Breathe Pure Disposable Mask Review: Full Face Air Filtering Protection?

The Breathe Pure Disposable Mask is an accessory that goes over the nose, mouth, and chin to act as a physical barrier and filter between the user and the germs around them. With ten masks per package, users can stock up to protect themselves while social distancing or in areas that are high in pollution.

What is the Breathe Pure Disposable Mask?

With the current spread of disease, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidance that recommends the use of masks when they go to public places, like shopping centers and doctors’ offices. While there have been some people to refuse to use this type of product from vanity or even denial of the spread of disease, the biggest issue has been the lack of supplies. The Breathe Pure Disposable Mask deal will allow consumers to stock up for their health and those around them.

The Breathe Pure Disposable Mask provides users with three layers of protection, covering from the bridge up the nose to under the chin. This design creates a completely enclosed edge that prevents germs and bacteria from breaking through, which means users are more adequately protected from disease during these difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breathe Pure Disposable Mask

Since there are so many masks on the market today, let’s clarify a bit of information about the Breathe Pure Disposable Mask.

Q: Why does the Breathe Pure Disposable Mask use three layers of material?

A: Each layer plays a role in how the outside germs and toxins are filtered. With the first layer, the user gets a barrier between themselves and the rest of the world, while the outside layer offers improved breathability and pure air circulation. The middle layer acts as a filter between these two layers.

Q: Won’t three layers of protection make this mask heavy?

A: Not at all. In fact, the mask is incredibly lightweight, allowing users to go about their day without interruption.

Q: Where can this mask be helpful?

A: The creators recommend using this disposable mask in almost any situation, whether they are at home, outside, or in public locations.

How to Buy the Breathe Pure Disposable Mask

Only offered through the company directly, consumers have a choice of either ordering on the website or by calling the customer service department. While a single package of the masks is offered for $19.99 (plus the cost of shipping and handling), customers can get a second package of 10 masks for free with the cost of shipping. Consumers can speedup shipping for an additional fee.

Unfortunately, considering the sterile nature of this mask, the company is not accepting returns and is not issuing refunds.

Contacting Breathe Pure Disposable Mask Customer Service

As much as the website shows interested individuals, more questions could come up that consumers need to answer before they are ready to buy their own supply. Customer service is the best resource for these details, and they are available from 9:00am to 8:00pm EST on weekdays and until 5:00pm EST on weekends by phone or email.

Breathe Pure Disposable Mask Summary

The Breathe Pure Disposable Mask could become an essential part of any household as the current pandemic continues. With the ability to get 10 to 20 masks in a single purchase, consumers reduce their likelihood of contracting an airborne illness, while protecting others from their own sickness. This mask can be ordered by phone or online, and users that need it sooner (rather than later) can pay for expedited shipping at checkout.


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