Night Angel – Convenient Night Vision Lighting Technology?

Whether it is to have a midnight snack in the kitchen or for a trip to the bathroom, people often have to wake up during the night. Waking up at night can be quite inconvenient due to the lack of natural light. In order to see and avoid bumping into furniture, people turn lamps on. However these lamps are bright and tend to interfere with people’s sleeping cycle, stopping them from falling back to sleep easily.

A popular alternative to bright lamps is to have a night lights in the house which produce dim and constant lightning throughout the night. These night lights are an effective solution to the problem raised above because the light they produce is not bright enough to interfere with the sleeping cycle and enable instant night vision for people. Although the light produced by night lights is not as bright as other lamps, the brain is still aware of its presence and consequently these lights don’t stop people from falling back asleep but affect sleep as a whole.

Thus, instead of turning their lights on or using night lights, some individuals just try to make their way through the night in the dark no matter how difficult it can sometimes turn out to be. Navigating a dark household at night time carries a large risk of injury, with recent statistics published by Yale University in the United States demonstrating that the risk of accidental death at home increases by 25% during blackout power outages.

What Is The Night Angel?

In this article we will introduce Night Angel which is a groundbreaking, revolutionary new type of night light that automatically turns on and off dependent on the habits of the user. Night Angel conveniently supports people’s night walks without having any negative side-effects on their sleeping habits.

Side-effects of Using Night Lights

Using nighttime lights can have some unexpected negative effects on health due to the fact that night lights can disrupt the body’s sleep. The use of lights during sleep has been clinically and scientifically proven by professional sleep study experts to disturb the circadian rhythm and sleep quality which ultimately has disrupting effects on hormones. Sleeping in a room that is slightly brighter than total darkness can lead to the suppression of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is essential for the overall long term health of the human body.

Melatonin is a critical hormone essential on many levels, responsible for a wide variety of bodily functions..The suppression of the production of melatonin can interfere with eating patterns and metabolism. A study led by the American Journal of Epidemiology, has shown that women sleeping in lighter rooms had larger waist size and higher BMI than women sleeping in dark rooms. Moreover, melatonin plays a key role in the body’s process of mood regulation thus too much light at night reduces melatonin production which leads to having a lower mood.

Depression has been linked to poor sleep and a studies have shown that a large number of depressed people have a higher prevalence of installing night lights in their bedrooms. Using night lights is also responsible for heightened risk of insomnia. Unnatural illumination has been proven to cause poor sleep quality and quantity. Furthermore, people using a higher amount of night lights have been demonstrated in multiple studies to have higher blood pressure. When there is light at night the nervous system gets stimulated by it which has for consequence to raise blood pressure.

Benefits of LED

Night Angel uses three Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which are far more efficient and long lasting than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are used for a wide range of applications such as architectural lighting, electronic instrumentation, aerospace and more. Light Emitting Diodes are highly efficient and consume less power than regular light bulbs. Due to the fact that LEDs only use 10% of power consumed by incandescent bulbs, LEDs are also far more cost-effective than traditional solutions.

LEDs last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs, precisely 133 times longer. Due to the extremely increased lifespan of LEDs, maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Compared to fluorescent tubes and traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs are dramatically sturdier because of the way they are manufactured.The light produced by LEDs comes from a small chip that is contained in an epoxy resin compound. By using strong material LEDs are highly resistant to extreme temperature as well as shocks and vibrations.

The use of LEDs instead of incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes is beneficial on a safety level due to the fact that LEDs don’t produce any heat and are safe to be left on for hours without a lot less risks of burns and fires. In addition, as opposed to fluorescent tubes, LEDs are earth-friendly and recyclable due to the fact that they don’t necessite toxic materials.

Night Angel Features and Benefits

Night Angel is a new revolutionary product that will be a functional addition to any house lighting by providing light at night only when needed. Night Angel is a night light that can be installed around a power outlet due to its outlet cover design. Unlike other night light solutions that take up valuable plug space to provide low key illumination, the Night Angel functions as both a plug extender and night light at the same time, allowing users to utilize the same plug the Night Angel draws power from.

Night Angel is composed of 3 LEDs and has a light sensor that enables the product to automatically turn on and off, avoiding unnecessary use which can disturb people’s sleep cycle. In addition to being an effective light system, it is also easy to install and highly cost-effective. Night Angel can be used with any type of outlets and due to its use of LEDs, Night Angel is a far more long lasting and safe product than regular incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

Night Angel Pricing and Availability

The Night Angel can be ordered online on the product’s website for $12.99 USD with an additional shipping fee of $6.99 USD. For an extra $6.99, to cover the shipping, Night Angel will send you an extra unit for free. If you are looking for a convenient, cost-effective and highly reliable product that will help you see at night, Night Angel is a functional and energy efficient product


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