StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight Review – Military Grade LED?

While the design of the flashlight hasn’t effectively changed in the century since its invention, developments in emitter technology and lightweight construction materials have led to a new breed of flashlight released to the consumer market, called tactical flashlights. More rugged, brighter, stronger and longer lasting than traditional handheld flashlights, tactical flashlights are designed to provide a reliable and functional solution for high risk situations, suited to emergencies, first responders, and military and police forces.

The StrykeLight tactical X2000 Flashlight represents the cutting edge in handheld flashlight technology. Built from the ground up to adapt to any emergency situation, from road accidents to power outages, house fires, natural disasters and more, the lightweight, sturdy design and extreme brightness delivered by the StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight makes it the ultimate personal illumination tool. Manufactured in the United States and 100% American owned, the StrykeLight combines bleeding edge military technology and the latest advances in LED emitter technology to create a combination illumination and self defense tool.

What is the StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight?

The StrykeLight represents the next generation of handheld flashlight technology. A cut above the traditional handheld flashlights found in most camping and outdoors stores, the Strykelight Tactical X2000 integrates a high grade alloy metal frame casing, extra durable construction, textured non slip grip and beveled edges for self defense with an incredibly bright light that can even be used to ward off attackers in personal safety risk situations. As part of an everyday carry, a tactical flashlight is just as important as your knife, baton, or denial pepper spray solution in preventing the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

The incredibly bright light of the Strykelight Tactical X2000 emits over 800 lumen from a PE LED light bulb, offering the highest quality output of any personal flashlight solution. This incredibly bright light can be useful in a wide variety of emergency or survival situations, such as signalling to rescuers, lighting the way in dangerous natural disasters, or illuminating dangerous environments. Recent statistics published by several international law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, state that the majority of violent crimes occur during power outages, low light situations, and during the night, so carrying a tactical flashlight can mean the difference between life and death in an attack upon your person.

The Strykelight Tactical X2000 also features a zoom function perfect for illuminating game or target spotting during hunting situation. The unique lens array of the Strykelight allows users to either provide a broad spread of illumination to assess wider angles, or spot focus on a specific target to provide specific targeting.

Tested by expert military grading experts, the Strykelight possesses military grade certification, proving its usefulness in high risk situations. The StrykeLight is popular with many of the first responder organizations in the United States and across the world, used by special forces personell, emergency services, police forces, and international PMC operators, renowned for its reliability and durability.

Design & Construction

The Strykelight Tactical X2000 has a number of unique and innovative features that elevate it beyond the status of a regular tactical flashlight. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, the Strykelight is both incredibly lightweight and sturdy, scratch and dent proof. With a variable zoom system that allows users to alternate between 1x and 2000x zoom, the lens array is built into the tough metal frame.

Offering five modes of operation- high, low, medium settings for customized illumination, an SOS for attracting emergency services response in natural disasters, and Strobe, designed for disorienting would be attackers, the Strykelight Tactical X2000 has a setting for any situation imaginable. A beveled edge surrounding the lens array and emitter of the Strykelight offers a unique design feature that transforms it into an effective defensive weapon.

The game changing feature of the Strykelight Tactical X2000, however, is the CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb that delivers the bright 800 lumen power illumination of the Strykelight. The best, most powerful bulb available to the consumer market, the emitter in the Strykelight offers over 100,000 hours of lamp life, making the Strykelight effectively the last flashlight you’ll ever need to purchase. Not only does the LED bulb that powers the StrykeLight burn brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, it emits light in a much cooler method of illumination, presenting no heat risk. The CREE XM-L T6 bulb inside the StrykeLight is also exceptionally resistant to breakage, with no replacement bulb ever necessary.

Each individual StrykeLight is shipped with a lanyard, carry case and battery case. Based in California, the parent company that manufactures the StrykeLight creates their high quality range of super bright flashlights in production facilities that adhere to CGMP manufacturing standards, employing American citizens in the manufacturing and distribution process.

Proud to serve and support the people of America, StrykeLight is committed to forming long lasting bonds with their customer base and refrains from aggressive marketing campaigns, preferring to invest the budget that would have been spent on television ads in further research and development for their product line, relying on word of mouth from satisfied customer to advertise for them.

StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight Pricing & Availability.

The Strykelight Tactical can be ordered from the Strylelight website, and has a normal retail price of $127 USD. StrykeLight is currently running a promotion, however, offering up to 75% off of the price of their unique flashlight solution, dependent on the amount of StrykeLight X2000’s ordered. While a single StrykeLight is priced at just $54 USD with free shipping and handling, significantly cheaper than the standard retail price, consumers ordering in bulk are offered discounts of up to $29 for each individual unit when ordered in bulk lots of 20, perfect for sporting associations or hunting clubs.

The StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight is covered by a comprehensive 100% money back guarantee within the first month from purchase. If you’re looking for the ultimate tactical flashlight solution that doesn't compromise on quality, brightness, durability or price, the StrykeLight Tactical X2000 Flashlight is the ultimate personal flashlight product available on the market today.

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