Mindset Smart Headphones Review – Coaching EEG Audio Improve Focus?

There are several types of headphones available in the market for anyone looking for such products.

Whether you want a comfortable headphone to enjoy your favorite songs and videos on your device, a production headphone for music recording or a work headphone for focus, clarity and videoconferencing, you will come across several brands and models.

Finding headphones should not be a daunting task, but the availability of a wide quality and functionality range makes it a bit of a challenge especially if you do not know what to look for.

It is important to review the features, reputation, model, comfort, safety and many other aspects before settling for a given headphone to avoid a sub-standard quality offer. Mindset headphone recently hit the market and already enjoys a remarkable reputation.

Here is a descriptive review of the headphones including features, manufacturer, pros and cons.

What Is Mindset?

Mindset is a premium headphone designed to elevate focus and concentration during use. It filters out distractions and has several alerts to keep you aware of focus lapses and reorganize your concentration.

Why Mindset

As mentioned above, Mindset is a range of top quality headphones that just recently hit the market. Originally such headphones were only available for NASA astronauts, Olympics-level skaters and those needing treatment for ADHD.

The headphones are said to track your concentration throughout the day and sense whenever concentration drops to send alerts and help you eliminate distractions.

While these are at the core of its creation, these headphones come with various features to make them perfect for personal production, work and entertainment. The EEG headphones are designed to help users reach a deeper level of focus and concentration.

There was a need to introduce this kind of headphone for the public market and spread the benefits. Now anyone can have an intuitive headphone that offers smart tips to help them improve concentration and also achieve full productivity.

It is sort of like having a friend watch you and let you know when you start losing concentration so you can do something about it.

Mindset Offer

Mindset headphone comes with different high-end features as well as all the basics expected of a premium grade headphone. There is no need for wires as the headphones are connected to your devices via Bluetooth.

It has a rechargeable battery and you can always plug in an AUX cable if the power runs low. Perhaps the most interesting feature is active noise canceling.

Mindset is designed to listen to the surrounding environment and filter out any distracting active noise thus providing the silence and peace of mind needed for ultimate concentration. Onkyo did a perfect job on the crisp audio quality.

It also comes with gyroscopic hinges for gentle cradling and soft microfiber to improve aeration and comfort. The flexible upper band will distribute the weight of the headphones evenly on your head and contains several spring electrodes (EEG sensors).

This is clinically proven technology that can measure electrical impulses and activities in the brain. EEG technology has over 5 decades of use in brain diagnosing and imaging.

However, Mindset headphones are the first accessory available to the public to measure concentration and it does this in real time.

Mindset Benefits

From the feature set, you can easily pick out a few benefits. Mindset is a premium headphone that offers features not found in other top rivals. It is designed to help users track their concentration and this provides important insight into how you spend the day.

With such records, you can always find areas to make adjustments and improve your productivity and concentration. It also provides tips and alerts to keep you focused all day.

Those who need to plan for lengthy hours of work can use the headphones to filter out distractions and focus on their assignments. The effects of using Mindset headphones are long lasting as you will quickly train your mind to recognize the moment you are distracted.

This will be so even when you do not have the headphone on. It is personalized to the user and tracks the patterns of your concentration to suggest improvement areas based on your individual concentration patterns.

Safety and comfort are also integrated into the headphones. The design took 4 months of sorting through potential prototypes to ensure every aspect is custom tuned for efficiency, safety and comfort.

There are no wires and cables meaning the headphone will sit naturally on your head like any other accessory. Nonetheless, the greatest benefit of these headphones is their ability to provide neuro-feedback.

According to existing statistics, workers lose an average of 28% of their day (productivity) due to distraction. We are distracted about every 11 minutes and it can take up to 23 minutes to regain the level of focus and concentration you had before the distraction.

With neuro-feedback from the headphones, it will be easier to train your mind and make necessary changes that will improve your focus. What’s more, the headphones depict ultimate quality comfort, audio quality and a plush design that is paralleled by none.

Mindset Side Effects

Although no complaints have been raised thus far since the headphones are still new in the market, some users have raised different concerns. First, the headphones may be quite expensive to those looking for good quality plugs for their music and entertainment.

Bluetooth connection also means your device’s Bluetooth feature must remain on to listen to audio.

Long-term use side effects have also not been researched although the headphones contain a battery, an AUX plug that can charge while it is on your head, EEG sensors and electrodes all close to your brain.

Mindset Conclusion

Although there may be concerns about Mindset, such headphones have already been used to diagnose brain disorders and treat ADHD. NASA astronauts were trained using the same technology and headphones.

They are comfortable, safe and have been associated with no negative impact on brain health. You will possibly need to recharge your phones more often and it is an extra device to power.

It is advisable to purchase from credible licensed stores that are allowed to offer the product in your area. This will ensure you get genuine original quality from the manufacturer.


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