Ring Video Doorbell – WiFi Enabled Doorbell Technology?

The Ring Video Doorbell is an accessory that allows you to view who is at your front door with the use of a tiny camera in this device’s button. You do not require the previous installment of a doorbell for it to function correctly.

What Is Ring Video Doorbell?

With so many horrific stories in the news, keeping your family safe in your own home is becoming more and more difficult. Every criminal out there seems to threaten your security, and a lack of evidence during a break-in always makes it possible for the guilty party to get away. Most people increase their security packages, but this upgrade can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed by technology, when all they really want is to know who is at the door. You don’t need some expensive security system for that; the Ring Video Doorbell can be your eyes on the outside.

The Ring Video Doorbell is used in place of your normal doorbell to give you a peak at your doorstep. Each camera available features an HD view of what’s going on outside, which is a great way to determine if you want to let a friend in, or avoid the solicitors that keep coming by. The high-quality video ensures that you get a clear picture; all you have to do is choose where to position it.

Keeping yourself informed is the smartest choice you can make in home security. With this device, you don’t have to worry about keeping your family safe or being unaware of what’s going on in your home, whether you’re there or not. Read on below to find out all of the amazing features of this doorbell, and what it means for the state of security in your house.

How Does the Ring Video Doorbell Work?

This doorbell is actually fairly simple, and only requires a previous doorbell if you choose to get the upgrade. These devices basically act as a video link between you and your potential guest. The HD video and two-way audio helps you to communicate with them outside, letting them know to wait a minute or come back later. The video is recorded on the Cloud every time, which is a convenient way to retain necessary information for the police, in the event of a break-in.

The video from the device is accessed through your smartphone or tablet. When someone is there, the app notifies you of their presence. The app can also be downloaded on your computer, if you have Windows 10. While they are unable to see you, they can hear you through the speaker and talk back. The app will let you know if someone is picked up on the motion sensor, or if they physically ring the doorbell. Since you can view this information on your portable device, you will know about any visitors, packages, or burglars that show up on your doorstep.

To ensure that you have complete visibility when you need it, each camera is programmed with a night vision function, and is motion-activated. To keep the power going at all times, the original device features a built-in battery that is easy to recharge. However, if you choose the upgraded model, you have the ability to change out the face plates for a different look whenever you want.

Installing the Ring Video Doorbell

The installation will vary slightly between the original video doorbell and the upgraded version, but you are able to install either one on your own. The package comes with complete instructions for this process, but it is no different from installing a normal doorbell.

The Pro requires that you have an existing doorbell that is already hardwired into your home. However, the original design is available with or without a pre-existing installation. That makes the original design perfect for any home, even if you live in an apartment.

Pricing for the Ring Video Doorbell

For the Ring Video Doorbell specifically, you can choose between the basic and the Pro. For the basic model, you have a price tag of $199, whereas the Pro is priced at $249. The only real difference between these models is the slim shape of the Pro. Each one has four colors available to choose from.

In addition to the actual doorbell, you can purchase several other accessories to improve your home’s security. Add on the:

  • Stick-Up Cam Security Camera, which is completely wireless and allows for two-way communication ($199)
    • Solar Panel for Stick-Up Cam ($49)
  • Chime, to alert you when someone rings the doorbell ($29.95)
  • Solar Security Sign, to let potential intruders know that your home is protected ($49)

All of these products are designed to make you feel more protected, and to give you more control over your home. You don’t necessarily need the accessories, but they will enhance your experience.

Contacting the Creators of the Ring Video Doorbell

This innovative technology is definitely worth a try, but you may still have a few questions or concerns. If you need to know more information before investing in the Ring Video Doorbell, you can speak with the customer service team, using email or phone.

Calling the company is usually the easiest way to get your answers quickly. You can call (800) 656-1918 (local) or +1(310) 929-7085 (international) to reach someone. Agents are available from 8:00am to 6:00pm PST. If you are unable to call during those hours, your question can still be referred to [email protected].

Ring Video Doorbell Conclusion

The Ring Video Doorbell helps you to have full awareness of what’s going on outside your front door. However, this device is not attached to any security system. While the video will show you who is waiting for you to answer the door, it will not keep anyone out or alert authorities if someone gets in. It is up to you how you utilize this hardware, but knowing what is occurring is the first step in ensuring your personal protection.


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