Inferno Lighter – Tactical Dual Beam Electric Flame?

Inferno Lighter Review – Right For You?

The Inferno Lighter is a new personal lighter that calls itself “the future of fire”. The tactical lighter was recently launched online as part of a 75% off offer that boasts a wide range of benefits and features including;

  • one-touch electric dual-beam lighting (no liquids to replace)
  • 100% USB rechargeable (no batteries)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum zinc-alloy encasing
  • Eco-friendly flameless flame light
  • No nasty fluids or butane chemicals
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Free shipping world-wide

And of course, all around insanely awesome and futuristic. Here’s our Inferno Lighter review.

What is the Inferno Lighter?

inferno lighterThe Inferno Lighter is a personal device designed by a team of electrical engineers made with zinc-alloy that leverages an alternative energy source different than butane as fuel.

The creators of non-toxic Inferno Electric Lighter go on to explain how recent studies have revealed how bad butane can be for your health (especially since most use it on a daily basis) and potentially lead to cancer. As a result, many smokers (and other people who use lighters) are looking to switch to alternative sources.

The Inferno Lighter tactical technology doesn’t use butane. Instead, it runs off of simple electricity and is said to be able to light on fire everything from cigars, candles, incense, cigarettes and hemp wicks. No lighter fluid is required or necessary and is reported to work in all natural conditions and nature environments.

Inferno Tactical Lighter calls itself the “bright future of lighters”. The product was recently launched online as part of a 75% off sale.

So does Inferno Dual Beam Lighter actually work as advertised? Let’s take a closer look at how it works and highlight the advantages and potential disadvantages of owning and operating a tactical lighter to permanently replace your standardized harsh butane lighters.

How Does Inferno Lighter Work?

A number of studies have been released talking about the health dangers of butane. Namely, butane can act as a carcinogen, or cancer-causing chemical, and can build up in our bodies and cause long-term health problems.

As a result, many people are searching for safer lighters. Inferno Lighter was created to address that problem.

tactical lighter reviewInstead of using butane as a fuel source, Inferno Lighter simply uses electricity. The lighter uses an electric current to create an electric spark. When you activate that lighter (using a small button on the side of the lighter), you complete the circuit, creating a solid electric current between the two contact points at the top of the lighter.

That electric current is exposed to the air. You can light your cigarette, cigar, or whatever simply by placing it inside the current.

Although it doesn’t quite have the same lighting ability as an open flame, many reviewers appreciate the fact that the Inferno Lighter isn’t susceptible to wind. So if you’ve ever struggled to light a cigarette on a windy day, then the Inferno Lighter may be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

The official Inferno Lighter website doesn’t explain where the energy comes from, or whether or not the Inferno Lighter runs off a rechargeable battery. We don’t know how long the lighter can be expected to last, nor do we know if you can replace the battery. The official manufacturer divulges very few tech specs about their lighter (however this is about one in the same compared to your ordinary butane lighters in that we do not know how those mechanisms work in full either).

Inferno Lighter Pricing

Inferno Lighter’s sales page lets you pay in six different currencies based on your location. You can pay using the US, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand dollar, for example, or you can buy using GBP or Mexican peso.

Here’s how pricing breaks down in USD:

  • 1 Lighter: $56 USD
  • 3 Lighters: $117
  • 4 Lighters: $169
  • 5 Lighters: $145
  • 10 Lighters: $260
  • 15 Lighters: $375
  • 20 Lighters: $400

As you can see, it’s actually cheaper to buy 5 lighters than it is to buy 4 lighters. That’s because the company’s 3 lighter and 5 lighter packages come with a 75% discount. There’s also no 2 lighter package available. If you want two lighters, then you’ll need to make two separate purchases of $56.

learn moreWho Makes Inferno Lighter?

Inferno Lighter is made by a company that calls itself “Inferno” or “Inferno Lighter” (depending on where you look).

That company’s About Us page claims to be “all about making healthy alternatives to current products. So far, the company has only launched one healthy alternative: the Inferno Lighter.

You can get in touch with Inferno Lighter by phone at 1-844-220-5102 or by email at [email protected].

The company lists its mailing address as:

8895 Towne Centre Dr. #105-533
San Diego, CA 92122

It’s unclear where the company manufactures its lighters. Since the manufacturer makes no mention about manufacturing the lighters in the United States, it seems likely that the lighters are made in China, India, or another developing country.

Should the Inferno Lighter Be Your Next Lighter?

If you’re scared of the health effects of butane, then you’re probably looking for an alternative spark source. Inferno Lighter can provide that source by creating an electrical current. It doesn’t quite have the same lighting capabilities as an open butane flame, nor will it be a good barbeque lighter.

It’s also unclear whether the device uses a rechargeable battery, whether or not you can replace that battery, or any other information about how the device works. The manufacturer just says, “it runs off of simple electricity” without going into any detail about tech specs.

The pricing is also a concern for most, but at $56 per rechargeable electric lighter (if you only purchase 1 at a time but as low as $20 per), the Inferno Lighter certainly offers a potential one and done solution instead of always replacing and purchasing new ones if you are a frequent user.




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