for and entirely digital music genre. These new sounds have become very popular, with artists eager to recreate sounds used by other popular artists. Because of the easy access to musical technology software, it is common to see amateurs emerging onto the music scene, infiltrating the world of Pop, Rock, and R&B.

Along with music software, technological advances have allowed for large improvements in audio. Speakers, microphones, and headphones have started to use high quality systems that allow for music lovers to experience their favorite songs at the highest quality. Popular among music enthusiasts, a subwoofer, a loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce low bass frequencies, is the most popular. Added to cars to boost the bass sound in songs, subwoofers improve audio systems in a powerful way.

Unlike basic audio systems that are not capable of reproducing the frequencies that are found in the various layers of the audio source, subwoofers allow the lower frequencies to become clear, allowing for the “studio” sound experience of three dimensional tracks. Subwoofers change the music experience because they provide a full range of sound qualities and are capable or elevating every genre of music.

Subwoofers are not only important because of the added experience of music, but because they create a more realistic sound. Once people realize they have not been getting the most out of their music, there’s no going back. Subwoofers have now become a vital part of speaker advancements. Due to innovation, subwoofers have now taken a revolutionary form.

The Basslet is the world’s first watch-sized subwoofer accessory.

About Basslet

The Basslet is a portable subwoofer that directly communicates beats and basslines of personal music, allowing customers to experience music in a way that will change the world. Unlike a large sound system, this device is worn like a watch, completely unnoticeable to the outside world, only the wearer feels the power of the sound. Whether on a run, or taking the subway, the Basslet allows for music to be experienced at the highest quality anywhere, and anyplace. The intensity that the Basslet brings to music is unparalleled. Every beat is felt, the vibration of the bassline moving like the blood in your veins.


What sets the Basslet apart is its unique system. Without a required app, the Basslet can be used with any device that produces sound. It can be connected to laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, and old-school cassette players. In order to use, the sender is connected to the sound device, the Basslet is fitted to the wrist, and finally, the headphones are plugged in. The Basslet was designed with sophistication and modern art. The technology is not only one of a kind, but the design is simple and timeless, allowing for quality, usibility, and comfortability. All of the materials used to create the products were chosen to produce a product of the highest quality, and a unique look.

Fitted with technology unknown to the current market, Basslet was designed by German engineers. Named the LoSound engine, the audio technology allows for sound to be recreated by emphasizing on the bass frequencies lowered to 10 Hz. The optimized bass frequencies is utilized alongside a diverse range that is able to translate low end peaks with the highest level of accuracy.

Benefits and Features of Basslet

The LoSound engine is so precise that it produces the deep sound experiences guaranteed of subwoofers. Once used, it takes the quality of a full subwoofer sound system, and packages it into a small device. The ingenious technology is based on an original voice-coil design that has used particularly optimized magnetic waves that allow the sound to be powerful, but compact. Unlike anything else currently on the market, the Basslet has provided users with a musical experiences designed to fit every lifestyle.

Although the Basslet features the LoSound engine that translates frequency responses from a 10 to 250 Hz range, it is completely silent to the outside world. Allowing over 6 hours of playtime, the device always runs at maximum volume, only allowing for less than an hour for full charge. The Basslet is to be used with a small sender that plugs between the headphones and the devices audio jack socket. The sound quality is the most important aspect of the Basslet, so the sender is designed to have an uninterruptable audio path in order to avoid altering the headphone audio signal. The sender is as easy to use as the Basslet. It simply requires the user to plug it in, no software configuration needed. It also features a 3.5mm headphone input/output, a USB input for charging, and a magnetic charging interface specifically designed for the Basslet. In order to customize the Basslet, it can be replaced with any 24mm watch strap.

Purchasing Basslet

The development of the Basslet has been in the making for over two years. The company was created in 2014, and journey began. After the prototype was designed, the final design was tested in preparation for production. Once the suppliers and manufacturers were committed, the company used the fundraising platform Kickstarter to make their dream a reality.

In June 2016, the allotted funds were raised for the start of mass production. The production begins in October 2016, and the first orders will be shipped in December 2016. Further project information and purchasing options can be found on their website.

Because Basslet is still in the fundraising stage, even though it has met all its goals, there are several pre-ordering options available for the device. These different stages cost varying amounts and offer different ‘rewards’ for each contribution. Unfortunately, because the Basslet campaign was so popular, many of the reward options have already been used up, leaving only three options currently available at the moment. Because Basslet continues to grow in popularity, for those wanting a Basslet, it’s better to contribute now to be assured of being in the first group to receive their device. The options for these contributions, as well as what they include, are listed below.

  • $6 – A Thank You
  • $158 – Save up to 30% off the Retail Price
  • $1,135 – 10 Basslets at 50% off the Retail Price

These rewards ship to anywhere in the world.


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