Nuheara IQbuds Review – High-Quality Next-Generation Wireless Earbuds?

Nuheara earbuds an innovative, wireless set of high-quality earbuds. They’ve been designed for maximum comfort and to eliminate background noise from your favorite songs while resting very snuggly in your ears without any discomfort whatsoever.


What Are Nuheara Wireless Earbuds?

A creatively designed new wireless listening device designed for your ears. Use them anywhere you can imagine, on the way to work, walking or while at the gym. They rest very secure in your ears and are made of the strongest materials to ensure a long lifespan.

The Nuheara Wireless Earbuds are still in pre-release phase so as for now you can only pre-order the earbuds online. They’ve been designed with several features and claim to be the next wave of audio listening devices.

They work with any smart phone or iPhone that is up to date and make for easy, wireless communication.

They’re also designed to help clear out noise distortion when in crowded social settings. You can drown down background noise around you or just let in the right amount you want. They’ve been labeled as intelligent, wireless earbuds.

Now you can focus on what you want to hear or drown it out completely.

There a couple of buying options as of now for the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds.

How Do the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds Work?

Nuheara Wireless Earbuds work as a Bluetooth earpiece for complete noise cancellation, as a wireless headset to listen to music or an assisted listening device to help focus your hearing on the things you want to hear.

You’ll be able to experience a whole world through “intelligent” hearing via the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds. The Earbuds are in your total and complete control.

Use them to focus on important conversations or in areas where you can control what you hear through your location and preference.

They also easily connect to your digital devices to listen to music, watch movies or make hands-free phone calls. Nuheara claims the earbuds will completely change the way people hear and connect to the world around them.

Inside of each small earbud, there is an intelligent hearing processing engine. The engine can distinguish sounds and location of sounds then translate them to your ears.

With the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds you can count on:

Advanced Speech Amplification – Heighten your hearing for specific conversations in busy social settings like bars and restaurants.

Dynamic Noise Control – Tune in to the world around you at your own discretion with Nuheara’s Super Intelligent Noise Control.

Blend Your Worlds – Create a blend of music and the sounds in the world around you to help improve situational awareness.

High Quality Streaming Sound – Stream sounds from your device of choice to your earbuds without the hassle of wires.

Comfortable and Secure – They’ve designed the Earbuds to be tough. They’re sweat and water proof and made to be worn all day.

They come with an app to make it usable by most smart devices like your phone or tablet. The app allows you to customize your Nuheara Wireless Earbuds so they’re tailored for you to create the best user experience.

You can save different hearing profiles for different situations. The profiles make them good for going to work, the gym, at work or while sitting at home and wanting total silence.

The Nuheara Wireless Earbuds use their patented SINC. SINC stands for Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation and works with the Nuheara software. It allows for total control of your audio world and the audio in the world around you.

Nuheara also claims you’ll hear sounds like you’ve never heard before through the use of the earbuds. They claim to be different than the rest of the other wireless earbuds on the market.

There are only a couple different prices for the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds.

How Much Do Nuheara Wireless Earbuds Cost?

When you buy the Nuheara Wirelss Earbuds you’ll get a pair of tap touch ear buds, a small carrying case and a set of 3 different size tips for the most comfortable fit.

You’ll also get a USB cable for charging and instructions on how to use the Nuheara Earbuds app on your iPhone or Android Device.

Nuheara is all about giving back. So one option is the:

$249 pack plus shipping. This pack gives you the Earbuds, tips, charging cable and USB device, plus application and carrying case.

The $259 pack gives you all of the above, except for every 10 pairs sold, Nuheara will give a pair to a veteran who could benefit from the earbuds. The earbuds are still in product development and are projected to be released in February of 2017.

What Are People Saying About Nuheara Wireless Earbuds?

Considering the earbuds are not released yet, this is a tough question to answer. There has been a lot of testing though and the testers were all wowed by the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds.

One of the testers, John has had hearing problems his entire life and said they helped him hear clearly again.


-Small and compact

-Perfect for the hearing impaired

-Built tough and waterproof


-Not released yet

-Could be easy to lose

-Price tag of $250 and most likely $300 at retail

Should I Use the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds?

According to the people in the videos, yes. The people who tested the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds had good things to say about the earbuds. Of course, you’ll have to wait until 2017 till you can hear the real scoop on how effective the earbuds are

I would say go pick up a cheaper pair if you want for now because they could get released earlier, or later depending on how things go. I’m not sure how long testing takes, although they looked they were ready to go as is.

All in all, the Nuheara Wireless Earbuds look like a pretty cool concept and design.


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