Defender X Tactical Pen Review – Military Grade Technology?

Defender X Tactical Pen Review

The Defender X Tactical Pen was recently launched online as part of a 75% off offer. Is this pen really the only weapon you need to protect yourself? Let’s take a closer look today in our Defender X Tactical Pen review.

What is the Defender X?

The Defender X is a tactical pen that promises to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. It’s a pen that you can carry virtually anywhere – including in places where a gun or knife would not be allowed.

The makers of the Defender X call it a “simple, personal protection tool you could legally carry virtually anywhere and everywhere you go”. They recommend taking it onto college campuses, airplanes, courthouses, and “any number of highly secure buildings” where you don’t feel comfortable without a protection device.

The pen also claims to be so easy to use that anyone of any age, gender, or physical state “could use it to defend themselves from someone twice their size.”

So what exactly is this pen and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look at this magical self-defense tool.

How Does the Defender X Pen Work?

The Defender X has a number of features that turn it from an ordinary pen into a tactical pen.

First, the pen is made from aluminum and features a “window-shattering tip design”. If you’re in a vehicle, a building, or any other place where you need to escape, then the tip of the pen may be able to break you out.

The other key tactical feature on the Defender X is a flashlight. But this isn’t just any flashlight: the company behind Defender X claims that it’s “the world’s brightest portable light source”. I don’t know if I believe that claim, but that’s what the manufacturer claims on the product’s packaging and sales copy.

Oh, and the pen, like all good pens, has ink and can be used to take notes. In fact, the pen claims to be usable in all conditions, including a feature that lets you write in the rain or underwater.

The pen is small enough to easily fit into your pocket. Whenever you need to use the flashlight, you just take the tip off the end and press a button to active the light.

Defender X Tactical Pen Pricing

The Defender X Tactical Pen claims to be available as part of an exclusive 75% off offer. The makers of the pen claim the normal retail price is $116, although we couldn’t find any evidence of that online. In fact, the highest price we see for this pen is $56, which is the price you pay when you just buy one.

With that in mind, here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Pen: $56

-2 Pens: $117

-3 Pens: $145

-4 Pens: $169

-10 Pens: $350

The price of the pen never drops below $29 a unit, which is the price you pay when you buy 3 pens. Even when you buy 10, 15, or 20 pens, you’ll still be paying $35 per pen – so it’s in your best interests to go for the 3 Defender X pen offer.

Shipping is included in all of the above prices.

Who Made the Defender X?

Defender X is made by a company that does business under the name Defender X Tactical Pen. That company lists its address as this:

7582 Las Vegas Blvd. S #115-405
Las Vegas, NV 89123

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-844-307-2967.

The Defender X was purportedly made “in collaboration with law enforcement professionals”.

The pen also claims to be made in the United States, where it’s used by military personnel like the US Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, and firemen and policemen across the country. So far, the company claims to have sold 60,000 pens this month.

A quick Google Search for the address listed above tells us that it’s been associated with Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlights, which made many of the same claims as Defender X – Shadowhawk Flashlights were tactical, high-performance flashlights sold as part of a “75% off” offer online. They also claimed to be used by the military and police – although we didn’t see a lot of evidence supporting that.

In any case, the manufacturer of Defender X is on the Better Business Bureau official website.

Should You Use the Defender X Tactical Pen for Personal Protection?

The Defender X Tactical Pen is a pen and flashlight rolled into one. It can write underwater and blind attackers with a bright light source. It’s also made from aluminum and is designed to be ultra-durable. It doesn’t contain any blades or weapons, which means you can safely take it on an airplane or in other secure locations. However, there is an aluminum tip on one end of the pen that the manufacturer claims can be used for breaking windows.

The 75% off offer is a bit misleading: we couldn’t find any evidence that the pen is actually 75% off its “normal” retail price. Instead, the 75% off price appears to be the normal retail price – so don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting some exclusive discount.

Compared to similar pens on Amazon, $56 seems like a steep price to pay. However, if you need a flashlight, an underwater pen, and a durable design all rolled into one, then the Defender X may be your best option – especially if you can team up with some friends and get 3 pens at $29 per pen.


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