Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds Review – Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Technology?

Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds Review

The Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds are wireless earbuds that recently hit their funding target on Kickstarter. Find out everything you need to know about these revolutionary earbuds today in our review.

What Are the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds?

The Apollo 7 earbuds claim to be the “world’s most compact true wireless earphones”. They’re created by a company named Erato Audio Technology Ltd. They look like ordinary earbuds – but come with no wires attached.

The earbuds are also totally waterproof.

The fact that the earbuds are wireless is a big deal: for years, tech companies have struggled with wireless earbud technology because it’s difficult to achieve perfect synchronization between left and right channels while avoiding dropouts and signal interruptions. That’s why you’ll see wireless headphones (where the left and right ears are physically connected), but not wireless earbuds.

Erato claims to have solved that problem using 4 proprietary technologies that are patent pending.

The company won the 2015 Honourable Mention Red Dot Award, which is given out based on criteria like innovation, ergonomics, functionality, durability, and other qualities.

After launching on Kickstarter at the start of May 2016, the company hit its funding target within a week. At the time of writing, Erato had raised approximately $200,000 of its $88,888 goal.

How Do They Work?

The Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds work by delivering a true wireless experience. You can enjoy balanced sound “without the constant hassle of tangling wires or dropped music”.

It’s all delivered over a Bluetooth 4.1 connection with your smartphone. There’s full audio support for AptX, AAC, and SBC codecs.

Inside each of the earbuds is a micro-driver “designed to satisfy even the most demanding audio purist”. The earbuds promise to deliver booming bass and clear treble. Meanwhile, the micro-driver provides all of the benefits listed below:

-A proprietary composite driver diaphragm specifically engineered to ensure solid authoritative bass performance that smoothly transitions up through the clearest of midrange regions and crystal-clear highs

-Apollo 7’s advanced driver motor structure uses a neodymium magnet to achieve extreme high efficiency music where the bass remains strong, yet battery life is “astonishingly long-lived”

-A smooth frequency response that maintains low distortion levels from the sub 20Hz region to well beyond 20 kHz

The micro-driver is found at the center of each earbud. Other components of the earbud include a button, antenna, and battery, all of which are packed into the compact frame of the earbud.

How Do You Charge the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds?

Erato has come up with an innovative charging system. In fact, their charger is a patent-pending device that lets you place the earbuds in 360 degrees around. There’s a charging circle on the bottom of the earbuds, and it doesn’t matter how that circle is oriented when it contacts the charging prongs in the portable charger.

You place the earbuds in the charger, slide it inside a case, and slip it into your backpack or purse to charge the earbuds safely on-the-go.

The charging unit itself can recharge the Apollo 7 earbuds twice before needing to be recharged itself.

Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds Features

Some of the key features of the Apollo 7 earbuds include:

-Voice Recognition: Erato has built the earbuds to work with both Siri and Google Now, so you can activate the earbuds anytime and anywhere.

-Single Button Design: The single button on the earbuds lets you answer and hang up phone calls, play music, skip tracks, or change volume by tapping, holding, or double-tapping on the button. In other words, just one button controls everything you need to do on the device.

-Microphone: The earbuds feature a MEMS omnidirectional microphone with an input sensitivity of -32dB (+/- 2dB), letting you make crisp, clear phone calls on demand.

-Waterproof: Apollo 7 earbuds feature a special “nano-coating technology” that lets the earbuds work even after they’ve been submerged in water. All you need to do is wipe the earbuds dry and you can continue listening to your music. Although Erato doesn’t specifically say that you can use the earbuds underwater (say, when you’re doing laps at a swimming pool), it does say that you can use it in virtually all weather conditions.

-Accessories: You can buy an additional accessories kit for the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds. This kit comes with 3 sets of rubber tips and 3 sets of Comply Foam Tips – Isolation T-600 (small, medium, or large), so you get 6 sets of different sizes and feels, allowing you to customize your earbud for your unique ear shape.

Who Makes the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds?

The Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds are made by a company named Erato Wireless Audio Technology LTD. That company owns TM (Taiwan Microelectronics). Erato utilized TM’s experience in wireless audio technology to create the Apollo 7 earbuds.

Erato itself was founded in 2015. Today, the company is also working with Mavin Technology to launch wireless audio products sold globally.

The company claims to have invested immensely in research and development for the Apollo earbuds over the past 1.5 years. After showcasing their technology at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Erato launched its earbuds on Kickstarter in May 2016.

You can contact the company by emailing [email protected].

Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds Pricing

The Apollo 7 earbuds come with a MSRP of $299, so that will likely be the final price you see once the earbuds are sold on store shelves.

However, early bird deals on Kickstarter have priced the earbuds as low as $249.

All earbud purchases come with a full accessories package. That package is the same across all price ranges – so you always get the accessories and different customization options we mentioned above.

Should You Use the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds?

The Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds have been attracting strong reviews all across the internet. The Verge called them “solidly built”, saying they’re “incredibly small and light, and sound pretty good for their size.” Forbes said “There are some earphones that sound as good for less money but I can’t think of any that offer the wire-free experience with such poise and style.”

A lot of technology has gone into making the Erato Apollo 7 Earbuds sound good and perform even better. $300 may be a steep price to pay for a set of earbuds, but these are no normal earbuds. They’re waterproof, high-quality earbuds with a built-in micro-driver to deliver world-class sound. Plus, you get a nifty carrying case / charger and accessories pack with every purchase.


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