BoomWand Review: Portable Ultraviolet UV-C Light Sanitization Wand

Boom Wand is a handheld device that allows consumers to expose any surface to UV light to eradicate germs. This wand can kill off the bacteria and other particles on devices like computers, smartphones, steering wheels, and even grocery carts.

What is BoomWand?

Germs are everywhere, but there are few times that it has been as important as it is now to keep them away. While most people believe that the germs they have to worry about are exclusively outside the home, that has not been true for quite some time. Whenever someone goes in public, the transfer of germs can be found on clothing, countertops, cash registers, and other surfaces, coming home with each person. Even between other family members, commonly used items are covered in germs. After all, how often does someone touch their remote control, cell phone, or even the door of a refrigerator without washing their hands?

Every one of these surfaces can easily become contaminated, but hospitals and other sterile locations discovered the power of UV light. This type of light can be used on germs and bacteria to destroy the stability of their DNA, killing off the cells as it leaves the previously covered surface clean. While this type of technology has formerly been available in commercial settings alone, the creators of Boom Wand have made it more accessible to the public in a convenient device that is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse.

With the use of the Boom Wand, the user can eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms from nearly any surface. Though consumers should still wipe down and dust the various surfaces in their home, this wand is helpful for killing off any germs that are invisible to the naked eye.

Frequently Asked Questions About BoomWand

Though there are many uses for this type of technology, there are many people that want some clarification on the way this product works. Let’s address some of the concerns and questions that potential customers may have.

Q: How effective is the Boom Wand?

A: With the use of UV technology, exposure to the light will kill 99.9% of the germs on any given surface. With fewer germs on the common devices used in a home, each person in the family reduces their risk of illness.

Q: Aren’t UV rays harmful to the body?

A: Not necessarily. Ultraviolet light has many types, and this device specifically uses UV-C, which has been shown to be safe for exposure to skin. Plus, considering that this device is only meant to be used briefly to eliminate germs, users should not be exposed to it long enough to even cause a small amount of damage.

Q: What if the user still gets sick or they are otherwise unhappy with the results of using the Boom Wand?

A: Even though this product has a high rate of sterilizing germs, users will be able to return any defective or damaged device within 30 days of purchase for a refund. However, the company doesn’t accept returns for any other reason.

Purchasing BoomWand

The official Boom Wand website shows that this device is presently available for $69.99, though consumers can also purchase a package of three ($139.99) or five wands ($199.99) to reduce their cost per unit.

Contacting BoomWand Customer Service

Though there’s a lot of information offered by the official website for the Boom Wand, customers that want to check on their order or find out other details will need to reach out to the agents of the customer service team. Available from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST on weekdays, consumers can either call or email for help.

BoomWand Summary

As helpful as the Boom Wand is, the website is lacking in information that could otherwise help users make a decision on this product. UV light is not exactly old technology, but it has proven to be helpful in sterilizing any surface with enough exposure. For specific instructions, users will need to get in touch with customer service or refer to the manual in their packaging.


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