Calming Heat Review: Calming Comfort’s Massaging Weighted Heating Pad

Calming Heat is heating pad that uses a weighted material to provide comfort, along with massaging vibrations for ultimate relaxation. This device covers from the shoulders to nearly the tops of the thighs, depending on the height of the user, and it is controlled by a wired remote.

What is Calming Heat by Calming Comfort?

When the days at work are long, and the stress continues to build, there’s nothing that puts a greater damper on the day than muscle pain. From the back to the legs and everywhere else, constant movement and/or bad posture could be all that an individual needs to feel far more exhausted than they need to be. However, having the time and money to get a massage whenever this happens may not be possible. The use of Calming Heat may offer a helpful solution.

To call Calming Heat a “heating pad,” would be remiss. While it offers all of the benefits of a heating pad, the technology involved is so much more helpful and relaxing. Along with the heat, this otherwise simple pad delivers vibrations to massage and weighted pressure, ensuring that the user can get complex relief.

This pad can be used for most types of muscle-related pain, including stiff joints, hand pain, and even menstrual cramps. With the weighted material, consumers can even place it on their back or shoulders without having to hold in in place. Each pad features 12” by 24” to cover a broad space, and it is controlled by an attached remote that has three separate settings for massaging and heat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calming Heat

There are many different kinds of heating pads and massagers on the market today, but there are few devices that do both. Since this device offers something exclusive, let’s elaborate on some of those benefits and functions.

Q: What kind of relief does the Calming Heat pad provide?

A: Calming Heat employs multiple types of relaxing technique to help the user eliminate the pain and soreness, including heat therapy, massaging vibrations, and pressure therapy. Heat therapy is often used after strenuous activity to relax the muscles and make them more pliable. As they relax, the vibrations are able to massage the muscles more deeply to get to the root of the discomfort. The added weight on the body is where the pressure therapy comes in, helping to soothe the mind’s stress levels with a feeling that is like being held. Weighted blankets are known to help with sensory needs.

Q: What if the user only wants the heat to soothe their muscles?

A: With the remote, consumers can choose to turn the vibrations on and off as needed. However, there is no way to use only the vibrations.

Q: How can Calming Heat be cleaned?

A: The user should only wash this heating pad with spot treatments. Cleaning this pad in a washing machine will destroy the electrical hardware and cause irreparable damage.

Q: What if the heating pad malfunctions or breaks after the return period?

A: To ensure that consumers continue to get the performance that Calming Heat offers, Calming Comfort decided to promote a one-year limited warranty. This warranty specifically will not cover “defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance,” and users that do not follow the instructions will not be able to get their product repaired under this policy.

How to Buy the Calming Heat Pad

Usually, the total cost of the Calming Heat pad would be entirely dependent on the style that the user chooses – heat only ($49.99), heat and massaging vibration ($59.99), or the 9-setting device ($69.99). The only product that is actively available for shipment right now is the Soothing Heat Only pad, though the others can be pre-ordered for shipping in June 2020.

To get the best deal the website is presently offering an option to get a second heating pad at only half of the cost of the original price. Users will need to cover the shipping costs for both products if they choose to get a second one. There is also a package with three units that brings down the price even more.

Contacting Calming Heat Customer Service

This heating pad is incredibly unique, and there are many details that consumers may want to know that aren’t included on the website. To reach an agent, contact customer service via email to phone call between 8:00am and 8:00pm EST on weekdays.

Calming Heat Summary

Calming Heat offers benefits that the average heating pad cannot provide, allowing consumers to sit back and relax as they soothe their aching body. Every heating pad purchased comes with a free storage bag to keep it clean while put away. If the user becomes too relaxed while they are using the pad and forget to turn it off, the device features an automatic off setting for heat (2 hours) and for vibration (15 minutes).


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