Ghost Vapor Tactical Flashlight

Ghost Vapor Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are all the rage right now. It seems everyone either has one or is talking about purchasing one. And with good reason. Tactical flashlights are amazing tools that are extremely handy to have around the house. The fact that they are also extremely versatile and durable only makes them more desirable.

The problem with tactical flashlights is that they’re extremely expensive. And, for those who have very little experience with these types of flashlights, it can be a little bit daunting to consider spending that much money on a tool they don’t know about.

For those who have always wanted a tactical flashlight, but don’t want to spend the money to purchase one, the Ghost Vapor tactical flashlight is the perfect option compared to the higher end Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlights. This small tactical flashlight is of the highest quality and is very easy to carry around. And, most importantly, the Ghost Vapor is currently available for free.

What is the Ghost Vapor Tactical Flashlight?

The Ghost Vapor is a small, three and a half inch tactical flashlight that is perfect for wearing on the belt or keeping in toolboxes, bags, glove compartments, or drawers. However, despite its small size, the Ghost Vapor has a bright, powerful light that rivals even the most expensive, larger tactical flashlights.

The Ghost Vapor is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, making it extremely durable and strong. Because of its quality material, the Ghost Vapor can take all the bangs and drops that users can dish out. It also has precision optics and an attach head bezel design. Plus, the little flashlight packs quite a punch with its high and low strobe modes. With a scalable focus and a heavy-duty belt clip, the Ghost Vapor is truly one of the best tactical flashlight options available.

And, because the Ghost Vapor is available for customers free of charge now, those who were tentative about investing in a tactical flashlight can get one now without spending money on the Ghost Vapor.

The Ghost Vapor Features

Of course, tactical flashlights are only as good as their features. This is why the Ghost Vapor has paid such close attention to creating it with features that set it apart from all the other flashlights available on the market.

Some of the key features found in the Ghost Vapor are:

  • Modes: High, Medium and Strobe
  • Color: Black
  • Lumens: 250LM (manufacturer rated)
  • Reflector: Convex Lens
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Model of LED: J5 LED
  • Switch: Tail-cap press ON/OFF
  • Battery: 1 * AA / 1 * 14500 3.7v Battery (not included)
  • Size: 3.6*0.98*0.98
  • Weight: 65g

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

For those who are considering getting their free Ghost Vapor, a better understanding of tactical flashlights is needed.

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight made of superior quality that can be used for specific purposes. These tactical flashlights can be handheld or can be attached to weapons, like firearms, to help with identification. In the case that a tactical flashlight is attached to a weapon, it typically moves parallel with the bore of the weapon, giving users the opportunity to shine light on and aim at their targets.

However, the Ghost Vapor is not the type of tactical flashlight that attaches to a weapon. It is a smaller, handheld device that can also be attached with a clip to the belt.

Because tactical flashlights are made with superior materials, they tend to be heavier and more durable than the typical flashlight, they can also be used as a non-lethal force option. Flashlights like the Ghost Vapor can be used to blind attackers temporarily, which can disorient them, giving users time to get away or get help.

Larger tactical flashlights can be used to ward off attackers as well. And, because they’re usually made of the highest quality material, they can be used in self-defense. For flashlights like the Ghost Vapor, which is made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy, even when used in extreme cases like this, the flashlights are rarely damaged.

Who Can Use Tactical Flashlights?

So many people believe that tactical flashlights are only beneficial for those who are extremely active or who need them for their jobs. However there are so many types of people who could benefit from owning a tactical flashlight, especially one of the quality of the Ghost Vapor.

Tactical flashlights are usually extremely expensive, making this deal on the Ghost Vapor a rare and exciting thing.

Some of the people who can use tactical flashlights like the Ghost Vapor are:

  • Outdoors Enthusiasts – For camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking.
  • Armed Forces – For weapon mounted light.
  • Law Enforcement Officers – By police officers, security guards, and firefighters.
  • Families – For emergency situations like natural disasters and power outages.
  • City Dwellers – In the case of power outages.
  • Home Owners – To scare or alert burglars or prowlers.

Plus, anyone can benefit from having a source of light beside their bed or on their office desk. And, because the Ghost Vapor is such a small and convenient tactical flashlight, it is perfect for these types of uses.

Key Features of Tactical Flashlights

Because the Ghost Vapor tactical flashlight is available for free, a lot of people who have been considering purchasing a tactical flashlight but haven’t taken the leap yet will be considering this opportunity. For those who are new to tactical flashlights, it’s important to know what the features are that are most commonly found on these flashlights.

A brief list of some common features found in tactical flashlights are found below. These features can be compared to the features of the Ghost Vapor listed above.

Bezels: These are the metal rings found around the lenses at the front of these flashlights. Bezels can be removed so the lenses can be cleaned or replaced. Some tactical flashlights come with different colored lenses, in which case the bezels can be unscrewed to allow users to change the lenses.

Reflectors: Often made of a shined metal or plastic, reflectors are the internal surfaces that allow the light to be directed and focused through the lenses. For example, the Ghost Vapor has a convex lens reflector, which is one of the best options available.

Lenses: The glass that the tactical flashlight uses to focus the light. Many tactical flashlights allow users to change the focus of the lenses.

Bulbs: The most important part of a tactical flashlight is the quality of light it produces, which is dependent on the bulb. Usually tactical flashlights use LED bulbs, which produce a purer, stronger light.

Purchasing the Ghost Vapor Tactical Flashlight

The best part about the Ghost Vapor flashlight is that it is currently being offered for free. There has never been an offer like this, especially for a tactical flashlight as high of quality as the Ghost Vapor. While the flashlight is usually worth $19.95, users can now get it for free, plus a small shipping and handling cost.

To receive their Ghost Vapor tactical flashlight, customers need to pay a small fee for shipping and handling. The fee is $6.95. However, for those who are worried about purchasing the Ghost Vapor, it also comes with a 60 day guarantee. For those who aren’t satisfied with their purchase, they can return or replace it within 60 days.


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