StandiT Desk Review – Smartphone Controlled Adjustable Standing Desk?

StandiT Desk Review

The StandiT Desk is a modifiable desk that is controlled by a smartphone app, which helps you to monitor your overall health as you work. This is our review.



What Is The StandiT Desk?

stand-itAt some time in your life, you probably have had or will have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time sitting. While you may not think you are enduring a terribly difficult job, sitting all day can have dire effects on your health.

In fact, individuals who spend a lot of time sitting in their job or at home are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and even an early death. All of these side effects can be remedies by switching from a standard desk to a StandiT Desk.

The StandiT Desk has everything you need to make sure that your desk job keeps your body healthy with a few adjustments. Many companies offer adjustable desks, but the StandiT desk stands out because of its ability to monitor the effects your posture and sitting have on your health. Everything is handled from your smartphone, which will be discussed later in this review.

The desk can be adjusted in height to allow you to stand or sit, as needed. Unlike other models from competing companies, the StandiT Desk is controlled by a wireless connection to an electronic app. This unique feature reduces your risk of injuring yourself from manual adjustments.

Using this desk can also help keep you organized, since it has a special area for you to guide all of your wires and cords underneath the desk to avoid cluttering the top.

Right now, the makers of the StandiT Desk are still in the pre-sale stage. They came up with the idea for this desk in March of 2015 and have continued to develop ever since. According to the timeline posted on Kickstarter, anyone who backs the production of the StandiT Desk will have theirs shipped out in October 2016.

Using the StandiT Desk

The StandiT Desk is entirely controlled by a smartphone application that you can get from the App Store for your iPhone or your Android device. With this app, you can control many factors without touching the desk at all. The height of the desk alone can be altered at the touch of a button.

This desk isn’t just about being able to stand; instead, you are able to check out your current health stats and set physical goals with the phone. For instance, you are able to track the amount of time you spend sitting during the day, which can help you determine how much more physical activity is needed. Along with this tracking, the app offers recommendations for your habits to help motivate you to be more active and healthy. In fact, the app can even tell you when it is time to change positions for healthier posture or to just get moving.

Controlling the Desk

All of the legs and adjustments are controlled by an HD Control Panel, which features a high-resolution display. On this box, you can change anything that you can change with the smartphone application. You even can program the desk to remember up to two positions that you prefer for sitting.

Each leg operates independently, featuring its own robotic actuator, which helps with precision.


When you get the desk, it is not assembled, so you will need to follow the simple instructions to set it up. There’s only a few steps you need to follow, which are:

  1. Screw in the desk legs into the underside of the main desk.
  2. Once the legs are in place, connect the cables that control the height and position of the desk. There will be more intricate details for this part of the assembly in the directions included with the desk.
  3. Position the desk where you want it, and enjoy!

You will also need to setup the controls on your smartphone so you can modify it to where you want it to be arranged.

Pricing for the StandiT Desk

When you first read through the details on the Kickstarter campaign, you will see the desk described as “affordable,” but that entirely depends on your budget. The desk offers multiple variations, letting you choose the look that you want. However, your final cost comes out to $449.

This price falls far under the actual pricing of similar models, and has a high abundance of special features that the other companies just can’t keep up with. In fact, the total cost of this desk is more than $200 from the least expensive competitor.

Contacting the Makers of the StandiT Desk

At this time, the Kickstarter website is the only one that has the information about this product, so your communication options are slightly limited. The only two ways you can reach the company right now are through the Kickstarter website, which has a fill in form that requires website registration, or through their Facebook profile for the product.


The StandiT Desk is a very innovative accessory that can easily fit into your home office or your business. In fact, business owners should feel encouraged to invest in this technology to help create a healthier work environment for their employees. By including a desk that gives you regular alerts, you are forced to take a much needed break from your chair every once in a while.

Changing positions also helps to keep you engaged with the work you are performing, since it changes your regular routine. Overall, this chair can help prevent that fatigue that often occurs when you are too sedentary and prevent a wealth of posture issues. If you invest in the Kickstarter campaign now, you will be privy to deals that you will not be able to get after sales are open to the general public.


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