Laser X – Complete High-Tech Game of Tag System?

Laser X is an awesome new laser tag game on the market. Laser x is designed to be played with an unlimited amount of users and works in the daylight or at night. Please read below to find out more information about Laser X and details on how to order.

What is Laser X?

Laser X is a new laser tag toy that is cheap and can be played inside or outside by kids or adults. Laser x can be played by an unlimited amount of people and allows flexibility for team challenges or a full out rogue laser battle!

The Laser X can kick your family’s game of hide go seek up a notch and add a competitive edge that makes it more fun. Whether the Laser X is for a birthday party or a family reunion, users can be guaranteed that people will have a blast.

How Does Laser X Work?

Each person wears a target vest and uses a laser gun. Players choose if they are blue team, red team, or Rogue which means they can shoot player so either color.

Laser X is designed to not only shoot accurate lasers to knock out opponents but it also has a long range meaning users can reach opponents up to two hundred feet away. Each Laser X device includes an interactive voice coach which helps each competitor gain advantages in the match. Kids can enjoy playing with the whole neighborhood and adults will have a blast hosting laser tag parties. Gone are the days when families have to spend a lot of money to go enjoy laser tag at the mall, Laser X means users can play anytime. Day or night, Laser X will become a popular toy and the talk of any neighborhood. Read below to find out how to purchase Laser X for your family’s next party, picnic, or family reunion.

Users will love the extra sound effects and soundtrack provided by Laser X if they chose to plug in headphones while playing. Interactive light display helps players keep track of shots and hits.

Laser X runs on batteries and has a built in power indicator which will help users anticipate when they need to replace or recharge the device’s batteries. The Laser X device is recommended for use by people ages 6 and older.

Laser X Components

Each Laser X set comes with two laser guns and two laser receptor vests. The devices do not come with batteries so parents should plan ahead if purchasing Laser X as a gift. The laser receptor vests are adjustable and look as though they will stay on relatively well.

Laser X Pricing

Each two player Laser X set is available for purchase for $49.99 through Consumers who are interested in ordering multiple sets will receive 10% off each additional set purchased through their website.

Consumers can also purchase the Laser X tag system at Target either online at or in stores.

Laser X is also available for purchase from but for $82.40 per two person set the price is significantly higher.

Who Makes Laser X?

Laser X is manufactured and sold by NSI International based in New York, New York.

NSI International manufacturers a huge range of kid’s toys that are designed to support kids in their development. Whether it is through scientific inquiry or teamwork, NSI has a toy that will support your child’s growth and development.

Purchase laser X today and watch family dynamics change as people shift from their devices to full on running around laser competition! Exercise, laughter, and a bit of healthy competition, life does not get much better than that!

Should You Purchase Laser X?

Laser X is perfect for families, birthday parties, college orientations, retreats, youth groups and more. I imagine the fun of having a yard full of happy kids or adults running around trying to tag each other with lasers, this can be a reality with Laser X.

Laser X is designed to bring the fun of laser tag home. Whether its day or night, Laser X delivers fun. At just $49.00 per set this product is reasonably priced and offers a load of fun for years and years. Please visit to place an order and get ready to have some fun!


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