EveryKey – Digital Master Security Password Technology Device?

Everykey is a password protection platform that promises to provide “military grade security” to all your accounts and devices. Find out how Everykey works today in our review.

What is Everykey?

Everykey is a unique device that could change the way we approach security. The device claims to replace keys and passwords.

Instead of entering passwords or answering security questions, you use a physical device to gain universal access to every account you own.

That physical device (something you have) combined with a password (something you know), makes your accounts significantly more difficult to access.

The device can be cancelled at any time (over the phone or using an app). So, if you lose the physical item, someone won’t be able to access any of your accounts.

There are actually two physical items included with Everykey:

-Band Accessory: Wearable device that’s also surprisingly stylish. It fits on your wrist. You can use the band to carry around your Everykey.

-Key Ring Accessory: This fits on any ordinary keyring and helps you securely carry around your Everykey.

The Everykey wristband can be worn on your wrist at all times. It’s connected to your devices with Bluetooth, providing immediate access to password protected electronics like smartphones, tablets, and a computer.

It can also be used to physically lock items, like doors, car doors, bike locks, and more.

Everykey first launched on Kickstarter and was released back in 2015. Today, it’s endorsed by “Chief Evangelist of Everykey” John McAfee, best-known as the creator of the McAfee lineup of antivirus products.

Note: John McAfee is described as “Chief Evangelist”, but this is his startup. His image is featured prominently across the Everykey page.

Is Everykey really the only key you’ll ever need? Let’s take a look today at how Everykey works.

Why Do You Need Everykey?

Everykey claims to be a solution to our digital security problem. The crux of that problem is that we need passwords to access our accounts, but passwords have a fundamental problem that looks like this:

-The strongest passwords look like jAsKF#jKNvMXasdf, but these are too hard to remember

-The easier a password is to remember, the easier it can be guessed

This is a fundamental problem with digital security. It’s a problem that Everykey claims to solve.

Using Everykey, the company claims that you can avoid experiencing devastating problems like identify theft. Here’s how John McAfee explains why you need the device:

“Nestegg – gone! Reputation – destroyed! Family – devastated! Don’t be a victim. It only takes one hack and it’s over. Protect yourself and your family with the only key you’ll ever need – Everykey!”

With that in mind, Everykey promises to be “your digital master key that works for you – and only you”. Let’s take a closer look at how it claims to work.

Everykey Features

Everykey describes itself as “the Fort Knox of password protecting security devices”. Here are some of the crucial features that help it live up to that name:

-Highly Secure Password Creation: Everykey instantly generates complex, highly secure passwords for all of your digital accounts. When you need to log into these accounts, Everykey will automatically log you in. When you visit a website’s login page, for example, Everykey will automatically log you in. The goal is to make sure you never have to “think about, create, or recall difficult passwords again”

-Military Grade Security: Everykey uses AES 128-bit encryption, which is one of the strongest encryption platforms available today (I mean, 256-bit is stronger, but it’s not really necessary). Everykey and the devices it communicates with hold the encryption password needed to unlock your devices.

-Unique Communication Security: Every time Everykey unlocks or locks your device, it uses a unique communication code so nearby thieves can’t copy, duplicate, or use the data to hack your online accounts. This is one of Everykey’s “spoof prevention” features.

-Stronghold Security: Passwords are never stored on your Everykey device. instead, they’re encrypted on stored on the Everykey server. Even if thieves were able to steal the passwords from the server and decrypt it, it would be useless to have the password without the physical device.

-Lockdown Security: If your Everykey device is ever stolen, you can immediately freeze it. You can call Everykey or use the Everykey app to freeze it. This immediately locks down your account and makes the device completely useless to a thief.

-Future-Ready: Everykey has Bluetooth-connectivity, which means it will work with most modern (and upcoming) devices, including things like car doors, locks, lights, house doors, and more.

-Mobile and Desktop App: Everykey works with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and more. iOS and Android apps are available.

-Wireless: Everykey works wirelessly over Bluetooth LE.

-Rechargeable: Each charge lasts about 30 days. You can recharge your device using the included equipment.

-Sleek and Fashionable: Everykey consists of a sleek wristband or keychain, making it easy (and stylish) to carry Everykey with you at all times.

-Proximity Sensors and Auto-Unlock: Your devices, websites, home, car, and other platforms will all automatically unlock when you get within close range.

Everykey Pricing

Everykey is available in three different packages, including each of the following options:

  • Buy 1: $65 + Shipping
  • Buy 2: $120 + Free Shipping (to USA)
  • Buy 3: $165 + Free Shipping (to USA)

Shipping is reasonable. Flat rate shipping on one device to California was priced at $5, bringing the total cost of one device to a flat $70 USD.

Everykey Review Summary

After a long time in development, Everykey is finally available to order online at a reasonable price. Available for around $60 apiece, Everykey is an easy solution to your modern digital security problems.

You can use Everykey to unlock most modern technology in your life, including everything from your laptop to your car doors.

Everykey isn’t just an optimistic device from an unknown startup. It’s backed by antivirus legend John McAfee, who calls the device a “F&*^ing game changer”.

Everykey is still a relatively new product, and it may be ahead of its time. However, those who are concerned about digital security will want to invest in a product like this sooner, rather than later.

After all, Everykey could be the difference between losing access to your digital accounts – or keeping your digital properties safe forever.


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