Fracture Me – Color Photos Printed Directly On Glass?

Picture taking has been a way for people to hold onto memories, create art, and share a piece of their lives since the camera was invented. Back then you had to lug a round a large camera, and wait for film to be developed before you could see what pictures you had. The benefit of this, was that the pictures were tangible.

These days, modern technologies have put the ability to capture a moment in the palm of our hands with smart-phone integration. The downside is that you don’t get pictures that you can hold in your hands, they are all completely digital – which has its own set of pros and cons.

The best benefit is that you have the ability to see pictures right away and you get to decide if you want to print them, however, the biggest downside is that printing them yourself can be a hassle. Not to mention that once they are printed you have to store them or display them, and that can be a costly hassle.

Fracture: A New Way to Display Your Art

A new, innovative company has found a way to remove all the hassle, and overwhelming work out of displaying your favorite photos by offering an affordable service that can do the work for you. You can simply upload a picture from your computer, Facebook or Instagram accounts and send them directly to Fracture. From there you get to choose the size you want for your photo and then they get to work!

Pictures are printed onto hard-backed, durable glass sheets, which turns your picture into a framed piece of art, in an all in one frame and mount solution. No more having to find the perfect frame to go with the colors in the picture, or that match your decor. With perfectly sized, mounted glass pictures you are able to put your favorite photos wherever you would like! Larger sizes even allow you to have the perfect size for behind the couch or over your bed, adding the perfect design element to any room in your house.

Narrow Profile for Easy Hanging Anywhere

Many picture frames are made to be unnecessarily heavy or bulky, which can sometimes make it difficult to use them in certain areas that you may want to add your family photo, or art. Fracture took this into consideration when created their solution to the typical picture frame and created their prints on galls technique to be thin, but sturdy.

Regardless of the size you end up choosing, the glass used is only 14.7 mm thick – which is slightly less than an inch. With this slim design you can add picture anywhere that you’d like. Some people shy away from hanging art in hallways or offices due to the smaller or narrower space which doesn’t usually accommodate big, bulky frames very well. Hallways can be especially difficult to decorate because people tend to bump into frames that jut out too far.

Your Happiness is Our Business

Fracture takes great pride in making sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase because they understand the values of being able to display pictures of your life and favorite moments, instead of those pictures existing only in your phone or on your social media. Each piece is professionally made by hand and throughly checked over for quality before they arrive at your door.

Environmentally friendly packaging is used to ensure the safety or the package, and to make sure that it arrives intact and ready to be hung. As extra assurance, each piece purchased comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty so that your new picture will be around a long, long time.

Fracture Review Summary

Getting your art framed and ready for you to display in your home has ever been easier. Simply upload your favorite photo, select the size you want and you are ready to go! Your package will include all the hardware you need to mount your picot on the wall, they even send you the screw!

However, they also have a stand option available incase you would rather the picture be displayed one a desk, sofa table or mantle. A wide variety of sizes and options are available to make your photo shine.


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