Omnicharge Review – Powerful External Battery With AC Port?

Omnicharge Review

Omnicharge is a portable power back that promises to charge virtually any electronic device you own – including your laptop. It recently achieved its funding target on Indiegogo and will ship to backers later this year. Here’s our review.

What Is The Omnicharge?

The Omnicharge is a portable charger that claims to be the “world’s smallest power bank”. The charger features one AC/DC power outlet along with 2 USB Fast-Charging ports that can charge virtually any consumer electronic device.

The makers of the Omnicharge call their charger a “smart” device because it automatically detects which devices are currently charging. Then, it provides the optimal charging capacity for each device.

This prevents the charger from frying your electronics or charging your electronics too slowly.

Because it includes both USB ports and a conventional AC/DC charger, the Omnicharge claims to charge any electronic device – including laptops, GoPro cameras, fans, drones, curling irons, power tools, DSLR cameras, portable speakers, tablets, and more.

There are two versions of the Omnicharge, including the 13600 mAh version or the 20400 mAh version.


Omnicharge Features

-120AC/150DC Power Outlet: Provides 13,600 mAh at 65W output power (60Hz) or 20,400 mAh at 100W output power (60Hz)

-Rapid Charging USB Ports (5V/4.8A): Two USB ports are found along the side of the device.

-Smart Power Management System: This system adapts to the optimal voltage levels for each device, which means your battery life and efficiency reaches optimal levels when they’re charged using the voltage for which they were designed. To do this, Omnicharge actively manages outflow and inflow to make sure your device is charging safely and efficiently. You can actually view this information on the side of your Omnicharge, where it’s featured on a display. This technology is patented and, according to the makers of Omnicharge, makes the device “the first Smart Power Bank on the market”.

-OLED Display: This display tells you the power-flow and estimated charge time remaining for each device. It’s connected to the CPU on Serial Peripheral Interface so you view key power metrics in real-time.

-Simultaneous Charging: Charge up to 3 devices at the same time (one device in each of the USB ports, and one in the AC/DC socket)

-Flow Through Charging: You can charge your Omnicharge while charging your devices at the same time.

-Adaptive Charging: Changes input and output voltage on-the-fly to charge and discharge at the fastest time.

-Less Battery Depletion: The makers of the Omnicharge promise that their device has longer battery shelf life than similar products on the market.

-Device Protection Features: Temperature protection, short circuit protection, automatic power-off, self-balancing algorithm, reset program algorithm, and overcharge protection are a few of the ways in which the Omnicharge promises to protect your connected device.

-Output and Input Protection: Voltage underflow and overflow protection, power overflow protection, charging overflow protection, and charging circuit protection all help protect the Omnicharge’s battery.

-Real-Time Monitoring: The CPU inside the Omnicharge processes power input and output level information.

-Simple Buttons: The Omnicharge features one power button on the top along with an on/off switch to turn the AC/DC or USB on and off.

Together, these features allow the Omnicharge to provide sustained power to your consumer electronics. You can power your laptop for up to 13 hours, for example, or give your DSLR camera battery 4 to 6 charges. It also claims to power a TV up to 3 hours, portable speakers for up to 3 charges, tablets for up to 8 charges, smartphones up to 9 charges, projectors up to 3 5o 5 hours, and GoPro cameras (and other “actioncameras”) up to 8 charges.

In a promotional video on the Indiegogo page, the Omnicharge is seen powering everything from a Dyson AMO7 Tower Fan to a 60 watt lightbulb.

Omnicharge Pricing

There are two versions of the Omnicharge, including the 13,600 mAh version and 20,400 mAh version. The first is called the Omnicharge, while the second is called the Omnicharge Pro. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Omnicharge: $99 USD
  • 1 Omnicharge Pro: $129
  • 2 Omnicharge chargers: $189
  • 1 Omnicharge and 1 Pro: $219
  • 2 Omnicharge Pros: $249

The Omnicharge is expected to ship in October 2016.

Shipping is free to the United States on certain early bird offers, while it’s $15 at a normal price. Other countries pay between $15 and $32. Oddly enough, Canada has higher shipping costs than any other country listed.

In the Omnicharge box, you’ll get the Omnicharge device, the Omnicharge Fast AC Charger, a universal connector, a USB to 5V 5.5mm DC cable connector, and an owner’s manual.

Ultimately, the Omnicharge is one of the few portable chargers on the market that features an AC/DC charger that can charge your laptop and other electronic devices. If you require a large portable charger capable of charging more than just your phones and tablets, then the Omnicharge may be the right choice for you.


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