Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting Review – Best Drops Software & Services?

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is a new technology that lets advertisers leave a voicemail for somebody without actually ringing their phone. Find out everything you need to know about ringless voicemail today.


What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is a new technology that delivers a voicemail to someone’s phone without ever causing the phone to ring.

The technology is being proposed by advertisers as an effective way to reach consumers. Companies that send text messages to consumers have a read rate of 97%. Text messages aren’t an annoying interruption of someone’s day. Ringless voicemail promises to offer similar advantages: when people see a voicemail message, they feel the need to check it. However, companies who call a consumer directly and attempt to sell them a product over the phone often face ill will and a negative reaction towards the brand.

With ringless voicemail, companies can deliver a highly-targeted message that virtually guaranteed to be heard. When paired with a text message, it can be a very effective advertising strategy.

Today, ringless voicemail providers are springing up around the world. You pay a company for a subscription, and then make calls through their platform to deliver ringless voicemails to your network of leads, customers, or clients.

Ringless voicemail technology has been around for about 3 years and has purportedly delivered “millions of informational messages without complaint”, according to Do Not Call Protection. That source also claims that ringless voicemail leads to callback numbers as high as 11%.

Nevertheless, as you’ll learn below, ringless voicemail is still in a bit of a legal grey area.

Benefits of Ringless Voicemail for Advertisers

One ringless voicemail provider explains that ringless voicemail offers all of the following benefits:

-Consumers don’t experience an annoying interruption to their day

-Recipients can listen to the message whenever it’s convenient

-Several people may listen to the message from one voicemail

-More likely to reach your targeted person if it’s a family landline

-A pre-recorded message reduces the possibility of human error and lets you record your best message without the possibility of messing up a live phone conversation

-The opportunity to leave professionally-produced advertisements (say, from celebrities) or a casual message to make it seem like you actually made a real call

-Eliminates the time-consuming, arduous process of cold-calling leads

-Available on both cell phones and landlines

Advertisers are already looking at ringless voicemail as one of the greatest advances in telecommunications marketing in years. It’s an effective way to supplement an existing SMS marketing campaign.

Is Ringless Voicemail Legal?

Most ringless voicemail providers put a heavy emphasis on legality and compliancy. Some will refuse to call cell phones, for example, to remain compliant and legal.

However, there are some legality questions surrounding ringless voicemail. Thus far, there have been no lawsuits or complaints about ringless voicemail. Nevertheless, many companies have avoided ringless voicemail due to perceived legal problems.

The problem is that ringless voicemail exists in a legal grey area. Calls go directly to the voicemail server associated with a consumer cell phone – they bypass the consumer’s actual cell phone. Technically speaking, this puts it outside the scope of the TCPA, as the consumer isn’t charged for the communication.

For that reason, many companies have avoided ringless voicemail because they’re worried whether or not it would hold up under scrutiny from the TCPA / FDCPA court.

Ringless Voicemail Providers

Ringless voicemail providers will help you call consumers’ contact numbers, leaving ringless voicemails wherever you go.

Typically, these providers only charge for successful message deliveries. The companies we compared all appeared to have 60% to 85% delivery rates (when using working numbers).

Providers vary in terms of their call reporting. Some companies provide deep information about callback rates, open rates, etc., while others hardly tell you anything.

Does Ringless Voicemail Sometimes Cause the Phone to Ring?

One of the biggest questions ringless voicemail providers face is whether or not the phone will occasionally ring accidentally. Are there times when the ringless technology fails to work?

This answer actually varies widely between providers. One lower-quality provider states that they ring phones “up to half the time”.

One of the higher-quality providers has a patented technology that places calls to a landline voicemail platform, so there’s no ringing associated at any step along the way. However, even this technology doesn’t claim to be 100% foolproof. It does claim that it “almost never” rings the phone.

Who Should Use Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is primarily used by advertisers and marketing agencies. However, the technology has also shown some promise in other industries – like among debt collectors and financial institutions.

Typically, ringless voicemail technology isn’t really an option for the average consumer. There’s no ringless voicemail app. Most ringless voicemail services require a subscription and are designed as a business to business service.

Ultimately, marketers are having moderate success with ringless voicemail drops. However, the legality of the practice remains in a bit of a legal grey area. It’s still an emerging technology and we haven’t yet seen its full potential.


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