Ultraflame Lighter – Official Survival Kit’s Electric Flameless Lighter?

The design of the pocket lighter hasn’t changed much over the century that is has been commercially available. Originally created from flintlock pistols used in the late 19th century, the pocket lighter has used a basic design of fuel, wick and flint for the duration of its existence, until the development of the gas lighter by Bic in the late 20th century. The disposable nature of pocket lighters leads many frequent users, such as smokers, to accumulate large amounts of redundant lighters, or lose them quickly. Contributing to a huge portion of the unrecyclable trash deposited in landfill dumps that harm the environment, disposable lighters place a strain on both the environment and the finances of frequent purchasers.

The Ultraflame is a revolution in pocket lighter design, bringing the lighter into the 21st century. Doing away with fuel, wicks and even flint, the Ultraflame is the ultimate survival tool for creating fire in any situation. By leveraging recent scientific developments in the creation of plasma energy, the Ultraflame uses a double plasma conduit created by high capacity electrodes and batteries to create a lighter solution that works in any weather, from icy snow to high wind scenarios in which traditional lighters would completely fail

What is the Ultraflame?

Using technology from the cutting edge of fire creation technology, the Ultraflame uses plasma arc technology to create a unextinguishable plasma arc between two electrodes. Outwardly similar to a traditional zippo lighter, the Ultraflame lighter follows the traditional snap-cap pattern of a low-profile ergonomic pocket lighter, finished in gloss black. The similarities between the traditional Zippo and the Ultraflame end, however, once the cap is lifted- instead of revealing a waxy wick that is prone to leakage, the Ultraflame emitted consists of two tiny electrode emitters that complete a plasma circuit when activated

Plasma arc technology has traditionally been used in industrial applications such as plasma arc welding. These traditional uses, however, require vast amounts of electricity and the dispersal of inert gases to create a plasma arc powerful enough to fuse the crystalline structure of metals. The Utra Flame lighter, however, needs no inert gases to function and benefits from recent developments into plasma technology miniaturization

Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Ultraflame can be recharged in any standard USB port. Completely devoid of any fuel requirements, the Ultraflame relies only on the power of electricity to ignite substances, negating the health risks associated with butane lighters. Butane has been demonstrated in multiple clinical medical inquiries to contribute to a wide range of respiratory diseases and inflammatory conditions. Linked to health conditions such as emphysema, asphyxia, narcosis, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure and even cardiac arrest, butane is a highly volatile compound that can severely affect the health of a traditional disposable gas lighter user.

The Ultraflame is completely free of any of the deleterious health effects of these lighters, and is able to ignite substances in any environment, even heavy rain and extreme wind, due to the electronic nature of the ignition array. Measuring just 2.5 by 1.5 inches, with a thickness of just 0.45 inches in diameter, the Ultraflame is much smaller than most of the traditional refillable lighter solutions available on the market.

Lighting at the touch of a button, the Ultraflame is the ultimate survival tool, requiring only one charge for thousands of ignition source. With absolutely no discardable elements or environmentally damaging fuel sources, the Ultraflame is essentially the last lighter you’ll ever need to purchase.

Ultraflame Pricing & Availability

The unique design of the Ultraflame combined with its cutting edge design has led to a high demand for this innovative product, leading to just 100 Ultraflame lighters becoming available every few days. The Ultraflame lighter can be purchased from the Official Survival Kit website. Each Ultraflame lighter comes with a hardy Tuff Case and USB charger, and is priced at just $49 USD per unit.

More cost effective solutions are found in bulk purchases of the Ultraflame, and as in any survival situation, redundancy is key in ensuring survivability. By purchasing three Ultraflame units in one order, consumers are offered a per unit price of $43.33 for each lighter, delivering as significant reduction on the RRP of an individual Ultraflame.

Orders of more than one Ultraflame at a time qualify for free shipping, while individual orders are charged a shipping and handling fee of $5 USD. If you’re looking for the ultimate fire creation survival tool, the Ultraflame is the best and safest choice.


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