Punched Review – Legit Electronics Coupons, Deals & Savings?

Punched Review

Punched is a flash sale website that promises to provide the best deals on products from all across the internet while offering “insane savings” along the way. Here’s our Punched review.


What is Punched?

Punched is a flash sale website located at Punched.com. The website recommends all sorts of different products you might like. The products are available at huge discounts – including deals up to 90% off their normal price.

From tech to housewares to anti-aging skin creams, Punched features a wide variety of products available for sale. Punched users can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” certain offers to push them to the top of the website. The best deals float to the top, while the average deals sink to the bottom.

Each deal is listed with its discount, its regular price, and the number of items left before that flash sale expires. Some of the best deals run out in minutes, while others remain on the site for weeks.

One of the unique things about Punched is that there’s an element of competition: you can claim the offered coupon or punch your way to a bigger discount through the interactive “Punched” game, where you get to punch a card ten times to attempt to reveal a bigger discount.

You can sign up to the Punched newsletter to save big on all sorts of merchandise.

How Does Punched Work?

Punched works in this process:

Step 1) Sign Up and Confirm your Email: The company will immediately send you a 25% discount voucher as a reward for signing up.

Step 2) Punch Some Deals: Pick a deal from Punched.com and your Punch Card will appear. Knock that Punch Card out with your cursor, which turns into a 90s-style arcade boxing glove.

Step 3) Start Saving: You can now directly visit the purchase page of the product you selected and then enter your unique coupon code at checkout.

Before you claim a deal, you’ll want to play the Punched game, where you have 10 punches and 40 seconds to knock out a deeper discount.

Basically, this game just makes you click (with your boxing glove cursor) on a number of hidden tiles. After you punch each tile, it flips over to reveal a winner (a higher discount) or a lower discount code.

The coupons you generate are website and product-specific. You won’t be able to win a coupon code for one product from a company and then use that coupon code to take 75% off your entire shopping cart.

Types of Deals Available

Punched updates its deals on a weekly basis. If you missed one deal, then you’re encouraged to keep checking back to see if it re-appears, or to see if a better deal pops up in the future.

Here are the deals available at the time of writing:

-Cube Portable Projector: $294.99 discounted down to $177

-DC Electronics Red Bluetooth Headphones with TouchPad: $59.99 discounted down to $36

-EXO Bluetooth Portable Wireless NFC Speaker: $32.99 discounted down to $23

-Hydrating Green Tea Moisturizer: $26.95 discounted down to $13

-BOHM B2 Premium 60 Watt 40” Sound Bar for Flat Screen TVs: $118.99 discounted down to $71.

-Suaoki T3 Peak Portable Car Jump Starter 18000mAh 600A: $69.99 discounted down to $50

There are about 10 to 20 deals posted on the main page of the website at any time. Deals span a number of different niches, categories, and industries, including everything from electronics to fashion accessories to beauty products.

By playing the Punched game, you can win up to 65% off your deal. So the price that you see on the main deal page still has some room to drop even further.

About Punched

Punched, LLC describes itself as the “organic mudslide brownie of online shopping”. Just like you savor an organic mudslide brownie from time to time to “support small businesses”, Punched promises to indulge your sweet tooth by giving you deals you don’t have to feel guilty about. Basically, you can use Punched to buy the things you want without experiencing buyer’s remorse.

You can get in touch with Punched by using the contact forms found on the official Punched.com website.

Punched is currently only available in the United States. The company does not personally ship any products, although all of the retailers the company works with only ship to the United States. The company does, however, claim to be planning to expand internationally in the near future.



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