Snew – Healthy Slimy, Stretchy, Squishy Toy For Kids?

Trying to figure out a way for kids to have fun? Are they too busy with their technological gadgets? Not sure how to convince them to have some fun? If the answer is yes, this is a problem most parents face.

Technology is slowly taking over, but there’s competition coming its way! Just like playing hop scotch and hide-and-go seek used to and still is a fun game to play, there’s another new toy that’s sure to get kids interacting with others. It is none other than Snew.

As kids grow up, their curiosity enhances as well, especially in terms of texture. Snew is bound to do all that and more. Kids can experiment and enjoy themselves with Snew. Every characteristic of Snew is sure to get kids, excited, happy and curious at the same time. In addition, what’s more than trying it out with friends? It will be double the fun and double the creativity. Still not sure what Snew is about…?

What is Snew?

Snew is a rubbery substance that is super stretchy, slimy and squishy. Although such squishy and slimy toys have already been introduced in the market, this one is engineered to meet eliminate all the flaws that came with other products to produce the ultimate deal. Kids are certain to enjoy this toy, as there is no limit to the surprises that are associated with this product.

Snew comes in four vibrant colors: blue, pink, yellow and green and it also comes with a ball that consists of LED lights and siren sound, as well as a bubble blower to spice things up a notch.

What are the Benefits of Playing with Snew?

Kids have a surprise coming their way! Unlike other slimy products that get tedious to play with, Snew brings great joys to kids, as so much can be done with it! Here are some benefits for kids:

Slimy, Squishy, and Stretchy:

Kids are normally sold at the idea of getting to play with something that consists of these three characteristics. Even grown ups question how such a product came about. It’s the curiosity factor that wins many people’s hearts on this one.

It can stretch as long as one desires:

There are some products, where one is able to tell where the limit or end of its length is. When a kid thinks Snew can’t stretch any longer than it already has, they will be surprised because Snew is formulated in a way that continues to stretch regardless of how far it has already been stretched. This is the only product of its kind that has proven to be stronger and longer compared to its competitors.

It can be used in so many ways:

Since Snew is able to stretch long and strong, so much can be done to make playing games all the more fun. Firstly, one can use the bubble blower to blow it up until it pops. Not to worry, once the bubble pops, it regains its original form! Secondly, Snew comes with a ball that consists of LED lights and a siren sound that kids can roll into the Snew to have them grow loud and bright! Thirdly, kids can stretch it long enough to form a jumping rope! For even more fun, kids and combine their Snews of different colors together to form the ultimate slim!

Not limited to kids only:

Last but not least, kids are enjoying themselves. Toys in general bring joy to kids, however as they grow their preferences change, they are eager to try new and slightly more grown up like things. Thing toy gets kids together to experiment and figure out new ways to have fun. Even though this toy is directed towards kids, adults are also kids at heart, therefore this product will be amusing for just about anyone.

Do Parents Love It?

Most toys and alternatives are made to solely satisfy kids, but Snew ensured that parents’ satisfactions are not compromised. How so?

Here’s how:

Not sticky:

Snew is an indoor friendly toy, as it has a chance of getting dirty if played with on the grass on concrete. Parents do not have to fear of cleaning up after their kids because Snew does not stick to the floor or any surface. So kids can play with their slim anywhere their desire without having to disappoint their parents

Never sticky:

One might be wondering what this point implies; there have been similar products like Snew in the market that has produced some flaws. One of the main ones is the fact that the slim got stuck into a kid’s hair. Those are hard to remove; therefore parents will end up having to hair (depending on how much got stuck). The end result: kids are unhappy and parents are unhappy. Snew is sticky free and will not stick to any surfaces, be it skin or hair.

How Much Does Snew Cost?

Snew comes with the Snew itself, along with a bubble blower and a ball consisting of LED lights and siren sound. The price of one Snew is $14.95 plus a processing and handling cost of $4.95. Now this might seem unreasonable for a squishy and slimy toy, but that is not the case. With the order of one jug of Snew, a second jug of Snew will be sent free of charge, so technically, the price will be around $10 per Snew.

For a toy that ensures that parties; both kids and parents are happy, the prices associated with it seem pretty reasonable. Now, is it even possible to put a price on a kid’s happiness?

It Has to be Fun, No ifs and/ or Buts!

Kids love to have fun; a toy that does not bring happiness, simply put, it is not worth it. Snew came about to make sure that kids have out of this world kind of fun that will last a long time. Kids change their minds as fast as a cheetah, and Snew is sure to keep them occupied! There is a saying, “a child’s laughter is the most soothing sounds in the world”, and Snew has helped to prove it! For more information on where to get your kids Snew, go to:


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