Stower Candle Charger Review – Instant Electricity USB Power Generator?

The Stower Candle Charger is an accessory for your phone that requires no outside electrical connection to give your device a full battery. This product is affordable, and will quickly become a staple of any emergency preparedness kit.

What Is Stower Candle Charger?

Emergencies can strike at any time. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to get a warning from a local news station, but most of the time you don't get any warning at all.

You need to have a stash of supplies that you can grab at a moment’s notice to get somewhere safe, including supplies to illuminate the darkness in the event of a power outage.

However, one unfortunate part of a power outage is the lack of support for your phone.

When you’re dealing with a major outage, you need a way to connect with loved ones and emergency services, but with so few landlines right now, people rely on their cell phones.

Unfortunately, since you can’t plan for this circumstance, it’s unlikely that your battery has a full charge when the outage occurs.

It’s not as if you can plug in your charger to the wall. However, there’s a solution to this problem – the Stower Candle Charger.

The Stower Candle Charger doesn’t require any outside electricity to work, but it still manages to create enough power to completely charge your phone.

There’s only one plug-in available, but you can choose to purchase more devices to pack into your backup supplies, or you can share.

This device manages to use the power of fire and the conductivity of high-mineral water to create enough of a charge to power up your phone.

This device isn’t exclusive to emergency preparedness. Instead, you can use it anywhere that you don’t have consistent electricity available, like when you go camping.

All you need is some water and a match, which are classic components of any camping or emergency gear. You don’t need to worry about losing power and being left without help. The Stower Candle Charger ensures that.

How Stower Candle Charger Works

The reason that the Stower Candle Charger works has little to do with the burning candle, and more to do with the water basin. To understand why, you just need a brief lesson in the functions of water.

Water alone is not enough to generate electricity, because it’s not actually a classic conductor. The reason that it is a helpful way to carry this electricity, which comes from the heat supplied, is because the water is not 100% pure.

The minerals found inside become charged and hold onto the electrical current that is put through it.

Most resources will tell you to keep electricity away from water at all costs, which is a reflection of how effective it is in keeping the electrical current working.

When combined with the technology in the candle holder, this charger easily converts the energy into something usable for your phone.

Stower Candle Charger Directions

When you’re in the middle of your power outage, you need a way to get power to your phone that is easy.

The method that you need to use is important, so you may want to review the complete instructions before you end up in a situation that requires you to use the charger.

Follow these instructions to activate the power:

  1. Place the candle on the charging stand.
  2. Fill up the top basin with water, which will act as a conductor.
  3. Light the candle underneath the basin
  4. Plug in your device to the charging cable, which is attached to the basin of water.

To maintain the performance of the charger, you will need to replace the water every 30 minutes. The prolonged heat limits the amount of time that you will get usable energy, and fresh water is required to make it work.

Purchasing Stower Candle Charger

When you’re preparing for an emergency, you want to make sure your supplies are affordable, as much as they are helpful. This charger is only $89.99, which is a small price to pay for such impressive technology.

If you don’t like the performance of this Candle Charger, you can speak with the customer service team about issuing a refund. There’s no information online about a refund policy, but most companies give you anywhere from 14 days to 60 days to qualify.

Stower Candle Charger Contacts

Even though this product is an innovative type of technology, you want to make sure you have all the information available on the charger. If you need to reach the customer service team, you just need to select “Contact Us” on the website.

The link opens your default email browser on your computer screen.

If you need to reach the team urgently, or your question is easier to explain over the phone, you can call 1-800-250-1380. There are no hours of operation presently available on the website.

You can also follow Stower for updates and new products on Twitter and Facebook.

Stower Candle Charger Conclusion

The Stower Candle Charger is unlike any charger that you’ve used before. This versatile tool requires no power, and helps you eliminate the stress of losing contact with the outside world when emergency hits your home and your loved ones.

All you need to do is pick it up with your gear in a place that is easily accessible, adding matches and water to your supplies.

If you want to be able to connect with others when you need them the most, the Stower Candle Charger may soon become a crucial part of your supplies.


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