Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand Review: Portable Ultraviolet Light Disinfection?

The Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand eliminates bacteria and germs from surfaces by exposing them to ultraviolet light. Along with eliminating toxic microorganisms from any surface, this UV light can neutralize germs in the air as well.

How Is Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand Helpful?

Every single moment of the day, consumers are exposed to germs, and they are incredibly easy to spread from person to person. While it is relatively easy to wash hands after a trip to the bathroom, they are immediately contaminated as soon as a new surface is touched. Then, the germs travel on the skin and disperse onto the next surface, continuing this seemingly endless cycle. Plus, once bacteria finds its way onto a surface, it is possible to even thrive on the bottoms of shoes for up to five days.

Statistics show that commonly used surfaces (like doorknobs, keyboards, etc.) can hold over 25,000 bacteria in a single square inch, and that bacteria can be quickly transferred when touched. The only way to prevent these germs from spreading is by cleaning these surfaces, which can be a tedious task with the wrong supplies. The Heygienic wand offers a fairly fast and effective solution, exposure to UV light.

Ultraviolet Irradiation and Neutralizing Bacteria

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation disinfects surfaces with the use of UV-C light, and it has been found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, food manufacturing facilities, and other commercial uses for decades. This technology allows facilities to constantly expose germs to the UV light, which causes the nucleic acid of the cells in the DNA to be destroyed. This process effectively kills off the germs, leaving them with no way to reproduce or spread. Meant to be used in conjunction with general hygiene practices, UV light exposure is an excellent way to eliminate germs that can’t be seen on surfaces.

With the use of the Heygienic Wand, consumers can clean unseen germs and bacteria off of everything in their home, office, and car. This device gives power back to the users to protect themselves from potential illness, even if they want to eliminate germs from their own clothing. The wand is portable and small enough to fit into a pocket (when folded), so it can go anywhere that users need it to go.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Heygienic Wand

A: Since the ability to use ultraviolet light is rather new at an individual level, understanding exactly how the Heygienic Wand works is essential for getting the most out of it. Let’s talk about some questions that customers have about this UV sterilizing device to get more answers.

Q: How do users activate the cleaning power of the Heygienic wand?

A: All the user needs to do is press the switch and activate the lighting power supply. Then, they can scan whatever item or surface they want to clean.

Q: Isn’t UV light bad for the body?

A: Prolonged exposure to UV light could put anyone at risk. However, the Heygienic wand includes a built-in automatic safety switch, which shuts off the light automatically if it is not facing downward. The light can be reactivated when it is positioned downward.

Q: How big is the Heygienic Wand?

A: When folded, the wand is 1.3 inches wide and 4.9 inches long. Fully extended, the length doubles.

Q: How is the Heygienic wand powered?

A: Consumers have two options to keep the wand powered – charging through a USB connection or replacing the four AAA batteries. The company doesn’t provide the user with batteries in their purchase.

Q: If this wand is able to get rid of germs, why not just use a cleaner or a wipe as a more cost-effective option?

A: Even though these types of product may be helpful in reducing the spread of some germs, every spray brings more chemicals into the air around the user. Plus, while the short-term cost is much less, that price doesn’t account for refills of the cleaner and all of the excess trash created from paper towels and other cleanups in the process. With the Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand, consumers don’t create extra waste and won’t need to replace the UV light to keep cleaning.

Will customers have to wait a long time to have this wand delivered?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high demand and the slowed shipping times with the current pandemic, consumers might have to wait a little while to get their wand. For shipping domestically, new customers are looking at about 4 to 7 business days before their product arrives, while international customers could wait up to 21 business days.

Purchasing the Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand

Though some third-party websites might offer the Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand, the best way to order a device is through the official website heygienic.com. With PayPal and major credit cards as payment options, one of the Heygienic wands is available for $49.99 after being marked down from $100.00.

Though the efficacy of the Heygienic Wand cannot be debated, consumers that aren’t happy with the use of the product or don’t get the maximum benefit they expected can return it within 30 days of purchase.

Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand Summary

The Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand provides a helpful and innovative way to reduce germs and inherently protect the user from disease. While UV-C light is 99.9% effective, consumers shouldn’t forgo hand-washing protocols during this time. With UV light, consumers are able to get rid of the germs they cannot see, which is one of the biggest threats to safety right now. With no chemicals and a safety feature to protect users from exposing themselves to the light, anyone can keep the Heygienic UV Sterilizing Wand on them at all times as a way to clean the surfaces they may come in contact with.

If the customer still wants to learn more, send a message to Heygienic’s customer service team at [email protected] or by calling 1-877-667-1233.


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