Razer Review – Leader In High-Performance Gaming Hardware?

Razer Review

Razer is one of the best-known PC gaming peripheral companies on the market today. Read our Razer review to find out if their accessories and peripherals are worth the price.


What Is Razer?

Razer is a gaming peripheral and accessory company that caters almost entirely to PC gamers. The company is best-known for its mice, keyboards, joysticks, and headsets, although it has also branched into laptops and other PC gaming hardware.

The company was launched back in 2005 in San Diego, California. Today, Razer is well-known for sponsoring e-sports teams – including League of Legends teams like SK Telecom T1.

Let’s take a closer look at the wide range of hardware and software products Razer has to offer.

Razer Products

Razer sells a wide variety of hardware products along with PC gaming peripherals, wearables, and accessories. Here’s a brief overview of their most popular products.


Razer sells complete gaming systems – including full desktop systems, Ultrabook-style laptops, and even “Forge TV”, which is similar to Apple TV and a Chromecast. There’s also the Razer Core, which combines the portability of a laptop with the expanded gaming functionality of a desktop.

Systems include all of the following:

-Laptops: Razer Blade Stealth, The New Razer Blade, and the Razer Blade Pro

-Desktop Systems: Razer Core, Lenovo Razer Edition, and Designed by Razer Cases

-Android Systems: Forge TV

Razer systems typically put a new twist on conventional laptop and desktop designs. The Razer Blade Pro, for example, came with a unique “Switchblade User Interface” that consisted of 10 dynamic tactical keys where the number pad on a laptop would typically be. There’s also an LCD track pad that promises to give you a more natural and intuitive UI for editing, designing, or gaming.

All laptops are designed with gaming performance in mind. However, like most high-end gaming computers, they’re also perfectly suited for other performance-intensive tasks, like video editing or industrial software applications.


Razer’s peripherals include mice, keyboards, mouse mats, and controllers, including all of the following.

-Mice: Mamba, Mamba TE, Deathadder Chroma, Ouroboros, Diamondback, Abyssus, Naga Chroma, Naga Hex V2, Orochi, Taipan, and Naga Epic Chroma.

-Keyboards: Blackwidow Family, Blackwidow Chroma, Blackwidow X Chroma, Blackwidow TE Chroma, Blackwidow Ultimate, Blackwidow X Ultimate, Deathstalker Chroma, Deathstalker Ultimate, Deathstalker, Orbweaver Chroma, Tartarus Chroma, and Turret.

-Headphones and Audio Devices: Mano’War, Kraken 7.1 Chroma, Kraken Pro, Kraken Mobile, Tiamat 7.1, Tiamat 2.2, Blackshark, Hammerhead Pro V2, Hammerhead V2, Leviathan, and Leviathan Mini.

-Mouse Mats: Firefly, Invicta, Manticor, Vespula, Destructor V2, Megasoma V2, Goliathus, Kabuto, and Sphex.

-Console Controllers and Gamepads: Wildcat for Xbox One, Atrox for Xbox One, Sabertooth for Xbox 360, Kraken for Xbox One, and Turret

-PC Gaming Controllers: Turret and Serval


Razer’s wearable selection consists of their OSVR virtual reality headset. They’re currently selling development kits for the OSVR, including the HDK 1 and HDK 2 development kits.

OSVR promises to provide “mind bending visual technology”. It’s not exclusively made by Razer. Instead, it’s a partnership between some of the industry’s biggest companies, including Nod, Leap Motion, Intel, Gearbox, and Sensics.


The Accessories category consists of microphones and other broadcasting equipment, including the Seiren, Seiren Pro, Stargazer, and Ripsaw. The Seiren and Seiren Pro offer HD audio recording while the Stargazer claims to be “the world’s most advanced webcam.”


Razer makes a wide variety of software programs catered towards gamers, including Razer Arena, a competitive gaming platform that supports Dota 2, CS:GO, Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, World of Tanks, and League of Legends. Arena comes with automatic match creation and reporting, game lobbies and voice chat, match reminder notifications, and cheater-free competitive play (cheaters are banned using EasyAntiCheat, or EAC).

Other Razer software products include Cortex, which provides a wide variety of helpful features, including scanning the web for the best game deals, improving your PC performance in-game, and recording in-game moments before uploading them to YouTube or Facebook.

There’s also Comms, a voice chat gaming messenger available for Windows and Android, as well as Synapse, a macro and control system that helps you manage all your peripherals, device configurations, and shortcuts over the cloud.

Razer Surround, a personalized 7.1 gaming surround sound platform, and Razer Stargazer, the webcam platform mentioned above, round out Razer’s selection of gaming-related software.

Where to Buy Razer Products

Razer products are available at electronics retailers around the world. The company’s website has a convenient store locator tool found here: http://www.razerzone.com/pages/razer-resellers/

You can also purchase Razer products online from hardware retailers like Newegg or Amazon.

About Razer

Razer was founded in 2005 by CEO Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. The company, according to its about page, “began in a tiny shared office of gamers” who had the shared mission of creating “high quality products designed solely to meet the demanding needs of gamers like themselves.”

Today, the company has evolved into an entire brand focused on PC gaming and the wider world of gaming – including e-sports.

Razer maintains three offices in the United States, including in Irvine, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Cedar Park, TX. They also have international offices in Hamburg, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Learn how to contact the company by viewing contact information here.

Ultimately, Razer is a well-reviewed PC gaming peripheral company that offers a wide range of hardware and software options catered towards gamers, streamers, e-sports competitors, and others in the industry.


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