Taclight T1100 Review – Quality 1100 Lumens LED Tactical Flashlight?

In less than a decade, there has been an immense surge in interest regarding various tactical equipment. This is because people have realized that tactical grade items hold much higher manufacturing and inherent power capabilities.

There are now many items like flashlights, multi-purpose knives, pens, blades which are now available for purchase to the common man. Most of these products have been designed using blueprints of military technology that has been made available to the public.

A key element of what makes these tactical grade devices so unique, is that their construction and fabrication is done using metallurgically derived metals.

This means that the outer bodies of such devices are highly resistant to wear and tear, for example many tactical knives are made using ‘alloy enhanced-stainless steel’.

This metal is known to not only be rust free, but has also been shown to retain its sharpness after years of use.

Similarly, Tactical grade clothing wear is known to allow users to stay warm in extremely cold environments, this is because their fabrication is done very meticulously.

There are no air gaps in the material so that warm air can be trapped and used to keep the body warm.

What Is Taclight T1100?

Taclight T1100 is an all new ‘tactical grade’ lighting option which has been made using highly specialized designs. It allows for superior visibility and is highly resistant to wear and tear due to its amazing outer body composition.

Even the electrical system that powers the bulb has been made to be efficient and cost effective.

Taclight T1100 Key Features

Some of the key features of the device include:


While many flashlights provide high luminosity, they fail to provide adequate zoom features so that distant objects can be easily tracked. Taclight comes loaded with an inherent 2000X zoom feature, which makes tracking faraway objects easy and convenient.

The many settings which users can choose from include 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x and 2000x.

High Power:

To understand ‘luminosity’ we need to put things into perspective, normal torches/flashlights provide an average light intensity around 50-100 lumens. For example, the torch on the iPhone 6S on its highest power setting only delivers around 50 lumens.

However, the Taclight delivers a staggering 1,100 lumens, this amount of light energy can effectively light up one's surrounding environment if required. Thus, the Taclight is ideal for use as a lamp or signalling device.

5 Setting:

There are five different lighting options for one to choose from, these include:

  • Strobe: this feature can be used to temporarily blind any assailant or potential threat in case of a difficult situation. It can buy a user precious time to escape, call authorities if he/she is ever in a pickle.
  • SoS: this mode sends out high intensity SOS signals which can be easily picked up by far away personnel. It allows nearby people to know that you are in distress and require immediate assistance.
  • Low/Medium/High: these are the three basic light intensity features, the low setting is enough for regular practical purposes. The medium and high modes are more useful when one has gone out into the woods or nature for some adventure based activity.

Long Life:

A common issue with many flashlights is that their internal circuitry gets damaged quite easily. Due to small electrical spikes, the bulb and filament are known to burn out.

The lighting system that has been installed in Taclight has been scientifically shown to last for up to 100,000 hours.


The device is highly conservative and can be powered to deliver 1100 lumens on just 3 AAA batteries. In other words, it can run on full capacity on just 1.37 V of energy.

Taclight T1100 Unique Features

Some of the unique aspects of the Taclight T1100 include:

Military Grade:

The outer body and peripherals used to fabricate the product are of military grade. The flashlight has been designed to be durable, resistant and compact, it even comes with a beveled jagged edge which can serve as a combat instrument if ever needed.

Aircraft Level Aluminium:

The outer body is composed of Aluminum that is of the highest quality possible. Aircraft grade aluminum has various special qualities and has been found to possess good mechanical properties, good weldability, and good extrusion ability.

The material has been demonstrated to have high tensile strength and is highly resistant to any weather changes, hot or cold.

USA Manufactured:

All of the parts have been devised and produced in the United States, thus users can be assured that the production is done in facilities that adhere to international quality standards and regulations.

Purchasing Taclight T1100

This sleek, portable flashlight can be easily purchased by placing an order online at the official company website. Alternatively, there are shopping portals online which offer competitive pricing on the device and also provide users with various deals.

Some of the most cost effective deals include:

  • 1 unit is available for $56.00.
  • With every 2 units one flashlight can be obtained for free, the package is priced at $117.00.
  • Similarly, 3 units come with 2 flashlights free. The package is priced at $145.00.
  • Likewise, there are combo deals available for the purchase of 4, 10, 15, 20 devices which allow users to reap immense discount related benefits.


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