Protek Review – Wireless Higher Level Of Performance Headphones?

There are many wireless headphone solutions available on the market today, from in-ear buds to fully wireless headphone sets. Most, however, aren’t completely wireless, and require the individual headphones to be connected to each other.


Protek are a new breed of ‘true wireless’ bluetooth headphones that promise to be the ‘last pair of headphones that you’ll ever buy’.

Measuring in at just 18.5mm in diameter, Protek have created the world’s smallest wireless in-ear headphones. Offering a wide range of standard headphone features, crystal clear audio quality, and a bevy of innovative functions, the Protek headphones boast the highest quality audio output on the planet with the number one rated design, offering users a ‘new way to experience music’.

Created by a group of like minded music and sports enthusiasts, the Protek headphones are game changers in a saturated market that are providing a key point of difference in their top-selling headphones.

In this article we’ll take a close look at the construction, design and key features of the Protek wireless headphones to see how they measure up the competition and help you find out if they’re the best personal audio solution for you.

What are the Protek Headphones?

The Protek wireless headphones are the world’s smallest true wireless bluetooth headphones that don’t require any cables whatsoever. Connecting to almost any bluetooth capable device, the Protek headphones offer unlimited freedom of movement while in use with their lightweight design and ultra comfortable form.

The Protek headphones offer all of the standard features you’d expect from a high quality personal audio solution with superior craftsmanship, universal design that fits comfortably in any ear, extensive battery life, and crystal clear audio quality.

Protek also provide innovative features such as incredibly fast charging time and high durability, in addition to the ability to share earbuds with friends or connect to multiple devices. Smaller than a penny, the Protek earbuds are just 18 mm in diameter, 12 mm less than the next smallest wireless headphones available on the market. The Protek headphones are compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and offer a system display battery capacity feature.

Design and Construction

The Protek team have managed to cram all of the necessary components for high quality audio playback into a tiny package. Contained within the small black cylindrical casing of the Protek Earbuds is a CSR chipset to deliver bluetooth V4.2 connectivity  and an in-built microphone to allow users to talk on the phone handsfree.

While not completely waterproof, the moisture protection technology in the Protek Headphones allows users to relax and not worry about excessive sweating from using the Protek earphones while exercising or during intensive physical activity, or wet weather conditions such as rain or snow. The headphones won’t hold up to complete submersion in water, however.

The 65mAh batteries in each Protek earphone are able to provide up to four hours of talk time or five hours of playback time, and the quick charging capability of the headphones allow the set to be fully charged in just one hour.

The battery life of the headphones are extended with a smart battery technology that will automatically power down when the set has been disconnected for more than five minutes at a time, and the standby life of the Protek headphones is over 8 days. Protek Wireless Headphones have an impressive range of 10 meters for both earbuds, but using just one earbud increases this range to a huge 20 meters.

The Protek Team

The creative team behind the Protek wireless headphones are a group of action sports enthusiasts who were dissatisfied with the available options for wireless headphones in the current market.

Perceiving a lack of innovation and feature stagnation in the earphone industry, the Protek team aim to provide a new personal audio solution that encourages users to get out into the world and experience wireless audio freedom.

The Protek team consists of Damir Yarrulin, a professional videographer with over a decade in video production and creative design, Lou Daniels, a product development specialist with over 17 years in creating, designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products, Michael Louis, a business growth specialist that assists Protek with the deployment and marketing of their Protek headphones, and David Zelinski, a social media manager and advertising specialist who is the mastermind behind the widely successful Protek social media campaign.

The slick Protek website and marketing materials are created by Bryan Wilson, a web dev guru and creative content developer.

Protek Wireless Earphones Pricing & Availability

The Protek Wireless Earphones can be ordered via the Protek website, and are priced at $119.99 USD as a special promotional price including retail packaging and free shipping. The low price of the Protek headphones is designed to foster consumer interest in the Protek product, and once the first batch has finished processing and has been deployed the retail price will increase to $300 USD.

Shipping is included in the purchase price for the second batch of Protek headphones, with the first batch having already been shipped. Shipping times are estimated as 1 to 5 days within the United States, and from one to two weeks for international orders.

The Protek WIreless Headphones retail package includes a pair of Protek Headphones, small, medium and large earbud tips to fit multiple ear shapes, a USB charging cable and an instruction manual.

Protek is currently running an additional promotion that offers a discount of 10 percent, taking the price of the headphones down to just $108 USD. Protek encourage buyers interested in buying bulk lots of Protek headphones to email them via their customer service address.While the headphone industry has had wireless headphone solutions available for a long time in varying quality levels, the Protek Wireless Headphones change the game significantly.

The tiny size of the Protek headphones offer unparalleled freedom and remain securely placed in the ears through a huge range of physical activities with no risk of falling out, and in most cases can’t even be seen by observers. If you’re looking for a high quality audio solution in a tiny package, Protek offer excellent quality and value.


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