SpyFone: Child And Employee Smartphone Monitoring Software Tracks Use In Stealth

SpyFone is a program that can be downloaded onto a smartphone to track the activity of the user, whether it is a parent watching their child or an employer watching their employee. The app requires a license to gain access, which can be purchased from the official SpyFone website.

What is SpyFone?

When it comes to smartphones, any customer of a network of devices likely wants to know what is happening on them. Whether a parent has recently given their child their first phone, or a company owner has distributed phones to new and current employees, there’s a certain amount of privacy that the secondary user is not privy to. There are many ways to conceal the activity that happens on these devices but SpyFone erases it.

The SpyFone app is designed to monitor smartphone activity that is easy enough for a novice or experienced individual to use but offers advanced information. The use of a program like this helps to make sure that any user of a smartphone is doing exactly what they should be, refraining from activity that would otherwise violate agreements with the owner of the accounts.

SpyFone Features

With the purchase of SpyFone, users get real-time tracking of:

  • Video viewing
  • Screen viewing
  • Remote control
  • Surrounding sounds
  • Screen captures
  • Call recordings
  • Social media apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • SMS messages and call history
  • GPS locations
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • And more

To put it simply, with an account with SpyFone, the owner of the device can monitor just about anything that the user does with it. They can even view different statistics on the use and view everything in an organized PDF while viewing any website or event that the user has gone to while tracking every new contact that is added.

How SpyFone Works

The SpyFone allows consumers to track nearly every form of communication of the individual it monitors. From app usage to phone calls to downloaded images, everything is recorded to allow parents and employers to have more of a clear view about what happens on the monitored devices.

Consumers can purchase the app from the official website for SpyFone, and they will receive a receipt and registration code in their email address provided during the purchase. The email will also include a login, password, and license code for their new SpyFone account. This information will be necessary to log in to the app, once downloaded.

The installation of the app takes under a minute, and the user is then given the ability to choose the activity that they want to track with the SpyFone program. The application works in a stealth mode, even operating if the target phone is shut off. Whenever the phone is connected to the internet, all of the logs from this activity is uploaded. Information can be reviewed by logging in to the SpyFone account.

In order for the program to be installed, users must connect it to an Android or iOS device. With the Android device, the user needs physical access, while the iOS system only requires physical access if the user has 2-factor authentication activated. The iOS systems also require the user to log in to the iCloud.

Price of SpyFone

Consumers need to purchase SpyFone from the official website directly, where they will be charged a monthly fee of $25.00 usually. Presently, due to the holidays, the subscription is marked down to $12.50 per month, though consumers can also purchase the subscription with a payment of $89.98 every three months.

All payments are processed directly through PayPal, even if the user doesn’t have a PayPal account. If the user finds that SpyFone doesn’t serve them effectively, they can request a full refund within 14 days of making the original purchase.

Contacting the Creators of SpyFone

Even with the information provided online, consumers may want to learn more details either before they purchase or once their order has been submitted. The customer service team can be reached by visiting the Support page on the website: spyfone.com/support/ where they can send an email or speak with an agent over Live Chat.

SpyFone Summary

SpyFone allows parents to give their children free rein of their phone, without having to wonder exactly what they are doing on it. The tracking information is helpful to business owners as well, as they ensure that any phones given out by their company are being used for their intended purposes. The overall cost of this software is rather low, especially when consumers consider the peace of mind that they have in knowing exactly what their children are exposed to.


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