Wiris – Battery-Powered Wire-free Practical Home Security System?

Every eighteen seconds, a burglary happens in the United States. With almost 200 home robberies occurring every hour, which adds up to almost five thousand every day, protecting your home with a home security system is one of the most important things you can do to protect your belongings and loved ones.

According to statistics released by the University of North Carolina, over 60% of convicted burglars avoid homes that have an in place security system. Break ins and home robberies, contrary to popular belief, generally occur in the daylight hours, between 10AM and 3PM, when most homeowners are at work.

With most robberies occurring in less than ten minutes, and the average property loss per robbery costing homeowners $2251 USD, investing in a home security is a financially sound decision that can make the difference between being passed over by a potentially burglar. When selecting a home security solution, however, there are a few key factors to look for to ensure that you’re getting the most effective system possible.

Monitoring is the most important aspect, and choosing a system that allows you to check in on and receive live updates from is paramount in ensuring you’re able to keep on top of occurrences in your home at all times.

Installation is another important element in choosing your home security system, as professionally installed systems can often cost tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs while only delivering the same amount of protection as DIY solutions.

With advances in home security system that work over the internet and notify homeowners via push notifications of dedicated apps, do-it-yourself systems are quickly becoming a cost effective and safe alternative to professionally installed systems, while costing far less than traditional solutions.

The third major element to identify in a security solution is automation. The ability to set up customized routines and detection settings to fit in around your lifestyle makes maintaining a secure household far easier than manually adjusting the system every time you leave the house.

Where traditional home security solutions have typically required the installation of a large number of cables to connect sensors to create a network of monitoring devices, the advent of wireless technology has allowed security device manufacturers to leverage wireless broadcasting to create independent home security networks free from the limitations of traditional cabled systems.

One of the most promising new wireless security systems is the Wiris Wireless Home Security Solution, made by an independent UK-based security device manufacturer.

While not available yet, Wiris is currently taking expressions of interest in their revolutionary home security solution, promising the most simple, convenient and easy to use home security system ever made.

About Wiris Wireless Home Security Solution

The Wiris Wireless Home Security Solution is unlike any other home security system available on the market today.

Battery powered, 100% wire free and offering multiple levels of security redundancy, the Wiris solution consists of a number of different security elements that work in tandem to deliver comprehensive, round the clock security that can update homeowners of the status of their house at any time, from anywhere in the world.

With a simple installation system that doesn’t require expensive professional services or cable installation, and no ongoing monthly fees, Wiris is a game-changed in the world of home security.

How Does the Wiris Wireless Home Security System Work?

The Wiris system consists of three separate elements that work together to achieve total home security and ease of use.

The monitoring and sensory aspect of the Wiris system is delivered by a combination of Wiris “Smart Tags” and cameras that detect motion or movement in the household, immediately notifying the homeowner of any suspicious activity.

Wiris Smart Tags are easily attachable to any surface such as doors, windows, stair, devices or other valuables.

The custom electronics in the Wiris Smart Tags detect even the slightest motion, alerting the Wiris central control system to immediately notify homeowners.

Wiris Wireless Security Cameras offer the ultimate in home protection video solutions, with HD cameras that pivot in a full 360 degree range of motion, incorporating advanced motion detection sensors that quickly identify any unknown threat.

The Wiris Wireless Security Cameras are powered by AAA batteries and battery cells, offering over 6 months charge on a single battery.

Other wireless home security solutions often use rechargeable lithium ion batteries that require constant recharging, running a risk of going dead in extended holiday periods and leaving your home at risk of robbery.

The Wiris Wireless Home Security System is also completely portable, perfect for short term renters or vacationers that want to maintain a comprehensive and reliable way to monitor their belongings while interstate or abroad.

The Wiris Wireless Home Security Solution offers an innovative and groundbreaking method of control over monitoring, updates and scheduling via the dedicated Wiris app.

Available for both iOS and Android, the Wiris app receives instant notifications from the home security system 24 hours a day, notifying users of updates to the status of their home in real time via push notification.

In addition to real time alerts, the Wiris app offers the ability to check on the status of any of the Smart Tags at any time, and even stream video from any of the Wiris Wireless Security Cameras.

Scheduling and motion detecting setting can be controlled and customized via the app, with users able to create multiple security profiles to quickly swap between at home and out of house security states.

As an added bonus, homeowners are even able to take advantage of two way audio communication functions in the cameras via the app to converse with family members at home.

Wiris offer free cloud storage for recorded video with their security system, negating the need for bulky and costly in home storage devices.

Wiris Wireless Home Security System Review Summary

The Wiris Home Security System is not currently available on the retail market, but is set for launch between Q4 2016 and Q1 2017.

Interested parties are able to sign up for updates via the Wiris site to receive notification on the availability of the Wiris system as they occur.


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