The Ultimate Energizer Guide: Reduce Electricity Costs, Generate Energy-On-Demand

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is an e-book that shows consumers how to use an original invention to reduce the amount of electricity that they use in their home. The directions for this solution can only be purchased from the official website.

What is The Ultimate Energizer Guide?

Energy costs are constantly on the rise, and everyone would appreciate a little help on these bills. While there’s plenty of ways to be conscientious of the way that electricity has been used in a home, there’s a guide called The Ultimate Energizer Guide.

The publisher of The Ultimate Energizer states that there’s one person that can be credited with this invention, exceeding the genius of even Albert Einstein. He states that, though this inventor is believed to have no son, an engineer named Arthur Matthews worked alongside him. As the publisher of this program tells the story, Matthews’ father was the assistant to a physicist named Lord Kelvin. Matthews was taken in as an apprentice and has been kept a secret to prevent the unnecessary notoriety and the risks that come with it.

After his father passed in the 1960s, many people seek to learn about the Magnifying Transmitter, but Arthur didn’t reveal the secrets. Instead, he pursued the mission of his father – to create a small device that could reduce the cost and pollution of electricity at less than $500. Though it took Arthur years he managed to decipher the blueprints that his father left behind to develop the machine. He continued on this progress, continuing the work of his father for four decades. The work has been documented, but it wasn’t released before Arthur’s death in 1986. Now, the publisher has been able to release this information as the Ultimate Energizer Guide.

With The Energizer Guide, consumers will be able to create a device that is compact and versatile. However, it is strong enough to power any electrical product, including small clocks or even huge televisions. It can even power a home, which means that consumers don’t have to spend as much money, but it isn’t for the average consumer.

The process is difficult without the right instructions, and that’s what The Ultimate Energizer Guide aims to provide. The off-grid electricity can be installed anywhere on the user’s property, since it is small and quiet, which means that consumers won’t have to expose the device to the elements.

Purchasing the Ultimate Energizer Guide

Presently, the only way to purchase The Ultimate Energizer Guide is through the official website. While valued at $149, consumers only have to spend $49 to have instant access today. Along with the main guide, consumers will also have four bonus guides, though their full titles are not revealed in the advertisement for The Ultimate Energizer Guide.

If the user finds that this guide is overwhelming or unhelpful, they have up to 60 days to get a full refund on the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Let’s address some of the common questions that consumers have about The Ultimate Energizer Guide.

Q: Why aren’t more people already using The Ultimate Energizer Guide?

A: While there are over 31,000 families that are already involved in this guide, there are some people that are overwhelmed by the complexities they notice. However, having the right blueprint makes the entire process substantially easier.

Q: How difficult is The Ultimate Energizer to make?

A: In total, the whole setup of The Ultimate Energizer takes about four hours, and users don’t need any real strength or skillset to make it happen. Reading the blueprints takes about 60 minutes.

Q: How much are the parts for a small scale of The Ultimate Energizer?

A: With a visit to an electronics store, it is possible to create a small-scale version of The Ultimate Energizer for about $73. However, powering an entire home should cost just over $200, depending on the parts.

Q: How much can consumers save by using this discovery?

A: On a power bill, consumers can expect at least $67 in savings each month.

The customer service team can address any other questions.

Contacting the Creators of The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Even with the information made available to consumers on the website, there could be other questions that consumers want to address. The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to [email protected].


The Ultimate Energizer Guide is meant for any consumer that has the patience to put together a device that could cut their electricity costs by over half of what they normally are. The product includes the entire blueprint that consumers need, though they will need to independently purchase the supplies listed in the guide. Consumers can view the guide on a smartphone, tablet, or a computer after purchase.

See The Full Ultimate Energizer Guide


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