Star Night Laser – Bright Home Decoration Lighting Technology?

Decorating your home for the festive season can be a costly endeavor. Along with Christmas parties, gifts, and catering for family gatherings, festive light decorations for the home can be one of the most expensive factors in celebrating the Christmas and New Year periods. In many streets and neighborhoods across the United States, Christmas light decorations are a fun and often competitive way for a community to celebrate together, but the excessive power bill from festooning a home with decorative lights along with the high price of decorative lighting can deter many households from participating in this tradition.
The Star Night Laser is a unique lighting solution that offers an easy to setup, simple, low power and dramatic way to illuminate your entire house, creating a firefly effect at a fraction of the cost of traditional festive lights. Perfect not only for Christmas and the New Year periods but also any other celebration such as barbecues, outdoor birthday parties and more, the Star Night Laser is a revolutionary plug and point solution that illuminates your home with thousands of pinpoints of laser light.

What is the Star Night Laser?

Utilizing advanced 3D holographic laser light technology, the Star Night Laser combines cutting edge laser projection technology similar to the type used in professional music festivals and floodlight projectors, creating a simple lawn mounted projection device that produces a brilliant firefly effect across the entire face of a house.

Lighting up a home with festive lighting is a costly process. Using traditional incandescent light bulbs to illuminate your home over the lead up to the Christmas and New Year period, even when used sparingly, can quickly cause your power bill to surge dramatically. The standard type of incandescent light bulb used in many festive lighting displays can draw as much as 25 watts of electricity per hour, and when this is multiplied across an entire week of usage with even lower light level displays that use less than 100 bulbs, power bills for the festive season can increase by up to $200 USD for a single month.

When coupled with the financial strain felt by many families across the Christmas period, festive lighting is unfortunately avoided by many families. The Star Night Laser provides an incredibly cost effective alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs through the use of applied laser technology. One individual Star Night Laser is able to replace thousands of single individual incandescent festive lights by refracting a single high intensity laser beam into thousands of different pinpoints of light, illuminating up to 2,500 square feet. While traditional incandescent bulbs can cost as much as $10 USD per hour to run when set up to light up an entire house, the Star Night Laser costs as little as ten cents per hour.

The incredible method of illumination used by the Star Night Laser differs from incandescent bulbs primarily in the delivery of the light emitted. A traditional incandescent light bulb emits light in all directions, meaning much of the electricity drawn by these inefficient methods of illumination is spend on illuminating areas that don’t need to be light up, and also present a fire hazard through the excess heat energy produced. Laser light is a coherent beam, meaning all of the electricity drawn by the Star Night Laser is spent only on lighting up the house.

As an added advantage over traditional lighting methods, the Star Night Laser is completely waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions, from extreme heat of up to 120 degrees fahrenheit (exceptionally uncommon in the christmas period) to up to 30 below freezing. With both red and green light settings, and a wide range of preprogrammed light pattern affects, the Star Night Laser provides fast, cheap and easy festive illumination for any time of year.

Star Night Laser Pricing & Availability

The Star Night Laser is available from the Star Night Laser website and is available in a variety of pricing options. Each individual Star Night Laser is delivered with a lawn mounting stake, extra long cord, and a floor mount stand. Individual Star Night Lasers are priced at $19.99 USD with an additional $9.99 USD shipping and handling.

A bundle value of four Star Night Lasers delivers the best value, with four separate laser systems priced at a total of $76.95, offering over $40 USD worth of savings. If you’re looking for a safe, easy to set up and incredibly cost effective way to light up your entire home for the festive season, the Star Night Laser is one of the best choices available on the market.



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