ORBI Prime – 360° Video Recording & Image Capturing Eye-Wear?

ORBI Prime is an upcoming set of eyeglasses capable of recording 360 degrees of video. Find out everything you need to know about this exciting Indiegogo-backed product today.

What is ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime calls itself “the first 360 video recording eyewear”. The eyeglasses are currently in the prototype stage, with an estimated shipping date of August 2017.

The project recently achieved its fundraising target on Indiegogo. At the time of writing, 606 backers had raised over $150,000 USD, which was over twice the $75,000 fundraising target.

The glasses are priced at around $230.

How Does ORBI Prime Work?

At first glance, ORBI Prime looks like any other set of glasses. They’re sleek and stylish. The only noticeable difference is that they’re much thicker along the sides, which is where the technology is housed.

ORBI Prime is paired with video-stitching and editing software. The glasses take 360 videos and images, and you piece those videos and images together later to create awesome footage. There’s also built-in video stabilization.

The glasses have 90 minutes of recording time and are water-resistant (IP-64 certification)

The secret power behind the glasses comes with its four 1080p cameras. Those cameras offer 4K resolution. The cameras are hidden within the lightweight polycarbonate frame.

You can send all video data to connected devices using the built-in Wi-Fi sensor.

ORBI Prime Features

ORBI Prime comes with all of the following features:

-Easy hands-free recording

-Four 1080p cameras to create 360 degree video and photos

-90 minutes of recording time

-Water-resistant design (IP64 certification)

-Instant mobile sharing over Wi-Fi

-App and desktop software included

-Multilayer real-time video stabilization

-Compatible with multi-sport helmets

-Polarized and adaptive lenses with UV protection

-Detachable safety strap that lets you keep ORBI Prime secure without messing with your hair

Ultimately, ORBI Prime aims to solve one of the biggest problems of modern video recording equipment – you need to use your hands, mounts, rigs, or other devices to hold the camera. With ORBI Prime, the four cameras are held right on your face. You don’t have to adjust your routine or wear a dorky GoPro on your head.

ORBI Prime App and Software

ORBI Prime’s desktop software can stitch up to 30 frames per second in order to provide a smoother, more natural viewing experience.

You can stabilize your video in post-processing to reduce shakiness even further and enhance the smoothness while panning, rotating, and zooming.

Most of the editing features can be controlled through the app. Based on what we’ve seen of the app, it appears fairly easy to use – even if you’ve never done video editing in your life. The editor stiches your video together, while a progress bar indicates how far along your video editing is.

Once the video footage has been stitched, you can cut, combine, add a soundtrack, change the reference view direction of the video, and more – all from your phone or tablet.

Then, watch or share the video using the share or play buttons.

The app has a 360 degree player that automatically hides controls during playback. However, you can tap the screen at any time to reveal the controls, then pan around to check out your footage.

There will be both desktop and mobile software. It appears the app will be slightly more limited than the desktop software (understandably). Here are the features you can expect:

-Desktop: Allows stitching, video editing, device memory control, and firmware update functions. Available on Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX, and higher.

-Mobile: Allows stitching (short footage up to 15 minutes), full device control, live preview, and interaction with the device using built-in Wi-Fi. It’s available on Android 4.4 and higher and iOS 9 and higher.

ORBI Prime Tech Specs

-Weight: .27 pounds (157 grams)

-Material: Lightweight, durable polycarbonate frame

-Battery: 2 Li-Po batteries (1000mAh) each, micro-USB for charging

-Video: Codec – H.264; Container – MP4; Audio Format – AAC stereo 48KHz

-Resolution: 4 x 1920×1080 (Full HD) 30 FPS (stitched video resolution 3840×2160 in 4K)

-Lenses: 160 x 110 degree FOV in portrait orientation (360 degrees of horizontal FOV and up to 300 degrees of upper hemisphere in stitched image)

ORBI Prime Pricing

ORBI Prime is available at a few different price points, including:

-The Orbi Ultimate (Featured): $229 USD + Shipping

-Early Bird: $349

-Orbi Prime Standard: $499

-Exclusive Early Bird Duo (Two Pairs): $599

-Early Bird Duo (Two Pairs): $659

-Exclusive Early Bird Quad (Four Pairs): $1199

-Early Bird Quad (Four Pairs): $1315

ORBI Prime is available in two sizes (Male and Female) and five color schemes, including Black/Black, Black/Fire Red, Electric Green/Charcoal, White/Slate Gray, and White/Flame Orange.

After you order ORBI Prime on Indiegogo, the company will email you to ask for your sizing and color preferences.

The estimated shipping date is August 2017.

What’s Included with your ORBI Prime Purchase?

Your standard ORBI Prime purchase comes with:

-One pair of ORBI Prime glasses

-The “Prime Pack” (charging case, detachable safety strap, USB connector, and lens cloth)

The final retail price is estimated to be around $650 USD per pair (the $499 package is listed as “23% off retail price).

Who Makes ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime was made by a team of hardware and software engineers from MIT, UC Berkeley, and Electronic Arts. The team also consists of “professional photographers and videographers, world travelers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts”, explains the Indiegogo page.

Key team members include Iskander Rakhman (CEO), Adil Suranchin (COO), Louis Albertini (CMO), Evgeny Kochenyuk (Head of Product/Software), Alexander Moreno (CTO), and Sergey Kushnirenko (Head of Product/Hardware).

The company is based in Berkeley, California.

Should You Buy ORBI Prime?

ORBI Prime is a unique product that lets you record 360 degrees of video without using any mounts, rigs, or even your hands. It’s a pair of glasses with four cameras capable of shooting 1080p video in all different directions. When processed through the included app or desktop software, that gives you 4K 360 degree footage.

The glasses are scheduled to be released in August 2017 at a retail price of $650. The ORBI Prime Indiegogo page has them listed for as little as $230 to $350 per pair. The glasses will come with desktop software and a mobile app, letting you quickly edit video from your device over a Wi-Fi connection.

ORBI Prime has successfully achieved its funding target (currently at over 200% at the time of writing), so ORBI Prime appears to be headed to market – barring any unforeseen challenges. You can learn more today at the project’s Indiegogo page here.


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