Survicate Review – Fastest Way To Collect Feedback About Website Visitors?

Survicate Review

Survicate claims to be the fastest way to collect feedback from website visitors. It lets you survey specific website visitors to learn more about your site’s performance. Here’s our Survicate review.


What Is Survicate?

Survicate is an online feedback system you can install on any website. The system claims to be the best online survey and feedback platform available to website owners.

Using Survicate, you can ask targeted questions to your website visitors based on what they see in front of them. It’s a context-specific survey system.

Data is presented in real-time instantly and delivered to you via the Survicate app or through third party platforms.

Survicate is free to install. The free version gives you 50 responses a month. You can scale up to $50, $100, and $300 per month plans based on how many questions you want to ask your website visitors.

Should you install Survicate on your website? Let’s take a look at its features.


Survicate Features

Survicate promises to remove the guesswork from web development by giving you useful feedback from website visitors. You can “get a picture of who they are, what they need and what stops them from achieving their goal.”

With that in mind, here are some of the key Survicate features:

-Quick, unobtrusive survey widgets that pop up in front of website visitors

-Survey widgets are context-specific, so their actions and questions change based on the visitor’s activity

-Target different groups of website visitors based on behavior, profile, or intent

-Ask follow up questions or redirect visitors based on their answers

-Collect email addresses from survey respondents

-Generate detailed Survicate reports from within the app or export data to third party platforms

-Get regular updates on website activity to your inbox or instant notifications to your mobile device

-Choose from pre-made survey templates divided into categories and use cases, so you don’t have to design the surveys yourself

-Get instant and actionable tips on how to collect and use feedback on your website

Survicate Pricing

Survicate has five different plans available, ranging from free to $300 per month to enterprise-grade. Here are those plans:

Free ($0 Per Month) – Designed for Evaluation and Personal Use

  • 50 responses per month
  • Easy reporting
  • Survey templates
  • Exit intent and mobile surveys

Business ($50 Per Month) – Built for businesses looking for actionable insights from visitors

  • 1000 responses per month
  • Custom design
  • Visitors’ targeting
  • Lead generation tools

Professional ($100 Per Month) – Provides the “best value and an ultimate solution for professionals”, according to Survicate

  • 5000 responses per month
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced analytics
  • White label support (removes the Survicate branding from survey questions)

Unlimited ($300 Per Month) – “The most advanced Voice of Customer solution”

  • Unlimited responses
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited features
  • API access

Enterprise (Custom Pricing) – Designed for high-traffic websites or enterprise and agency-level companies

  • -Success manager
  • -Software engineer support
  • -Product training
  • -Enterprise integrations

All plans come with a free trial that lets you try it risk-free for 30 days.

About Survicate

Survicate is based in Warsaw, Poland. You can view contact information for the company here.

Email Survicate at [email protected] or call them at 1-209-890-8426 (or +48 500 179 795).

Survicate is the company’s core product. The platform was launched in 2013 as an invite-only service. The developer’s LinkedIn page describes it as a way to “survey specific groups of your website visitors to understand them better.”

Ultimately, Survicate is a powerful and popular way to learn more about your website from real website visitors. If you’re not getting the feedback you need from the same old pop-up surveys, then Survicate may be the solution you’re looking for.


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