Brite Beam Cap Review – Hands Free, 4 LED Light Built Into A Hat?

The Brite Beam Cap is an accessory that features LED lights to help you see in the darkness, but without carrying a flashlight. The website features an incentive right now to give you a second cap at no cost.

What Is Brite Beam Cap?

Whether you want to go camping, hiking, or another outdoor adventure, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and accessories for the task.

Most of the time, you consider the common essentials – water, a tent, the right shoes, a flashlight, etc. However, as it gets darker during your journey, you may find that you need your hands free.

You can’t always hand your flashlight to someone else on your trip, and you don’t want to risk dropping it as a result of lacking the proper support. Instead, you can choose the fashionable and functional Brite Beam Cap.

The Brite Beam Cap gives you the opportunity to have complete access to everything around you with both hands.

With these lights out of the way, you can easily shine light on any project you’re working on, while also being able to read, hike, or rummage in your tent in the middle of the night. You can even choose from three different colors to help you stay motivated.

You’ll notice that the cap has four different lights on it, with two underneath the brim and two above it.

This spaced-out lighting will make it easier to cover a wider range of darkness in front of you, which means you don’t need to worry about any surprises in the middle of the night.

That means you can go anywhere in the dark safely, like to walk your dog or fix your breaker box during a power outage. Regardless of the purpose, the Brite Beam Cap makes the process much more user-friendly and freeing, without losing your ability to see.

How Does Brite Beam Cap Work?

The Brite Beam Cap offers you the functionality of carrying your light in your hat. This hat features four separate LED lights, giving you 186 lumens of light.

That’s equivalent to a low-level amount of light, which means that you won’t disturb your surroundings or nearly blind any of the other people that have gone on your trek with you.

Even though this hat offers widespread light when you need it, you don’t have to keep it on at all times. The LED light bulbs are designed to never run out, but preserving the bulb will allow you to have a brightness that you can rely on.

There’s no complicated factors or extreme technology that helps you to work towards your dream of hands-free illumination when you need it, even if you just want to get one more minute with your book.

Using Brite Beam Cap

To activate the Brite Beam Cap, all you must do is switch on the power switch underneath the brim of the hat. This one switch will activate all the lights on the cap, regardless of their location on it.

You’ll be able to see up to 50 feet away, but there’s no indication of how long you will have that power activation.

When you’re done using the cap, remember to turn off the light to preserve the bulbs for next time.

Brite Beam Cap Pricing

If you want to make the Brite Beam Cap into a regular part of your camping or emergency preparedness gear, your total cost will be $19.99, along with the price of shipping ($9.99). You can choose between pink, camo, or black hats.

When you initiate your purchase today, you will be eligible to receive a second cap at no additional cost. However, you will need to cover the shipping fees.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your purchase, it is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Essentially, you can be unhappy with the product for any reason and still receive a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Brite Beam Cap

Due to the limited information that is available on the website, you may still have questions about the use of this product, or even how much time it will take to ship it out to you. If you need to reach at representative, you can choose between a phone call or an email.

To call, you can use 844-808-1598 to reach a representative for the company. However, since hours of operation aren’t posted, it may be difficult to get a hold of someone. That’s why the website also offers an email address, which is [email protected].

Brite Beam Cap Conclusion

The Brite Beam Cap is a unique, yet simple, solution to a common problem that everyone needs to solve at some point in their life.

Whether you need to clean in the dark corners of your cabinets or trek around the forest, you don’t need to worry about balancing your flashlight, on top of all the other supplies you need to have on a regular basis.

With the Brite Beam Cap, you can get the job done without feeling stressed over your balancing act of supplies and your light source.


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