Vybe Energy Pendant Review: 5G Radiation, EMF Protection with Natural Earth Minerals?

The Vybe Energy Pendant is a protective accessory that uses scalar energy as a defense against the damage that can be used through EMF radiation, especially as it pertains to 5G technology. Users can recharge the power of the pendant in the sun, moving water, or soil, and they can order up to five in one package.

What is the Vybe Energy Pendant?

One of the biggest technological innovations is slowly creeping over the entire globe – 5G. This technology is being integrated into a massive network that will soon cover the entire country, hosting everything from phone service to electricity services. Many people are concerned about the EMF radiation that the 5G technology puts off.

While wearing the Vybe Energy Pendant, the combination of 27 different natural earth mineral creates negative ion energy. With this energy, consumers defend themselves against EMF radiation effectively within two to four feet of the pendant. The only responsibility that the user has is that they will need to charge the pendant, which can be done by displaying it in the sun, nestling it in the soil, and placing it in a natural body of moving water. All products are natural and made by the earth and may even promote better blood flow as well.

Why is EMF Radiation Bad?

EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is a type of energy that can cause damage to the cells and DNA in the body. The average consumer is consistently exposed to this type of energy with many common household items, like cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and even microwave ovens. In general, items like these only emit low-level radiation, though 5G can emit it too.

There have been many studies to state that exposure to the radiation that 5G towers and other equipment is safe for the body, but this topic is highly controversial still. If the exposure creates high enough radiation, consumers may become ill.

What is Scalar Energy?

While there is plenty of information about the ins and outs of scalar energy online, it essentially comes down to being an energy source from the sun that is present in all living things. This energy isn’t technically good or bad, but it is created naturally by the body.

According to the Vybe Energy Pendant website, scalar energy was originally found by James Clark Maxwell in the 1800s, though it is referred to by other names. In China, this energy is known as Qi, while Japanese culture calls it Ki. The concept has remained the same for hundreds of years, though it only recently has come to light in mainstream culture today.

Scalar energy products are considered a form of alternative medicine. Most creators of these products use volcanic materials and advertise many health benefits, like improved circulation. The purpose of these types of products is to protect the bio-field of the user at a cellular level, which the creators of Vybe Energy Pendant use as a defense against 5G waves.

Buying the Vybe Energy Pendant

The total price per pendant will depend on how many that the user wants to purchase. The price goes down as the number of Vybe Energy Pendants goes up, and the packages presently include:

  • One Vybe Energy Pendant for $20
  • Three Vybe Energy Pendants for $50
  • Five Vybe Energy Pendants for $75

The market is filled with cheaper options for other pendants that consumers may prefer to pay for. However, most of these other options don’t offer the quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions: Know More Details About the Vybe Energy Pendants

Q: What happens when the user wears the Vybe Energy Pendant?

A: With the use of scalar energy, the technology used to make this pendant can promote better focus and increase energy levels. By creating negative ions, the user is protected from EMF radiation.

Q: Is this an authentic pendant?

A: Yes, it is. Most fake pendants found online are rather cheap since they cost little to nothing to make and they have almost no negative ions.

Q: Is it safe to wear the Vybe Energy Pendant?

A: Yes. The company uses a statement from the Barron Report to support their safety – “There is nothing unnatural about scalar energy. It has been around since the creation of the universe. It's all a question of embedding healing/energizing frequencies as opposed to harmful frequencies.”

Q: How long will the pendant last before a new one is needed?

A: The negative ion energy put out by the pendant will never stop, so replacement is not ever necessary for this purpose. However, consumers can order multiple pendants in their purchase to have them available for travel or for other areas in their home and office.

Q: Does the Vybe Energy Pendant have a magnetic field?

A: No.

Q: Is there radiation emitted from the Vybe Energy Pendant?

A: While a high amount of radiation is damaging for the body, each Vybe Energy Pendant has little to no radiation.

To learn more, check out the promotional video on the official website: youtu.be/-uWZpSlh9QE.

Vybe Energy Pendant Summary

The Vybe Energy Pendant offers a barrier between the harmful radiation emitted by 5G devices and networks and the user. With scalar energy, consumers can stave off illness, protect their body and brain, and even promote blood flow. To prove how effective the Vybe Energy Pendant is, the website also includes a lab report by a third-party facility to demonstrate the resistance to EMF radiation, offering full transparency.

Even though this product may not be the defense that consumers expect, the science behind it is proven and effective as a solution to radiation emissions.


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