B Lit Review – Innovative Hands Free Flashlight Holder?

B Lit Review

The B Lit is a flashlight clip that calls itself “the most innovative lighting tool since the flashlight itself”. The device can be fixed into place on pretty much anything. Here’s our B Lit review.


What Is B Lit?

The B Lit is a small tactical flashlight holder that fits most small flashlights. The clip promises to hang, stick, or clip onto pretty much anything.

In a promotional video for B Lit, users are seen performing a variety of tasks with the device. One woman is seen clipping a flashlight onto the wheel well of her vehicle to change a tire, for example, while someone else is seen clipping the flashlight onto their hat before they go on a walk in the woods.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the B Lit.


B Lit Features

The B Lit promises to hang, stick, or clip pretty much anywhere in your home or on your person. Some of the specific advertised features include:

  • -Hands-free lighting
  • -Innovative angle control
  • -N52 neodymium magnets
  • -Holds most small flashlights
  • -Stands on level surfaces
  • -Hangs on “countless” objects
  • -Made in the United States (although the magnets are imported)

All purchases also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The magnets, by the way, allow the B Lit to stick to virtually any steel surface.

How To Use The B Lit

The B Lit promises to work with most small flashlights. If your flashlight is 0.5 to 0.9 inches in diameter, it will fit in one of the two light mounts. The clip should also work with virtually any flashlight that takes AA or AAA batteries in a single line, as well as many smaller tactical flashlights that use a lithium battery.

If you’re unsure whether or not your flashlight will fit inside the B Lit clip, then you can also purchase flashlights direct from the manufacturer.

The clip isn’t as rigid as you might think, so there’s some flexibility to bend it to adjust to smaller and larger flashlights. It’s purposely designed that way.

The B Lit is marketed towards anyone – including campers and homeowners who want a flashlight nearby for emergencies. However, the manufacturer specifically advertises the clip for contractors or anyone working outdoors, on cars, or on DIY projects. The flashlight clip can be carried around with you, clipped onto your hat, stuck onto surfaces, and in many other helpful places to illuminate your workspace.

B Lit Products

There are a number of B Lit products available, including different clips for different mounts as well as flashlights specifically designed to fit inside B Lit. The company’s lineup of products includes all of the following:

  • -B Lit Lighting System Universal Mount: $9.99
  • -B Lit Lighting System with LED Light: $14.99
  • -B Lit Lighting System Universal Mount 3 Pack: $19.99
  • -B Lit Lighting System with LED Light 2 Pack: $26.99
  • -Maglite Solitaire LED: $13.99
  • -Maglite Solitaire: $13.99
  • -PowerTac E3 AAA LED: $24.99
  • -PowerTac E3 AAA LED Blue: $24.99
  • -PowerTac E3 AAA LED Green: $24.99
  • -PowerTac Tactical E2 AA LED: $34.99
  • -PowerTac Tactical E5 LED: $84.99
  • -Streamlight Key-Mate LED: $10.99
  • Streamlight Key-Mate LED Camo: $11.99
  • -Streamlight ProTac 2L: $59.99

The Streamlight and PowerTac lineups are flashlights, including miniature-sized keychain flashlights like the Key-Mate brand and massive flashlights like the Streamlight ProTac 2L.


Who Makes The B Lit?

The creator of the B Lit doesn’t give us much information about itself online. The company’s Twitter profile claims that it’s based in West Chester, PA and was founded in 2014. We also know that the flashlight (aside from the magnets) is made in the United States.

Aside from that, we know little about the makers of the B Lit. We couldn’t even find contact information posted on the official website.

Ultimately, the B Lit is a convenient flashlight clip that can make your life easier whether you’re a camper, contractor, a DIYer, or a parent. It’s available online at a price of $10 (or $20 for a triple pack).


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