BOSE QuietComfort 35 Review – Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones?

Wireless headphones have been available on the market for some time now.

The best and most respected brand in the personal audio industry is Bose, who have recently released a new range of headphones that combine wireless technology with noise-reducing systems to deliver discrete noise cancelling solution that minimizes distractions from the outside world.

The research and development team at BOSE have spent 35 years studying audio technology in order to find the best method of noise cancellation possible, and in the new QuietComfort range, have combined this knowledge to create a pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones.


BOSE QuietComfort 35 headphones offer high fidelity of audio, delivering crisper and clearer sound while blocking out any kind of audio interference from your surrounding environment.

These headphones pair with any smartphone or Bluetooth and NFC enabled device, allowing for easy connections to any playback device.

The volume-optimized onboard EQ system provides balanced audio at any sound level, which in conjunction with the noise rejecting dual microphone that actively listens for external sound allows for extreme clarity in any environment.

In this article we’ll provide a breakdown of the key features of the new BOSE QuietComfort 35 Headphones and an analysis of their key design aspects and benefits to help you decide whether these breakthrough personal audio devices are the right headphones for you.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Design & Construction

The first and most important aspect of any wireless headphone system is the battery.

The BOSE QuietComfort 35 Headphones come with around 20 hours of wireless listening and 40 hours of wired listening through a high capacity lithium ion battery array, making these headphones suitable for a plethora of situations such as a marathon, studying, road trips and many more.

The world renowned design and development team at BOSE have customized the shape and size of the lithium ion battery in the each individual headphone in order to optimize the exact amount of space available in the ear cup without reducing any other elements of the headphones, providing a battery that lasts longer than any other wireless headphone solution on the market.

The type of material used for the outward appearance and outer casing of the Bose QC35 headphones are lightweight and comfortable, while remaining extremely sturdy.

Instead of opting for plastic or petrochemically derived casing materials, the BOSE design team has employed glass filled nylon instead, giving the headphones a light feeling with the added benefit of extreme durability and a sleek finish.

Stainless steel is utilized for the headband springs, with a rotating cuff that allows the headphones stay durable for a long period of time through all kinds of abuse.

The overall size specification of the headphones come to a height of 7.1”, a width of 6.7” and a depth of 3.2”, one of the smallest size profiles for a noise cancelling audio solution on the market. .

What Makes the Bose QuietComfort Range Different?

Providing complete audio isolation, as soon as the Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphone are turned on, noise instantly disappears from the outside environment.

Offering exceptional audio clarity, BOSE uses a proprietary developed arrangement of microphones with exits both outside and inside the ear cups.

These high fidelity microphones employ electronics which compare, measure and react to noises outside of the headphones, they send opposite and equal signals to the speakers in order to get rid outside noises.

The science behind this process is interesting- as sounds are observed by the microphone array, the BOSE QC35 Headphones will play an opposite standing wave to the ones that are identified.

The physics of the interactions between these waves cause them to cancel each other out, allowing the user to hear only the crisp audio provided by the BOSE speaker drivers.

BOSE have worked hard on the design of these headphones to reduce the ‘electronic noise floor’ effect, which is the soft hiss you might hear if listening to audio in a quiet environment.

With an algorithm tweaked to work over the top of any audio played through the QC35 headphones, the electronic noise floor effect is barely noticeable through these headphones.

Unavailable in any other product, BOSE secures its position as the leading provider of personal audio solutions with this advanced and innovative noise reduction solution.

Switching and connecting to different devices through the use of Bluetooth is an easier job than ever with the QuietComfort 35 headphones.

The Bose Connect app maintains all connections with a simple and streamlined graphical interface which can be paired onto multiple devices.

The QC35 headphones allow switching between devices at the touch of a button through this dedicated app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

The headphones have a range of around 10 meters, or 33 feet from the source device, however, can be obstructed due to physical interferences such as thick doors or walls.

The QuietComfort headphones come with a number of accessory items in the box, which include an airline adapter, an audio cable for wired connections, a USB cable, and a carrying case in order to protect the headphones when placed in bags or suitcases.

The audio only cable has length of 47.2” and the USB cable at about 12”.

Who are BOSE?

Bose Corporation, frequently stylized as BOSE, is a company located in Framingham, Massachusetts which mainly specializes in audio related hardware and products. The company was created in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose.

Dr Bose sought to research the effect reverberant sound on the perception of audio quality after he was sorely disappointed due to the quality of stereo sound system performance in the 1960’s.

Since inception, BOSE has gathered countless researchers over the years in order to detect and fix glaring weaknesses which affected all high end audio systems.

BOSE’s famous slogan, “Better Sound Through Research”, represents the design philosophy of the brand, aiming to constantly improve the sound and audio quality of their devices through applied research.

BOSE has around 190 stores in the United States and sells its products on an international level, employing over 10,000 people, making it one of the largest electronics companies in the audio market.

BOSE QuietComfort 35 Headphones Availability & Pricing

The slick design of the BOSE QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones has the latest in audio technology and provides a certain fidelity that no other headphones can compete with.

The headphones are the ideal mix of comfort and style, creating a visual design which is bound to impress your friends and family. The headphones are available in two different colors, black and grey.

Bose QC35 headphones are priced at $395 through purchase on the official BOSE online store, and through partnering retail establishments. Free shipping is available for a limited time.


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