UV-C Sterilizer by Zoom Wellness: Portable UV Light Sanitizer

The UV-C Sterilizer is a handheld device from Zoom Wellness that helps eliminate 99% of the germs that may be lurking on any surface. By removing the bacteria and neutralizing viruses where they are, consumers can protect themselves better in the middle of the spreading pandemic.

What is the UV-C Sterilizer by Zoom Wellness?

As the world works to protect itself better with the use of face masks and hand sanitizer, there is one way that germs have consistently been spread through the years – touch. However, someone doesn’t have to touch someone else for germs to spread directly. Instead, spreading disease through shared surfaces can occur. While every virus and bacteria have a different amount of time that it can survive, consumers nowadays shouldn’t take chances, and the UV-C Sterilizer doesn’t either.

The UV-C Sterilizer is capable of killing up to 99.99% of germs that it's used on, and its compact design makes it easy to carry along for errands or to the store. The device is eco-friendly, offering a long-lasting light bulb, up to 10,000 hours of use, and won’t likely need to be replaced anytime soon.

The average person touches many things in a matter of ten minutes, whether it be car keys, doorknobs, cell phones, and will even keep bed linens and sleeping areas safe and free from dust mites. Per Dr. Ryan Shelton, N.M.D. “Even more worryingly, they can survive for hours, and often many days [2]” and “The good news is, my team and I at Zoom Wellness have developed a brand-new, safe, and environmentally-friendly way to banish dangerous germs in as little as 10 seconds.”

Learn More About the Zoom Wellness UV-C Sterilizer

Features of the Zoom Wellness UV-C Sterilizer

  • Safety lock feature prevents accidents from occurring
  • Proven to kill up to 99.99% of germs (lab-tested on E. coli)
  • Compact design & travel case Portability
  • Safe & eco-friendly an alternative to hazardous chemicals products
  • UV-C LED technology for superb sterilization
  • Triple-certified (FCC, CE, & ROHS) the highest safety standards
  • Convenient USB Charger so you’re always charged and ready
  • 10,000-hour bulb life -164 years of use

Buying the UV-C Sterilizer

For one UV-C Sterilizer, the total cost is $69, plus the cost of shipping ($4.95). Every package comes with a travel case, a USB charger, a manual, and a box of four Eco X Towels, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To contact the Zoom Wellness company for further product questions, consumers can reach them by phone or email at;

Frequently Asked Questions About the UV-C Sterilizer

Q. How do consumers use the Zoom UV-C Sterilizer?

A. It's easy! Press the power button to unlock the device, hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate the light, then shine the UV light over the surface you want to clean.

Q. What is the wavelength of the Zoom UV-C Sterilizer?

A. The Portable UV-C Sterilizer uses an ideal wavelength of 275-280 nanometers. And able to penetrate the cells of microorganisms and break apart the molecular bonds within their DNA, forcing them to self-destruct in as little as 10 seconds.

Q: How does UV-C light work?

A: UV-C light is a short-wavelength light that is capable of neutralizing germs. When germs or other microorganisms are exposed to it, their DNA is disrupted, and they are unable to continue functioning. Since they can’t work, the viruses are unable to infect others. Once charged, the sterilizer will operate for up to 5 hours of continuous use.

Q: What kinds of surfaces can be sterilized with the use of UV-C light?

A: The light can be used on nearly any surface or material that the user wants to clean. It can even be used on clothing and shoes, bed lines, toothbrushes, and more. However, it shouldn’t be used on organic material, like skin, hair, or nails.

Q: How long will the LED light bulb last? What about the battery?

A: The LED light bulb is designed to last for 10,000 hours, while the battery lasts for five hours before it needs to be recharged. Since one treatment only takes about ten minutes, the user will likely be able to get through at least a few weeks before it needs to be re-charged.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: Yes. Consumers can contact customer service if they find that this product is not a good fit for their needs.

UV-C Sterilizer by Zoom Wellness Final Thoughts

The UV-C Sterilizer from Zoom Wellness only takes about three seconds to activate before it can be shone on any surface, allowing consumers to keep germs away without any chemicals or toxins. The device shouldn’t be used on organic material (like people or animals), but it can be applied to any phone, dishes, or more.

Even if the user finds that this sterilizer isn’t right for their needs, they have up to 60 days to get a refund.

Learn More About the Zoom Wellness UV-C Sterilizer


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