ResetPlug Review – WiFi Smart Power Plug Device Worth It?

ResetPlug Review

ResetPlug is a new smart plug that monitors your Wi-Fi router and modern and resets power when your Wi-Fi goes down. Here’s our ResetPlug review.


What is ResetPlug?

Have you ever been frustrated when your wireless suddenly drops out? Everyone knows the best thing to do when your Wi-Fi goes down is to reset your router or modem.

But who has time to walk all the way over to their router and press the reset button? That’s where ResetPlug comes in to help.

ResetPlug will monitor your Wi-Fi connection continuously. Then, when your Wi-Fi goes down, the plug will automatically disable and re-enable power to your router or modem. It resets the router/modem so your internet goes back to normal.

If your Wi-Fi doesn’t go back to normal when using ResetPlug, then you know it’s a problem with your ISP and not your modem or router. The device will continue to cycle power every 5 minutes until your internet is restored.

You can just plug your router, modem, or access point into the plug. Or, you can plug in all three by connecting the ResetPlug to a power strip.

The ResetPlug is priced at $59.99 and plugs into any standard electrical outlet.

ResetPlug Features

-Works with any Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi access point, or broadband modem (also works with all-in-one devices)

-Use a power strip to monitor three separate devices with one ResetPlug

-Continues to reset power until internet is restored (it cycles power every 5 minutes until your Wi-Fi comes back)

-Keeps all of your internet-enabled devices connected to provide seamless support

The device is targeted towards those who have multiple internet-connected devices in their home. If you have a security camera, for example, but your wireless network goes down while you’re on vacation, then you may not be able to get back into your home to reset your router. ResetPlug solves that problem for you.

ResetPlug Pricing

ResetPlug is priced at $59.99 for one unit.

You’ll need to pay $9 shipping for most locations across America. Standard shipping takes 2 to 6 weeks for your ResetPlug to arrive.

The device uses the standard North American outlet (90-260V AC). However, it will work if you have the proper physical adapters setup. The makers of ResetPlug also claim that international versions are coming soon.

How to Use ResetPlug

Using and setting up ResetPlug is straightforward.

You plug the ResetPlug into the wall socket. The blue LED will be solid for about 20 seconds, then it will start blinking on and off slowly. The device is now in its default setup mode. If you ever want to go back to this setup mode, just press and hold the button for 5 seconds to get back.

Next, plug in your Wi-Fi router, modem, and access point using a power strip. Or, just plug in the one unit (like an all-in-one device) directly into the ResetPlug.

Use your device to scan for the Wi-Fi network called ResetPlugSetup, then connect to that network. You’ll need to enter the address into your web browser (or type in the address bar) to open up the setup page.

Follow the steps in the setup wizard. If you get stuck, follow the instructions on the official website here.

Who Makes ResetPlug?

ResetPlug is made by a company named MultiNet. The device is patent pending.

MutliNet’s official website claims that it offers “proactive network monitoring solutions” to help consumers manage their internet of things devices.

In addition to selling the ResetPlug, the company offers cloud learning services to help your devices make smarter decisions, as well as real-time analytics on network issues and disruptions. They also perform constant back-end monitoring that lets you monitor all devices in the field. APIs are also available for custom applications.

You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected].

Should You Use the ResetPlug to Protect your Internet?

If you have a wide range of internet-connected devices at home, then a wireless outage can be annoying at best and dangerous at worse. What happens when your wireless home security system goes down when you’re away on vacation?

With that in mind, ResetPlug promises to help you solve this problem by cycling power to your router every 5 minutes to attempt to restore a connection.

It’s similar to the Kankun plug (in fact, both devices use the same plug hardware from iKonke). However, the software inside the devices are different. The Kankun plug turns an outlet on or off from an app while on the same Wi-Fi network, while the ResetPlug continuously monitors your Wi-Fi connection.

If your router frequently encounters connection problems and needs to be reset, then the ResetPlug can save you time and hassle.


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