ScanGuard – Industry Leading Antivirus & Optimisation Software?

Scanguard is an all-in-one security and optimization software that promises to protect all of your devices – including Androids, iPhones, Windows, Chromebook, and Mac OS devices. Here’s our review.

What is Scanguard?

Scanguard is optimization software that also promises to protect your digital world. It’s available on a wide variety of devices and platforms, including for iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook, Android tablet, and Android smartphones.

By downloading Scanguard today, you can “protect your digital world”, exclaims the official Scanguard website.

Some of the key features in Scanguard include:

-Antivirus: Protects you from malware, adware, viruses, and Trojans.

-System Boost: Reduce your PC’s boot time, control applications, and stop unnecessary processes.

-Security: Keep your personal data and web browsing private using advanced VPN software.

These features are similar to other security and optimization software on the market today. They use antivirus software and VPNs to ensure your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

What makes Scanguard different from its range of competitors? Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Scanguard Features

Scanguard comes with all of the following features:

-Boosts Memory: Scanguard has a file manager that helps unclog your device, removing duplicate files. Scanguard advertises this as “boosts memory”, although it really only appears to free up storage space. No other features are listed aside from “duplicate file removal”. On most devices, this isn’t a huge issue. It’s also important to note that freeing up storage space is different from “boosting memory”.

-Anti Virus: Scanguard will perform a full system scan to locate, quarantine, and eliminate viruses. Scanguard doesn’t say whether it uses a downloaded library or a cloud-based library. Cloud-based is typically more effective because virus definitions can be uploaded in real time.

-Enhanced Performance: Scanguard will “help identify specific errors and programs which impact performance to get you back in the game.”

-Internet Protection: Scanguard promises to protect you against adware, malware, and other “cyber-threats” that could steal your data.

-Firewall: Scanguard doesn’t actually have this feature right now, but they claim it’s “coming soon”.

-Browsing Performance: Scanguard claims to improve your browsing performance by managing unwanted caching and old history.

-Parental Control: Scanguard helps you track your children’s online activity and usage using parental control features. Just like the firewall, this feature is labeled as “coming soon”.

-File Protection: Scanguard uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your information protected when it’s being sent over the internet. Just like other features, this is listed as a feature that’s “coming soon”.

Scanguard Pricing

Scanguard has a shady pricing policy. The company advertises one price upfront, but automatically renews your plan at a different price in the future. Scanguard doesn’t actually mention that price on the main sales page.

-First 12 Months: $49 (3 devices)

-Every 12 Months After: Unknown (price is not listed anywhere on the website)

After the first 12 months, you’ll be charged the “standard rate” on an annual basis. There’s no option to opt-out of automatic renewal. Scanguard will automatically charge you 15 days before your annual subscription ends. If you don’t want to automatically renew your Scanguard subscription at this unknown price, then you’ll need to call the company to cancel (there’s no easy online cancelation option).

There are two good things we found about the Scanguard pricing policy. First, all purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee. And second, customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so canceling your subscription or avoiding the huge auto-renew payment is easy.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Scanguard?

So far, Scanguard seems to be a high-priced security and optimization software platform with a limited range of features. What do real customers have to say about it?

When you search for Scanguard reviews online, you get a lot of forum results. The Mac Rumors forum thread about Scanguard, for example, calls the software “malware”. That thread is from October 2016.

Most major tech blogs have not posted a review of Scanguard. The only review we could find from a tech blog is from, a website that’s notorious for promoting shady software. That website, conveniently enough, gave Scanguard a 97% overall score, praising the software like it was the best program ever released onto the internet.

Most other online reviews for Scanguard recommend that users choose free antivirus options from more reputable companies. You can get similar functionality as Scanguard at a much lower price from companies like Avast, for example. That makes it hard to justify the $50 per year price tag on Scanguard (not to mention the higher “standard pricing” that kicks in after year 1).

Many people also complain that they were pushed towards Scanguard after viewing Facebook advertisements for the product. Those Facebook advertisements involved a fake Fox News story. In the forum linked above, people complained that the ads were deceptive and manipulative.

Who Makes Scanguard?

Scanguard is a relatively new software suite. Copyrights involving Scanguard were only registered in 2016. The software appears to be made by a UK-based company named SS Protect Limited. Their address and phone number is listed in the terms and conditions section. Here’s the UK address:

5A Little Park Farm Road
PO15 5SJ

You can contact the company’s customer service at 1-844-304-6774 (US) or 0333-370-6567 (UK).

So far, Scanguard appears to be the only product offered by the company. A Google search for SS Protect Limited mostly reveals corporation registration listings. This page states that the company was incorporated in May 2016. That page also lists a different address than the one listed above.

Should You Use Scanguard to Protect your Digital Devices?

Digital device protection is more important today than ever before. We use our digital devices for everything. That’s why companies like Scanguard are investing so much in marketing their product, launching a big Facebook advertising campaign.

The problem with Scanguard is that it doesn’t offer superior protection to most free antivirus options. There are free antivirus apps and software from more reputable companies available online, for example.

Scanguard also uses some shady marketing tactics, especially in regards to pricing. The company advertises its software as costing only $50 per year. However, your subscription will automatically renew after the first year at the “standard rate”. The company refuses to disclose its standard rate anywhere on the website. That’s a huge red flag.

For all of these reasons, Scanguard doesn’t appear to be worth your $50 subscription fee. Skip it and choose a free antivirus option from a more reputable company.


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