METERS OV-1 Headphones Review – High Definition Noise Cancelling Head Set?

The METERS OV-1 Headphones are an accessory that are perfect for creating an acoustic noise for any music or audio recordings. However, for a unique approach to the user’s listening, the headphones feature a meter on the side to show off the levels of the music that is being enjoyed.

What Is METERS OV-1 Headphones?

Music is something that brings people together, helping to release and create a certain energy within just a single sound. Everyone has a favorite song, but some songs are best enjoyed without anyone else to interfere, which is why headphones are so popular.

Headphones give consumers the chance to play their music alone, transforming their world into a place that has some of the best tunes or audio recordings.

Finding the right headphones is another story. There are multiple styles that consumers can enjoy, but the most comfortable shape for their needs is a big decision. However, if you want an experience that is unique and fun, the METERS OV-1 Headphones may be the best choice.

The METERS OV-1 Headphones are brand new in the electronics industry, and their shape manages to fit over the user’s entire ear.

While there are plenty of headphones that have cheaper versions of the style, the arched positioning of the headphones allows the user to end all the other noises around them, which can be distracting while studying or just relaxing with a good song.

The shape of the headphones is only the start of the amazing benefits to using the OV-1 accessory. With Active Visual Monitoring, consumers can look on the VU meter on the outside of the headphones, which bounces around as the beat plays over the headphones, replicating a mixing deck. Other impressive features of the headphones include:

  • The use of protein leather to cushion the headphones, which are an alternative to genuine leather which can cause the user to sweat with prolonged use
  • A USB socket, which lets consumers charge their headphones until the LED indicator shows that they have received a full charge
  • A comfortable, lightweight frame that is made with alloy brackets, which prevent the frame from putting too much pressure on the top of the user’s head

Using & Caring For METERS OV-1 Headphones

When using the METERS OV-1 Headphones, consumers mostly will want to set it up with their mp3 player or similar listening devices. However, they are perfect for users that want to keep their hands free while driving.

To answer a call while wearing the METERS OV-1 Headphones, the user will just need to use the phone that they are plugged into to answer the call. None of the call transmission is performed through the headset itself.

As with any pair of headphones, it is not safe to continually expose consumers to high volumes of music for a prolonged period. This type of listening may cause temporary or permanent damage to the ear drum. The company details these warnings in the downloadable user guide for the headphones.

Purchasing METERS OV-1 Headphones

To claim a pair of the headphones, the total cost will be £279.00. While there is an opportunity to buy them on the METERS Music website directly, consumers also have the chance to make the purchase through Amazon.

While the website states that there is a return policy in place, there is no information presently offered. If the user does not like the results of using the headphones, or they do not work for the desired need, consumers will need to contact the customer service team to find out more information.

METERS OV-1 Headphones Customer Service

With such impressive performance from the METERS OV-1 Headphones, consumers may want to ask a few more questions before they decide to invest in them. The customer service team is available through a phone call or an email.

Call +44(0)1621 857853 to reach the team that has developed the headphones. There are no hours of operation, so some consumers may prefer to send an email to [email protected] instead.

METERS OV-1 Headphones Conclusion

The METERS OV-1 Headphones are one of the best options around for uninterrupted listening. With the meter on the side, you let other consumers know how loud the music is, giving them a realistic idea of how much you would be able to hear what they say.

However, since the model is designed to cancel out other noises, you will still listen to your music or other audio without ruining the experience with the noise around you.

If it is time to make an upgrade, the best option is easily the METERS OV-1 Headphones.


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