Statik Lighters – Butane-Free Electric Windproof Lighter?

Lighters have been in use for a fair bit of time now. This is primarily due to the large boom in the cigarette manufacturing industry in the past century.

According to a 2014 study there are over 1 billion cigarette smokers in the world (this does not even include other forms of tobacco consumption like rolled cigarettes, hookahs), that means nearly 20% of the global population smokes.

The earliest prototype of the lighter was designed by Johannes Dobereiner in 1832, he used flammable hydrogen gas and passed it over a metal catalyst to produce a chemical reaction which resulted in a flame.

These devices were however not very efficient and in 1903 Carl Auer Von Welsbach made the first modern day lighter which used a simple flint for producing a spark that then combined with fuel to produce a flame.

These lighters are still used till date as they are disposable and easy to produce.

Along the course of history there have been various new innovations which have aimed to improve upon the original idea.

Some variants include:

Permanent Match Lighter: it is a common variant which uses naphtha fuel and a metal flint. These lighters are slow burning and have long shelf lives.

Flameless Lighter: these devices use an enclosed heating element and do not produce an open flame which makes them safer to use.

Electric Arc Lighter: they use a high voltage spark to create plasma which is then maintained by holding a steady low voltage. This plasma creates a flame when it reacts with a fuel source.

What is the Statik Electric Lighter?

The Statik Eectric Lighter is an all new cigarette lighter which resembles traditional flip-up, wick, or torch lighters but uses a completely different mechanism for producing flame.

It comes with inbuilt capacitors which create a high potential difference allowing for the creation of plasma.

This plasm is then lit using a patented spark gap that creates a high frequency pulse and produces a stable flame.

It is also designed in a way that allows for it to be used for lighting smaller objects like candles or even larger items like cigars.

The Statik lighter flame power can be adjusted accordingly to burn objects with varying degrees of combustion.

What features is the product offering?

The Statik lighter comes loaded with unique features that are not present in conventional lighters like:

Electricity Based: the device runs on electric power rather than relying on harmful fuels like butane (it has been identified as an agent contributing to global warming). It produces a high potential difference that allows for fuel free combustion using an in built power system

Long Battery Life: it comes with a rechargeable battery that makes conventional lighters seem archaic.

A single charge can allow usage for up to a week even after regular use and recharging is quick and easy because one needs to simply plug in the Statik Electric Lighter into any usb compatible device to replenish battery life.

Stable in all conditions: the device does not depend on chemical combustion and thus is not affected by external environmental conditions like wind, humidity.

Its flame can be used without any hassle even if outside conditions are extremely windy or even if there is a slight drizzle.

What are the different products available?

There are a host of colour and style variants that one can choose from when making a purchase. Orders can even be customised to suit the requirements of the customer.

Some of the varieties include:

  • Black Statik ® Electric Lighter- includes a black satin colour finish.
  • Silver Statik ® Electric Lighter- includes a silver grey colour combination.
  • Gold Statik ® Electric Lighter- uses a pure gold mirror polish which gives the lighter an elegant finish.
  • Camo Statik ® Electric Lighter- utilizes an authentic military camouflage combination.
  • White Statik ® Electric Lighter- includes a plain and simple white combination.

Users can avail of large discounts if they choose to purchase a set of 3 lighters (any of the available colours may be selected).

Pricing and availability of the product

The easiest way to make a purchase is to place an order online at

The Statik Electric Lighters are priced at $47.00 a piece and if bought in a pack of three, a discount of $22.00 can be availed of.

Similarly, one can choose to purchase a gift set which comes along with a handcrafted box priced at $75.00.

Payments can be done using a host of different means including AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

All products come with a 12 month warranty and 30 day hassle free return option. Lastly, purchases of over $75.00 come with a free shipping option.


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