Sound Ramp – Peel & Stick Crystal Clear Television Audio System?

Sound Ramp is a recently released “As Seen On TV” product that promises to fix your fuzzy speaker problem. Find out more about Sound Ramp today in our review.

What is Sound Ramp?

Sound Ramp is an As Seen On TV product that recently launched online through The product works exactly like you would imagine: it deflects sound away from your floor using a “ramp” design.

Why would you want your sound to be deflected off the floor? Sound Ramp claims that floor speakers are the cause of your crappy TV sound. If you have trouble hearing the dialogue in TV shows, and turning up the volume doesn’t help, then Sound Ramp may be the right solution. It deflects audio upward into the part of the room where you can hear it – instead of down into the floor where it becomes muted.

Sound Ramp is available online for around $20, although you can pay $30 for a set of four Sound Ramps.

How Does Sound Ramp Work?

Sound Ramp is essentially a piece of plastic that can be attached to your TV or speakers. You place the ramp in front of the speakers, and sound gets deflected “up” into the room instead of “down” into the floor.

There’s no high-tech electronic technology behind Sound Ramp. There’s no chip inside, and there’s no special audio processing capabilities. It’s literally just a piece of plastic that sits between your speakers and the TV.

Here’s how the makers of Sound Ramp explain how it works:

“It happens all the time, you turn up the volume on your TV and you still can't hear it! The problem lies in your speaker placement; it directs sound to the floor. You need Sound Ramp, your solution for crystal clear television audio! Simply peel and stick Sound Ramp over the existing speakers. Sound Ramp redirects sound towards the viewer so you can hear sound clearly.”

If you’ve ever watched TV or a movie and noticed that the sound becomes fuzzy, then the problem may lie with your speaker placement. Instead of moving around your speakers (or buying new ones), Sound Ramp offers itself as a more cost-effective solution.

Sound Ramp works with flat screen TVs of all sizes. It’s also compatible with free standing or mounted sets, and it won’t hinder set movement. Installation takes seconds. There’s double-sided tape along one edge. You point your speaker into the curved section of Sound Ramp – that’s it.

Sound Ramp Pricing

Sound Ramp is priced at $19.99 for a set of two Sound Ramps. The online offer for Sound Ramp recently ramped up that deal to a “double offer”, where you can get two sets of Sound Ramps for an extra $10. Here’s how this confusing pricing policy breaks down:

-1 Set of Sound Ramps: $19.99

-2 Sets of Sound Ramps: $29.98

Both prices include shipping. There are no extra fees.

The main “catch” with this pricing policy is that shipping takes a very long time. After you confirm your purchase, you’ll receive an email telling you that your package is expected to arrive within 3 to 6 weeks.

All purchases come with a 30 day return policy. However, shipping and handling costs will be deducted from your refund.

Who Makes Sound Ramp?

Sound Ramp is made by well-known As Seen On TV company Telebrands. That company is based in Fairfield, New Jersey and is responsible for As Seen On TV products like Red Copper Pan, Atomic Beam, Pocket Hose, Ped Egg, and Spin Mop, among many others.

You can contact the company’s customer service department by calling 1-855-668-1655. Or, visit their customer service website at to inquire about the status of your order.

Should You Buy Sound Ramp?

If you’re having big problems with your TV’s sound quality, then speaker placement could be an issue. Before you resort to awkward solutions like Sound Ramp, try moving your TV around. You may even be able to create a Sound Ramp-like solution simply by putting a solid object beneath your TV to deflect the sound (something like a bendable, plastic binder would function as well as Sound Ramp).

Sound Ramp doesn’t have any special technology to make it a good audio deflector. It’s literally just a piece of bendable plastic with double-sided tape. If you’re willing to pay $20 or $30 for a set of plastic pads that might solve your TV’s poor audio problem, then Sound Ramp is available to order online today through Many people, however, will be able to make a superior audio solution DIY-style at home.


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